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  1. Sorry for the unclear question but your answer @monollonom was exactly what I need. Thank you
  2. Thank you for a great module, I am just wondering how do I get URL to create a download link? ?
  3. Thank you @Robin S $page->id was the thing I needed ?
  4. Thanks for the help Robin, yesterday I figured I can use "find". But only thing that is a problem now I can't get title or id for page refrence $catFav = $user->favorites->find("template=blog-single, cat_single=$page->path"); Ex. When I try to use one category id, it works. $catFav = $user->favorites->find("template=blog-single, cat_single=(category id)"); But when I try something like $page->path or title to get them all working, it just doesn't work EDIT: I used $page->id in cat_single and it worked ?
  5. Hi, I am bit stuck and would really appreciate your help. I created a page reference filed for "user" template called "favourite" which stores the favourite user's "post". There is no problem while i try to loop it like foreach($user->favorite as $item) { echo "<li><a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a></li>"; } In "post" template there is a page reference filed "category". Now here is the part where I get stuck. I am trying to display user favourite posts in that category Ex: in category A user has no favourites. in category B user has 4 favourites Hope you can understand my problem and help me, thank you ?
  6. Hi @ryan Thank you for awesome module, but I am having a problem while trying to import images and some of the links are broken. Is there any way to just skip if the link is broken and just continue importing?
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