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  1. Hello, I´m trying to make a REST API with PW. is there something like $wire('input')->get and $wire('input')->post but for the verbs delete and put? also how can I separate the code for each verb. example: I have the following endpoint /users/emails Processwire can detect what verb is beign used to call that endpoint? (automatically call the corresponding code paired with the verb) or I have to manually check it and execute the corresponding code, using an if or something similar. basically I am looking for a router like Lime https://github.com/aheinze/Lime If PW does not have a router, using wire('pages') inside Lime it´s possible without conflicts? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I created a simple REST helper in order to create REST APIs with Processwire, without depending on external routers Here you go!. https://gist.github.com/clsource/dc7be74afcbfc5fe752c
  3. Hello, Upon reading these articles https://dev.to/maxlaboisson/an-introduction-to-api-first-cms-with-directus-open-source-headless-cms-9f6 https://snipcart.com/blog/jamstack-clients-static-site-cms I was thinking that PW can be used for a Jamstack or Headless CMS with no changes at all. You can easily create REST Api with PW or use the GraphQL module https://github.com/dadish/ProcessGraphQL So ProcessWire is an Open Source Headless CMS since 2010
  4. I as have been a bit confused for some time about how the "Markup Regions" functionality in Processwire worked. But i have know read a bit more and think that i am getting to grips with it. And Markup Regions is going to be huge. To aid me in understanding Markup Regions better i started to read the Source code for the new "Regular" theme in conjunction with the Blog about the markup regions. It helped me a great deal to understand the basics and more fine details of it. A tip is to open both links and use the Source code of the "Regular" theme while reading the blog post. The Source code: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/dev/site-regular/templates/_main.php The Blog post: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.62-and-more-on-markup-regions/ Markup Regions in ProcessWire (New - 2022-09-08) https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/output/markup-regions/ I hope this could help others starting out with markup regions. Just take it slow and read it a couple a times and soon you will see the greatness of markup regions. /EyeDentify
  5. MBR international is Sudanese mining company. The company aims to maximize shareholder value by through exploration and Production of precious metal and industrial mineral, MBR international mining subsidiary was established in 2015, engaged in Industrial Minerals and Metals mining and related activities including explorations, extraction and processing. **************
  6. First I am a PW student I think it's the best PHP Framework. So please don't get me wrong when I asked when other Frameworks like the big 3 (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) are too complicated to use or maintain (I tried them all) why are people still using them? PW is just too elegant in comparison even for a newbie like me.
  7. I've a json file, and from json file I'm creating some dynamic pages, problem is how i can edit language field or how to add new filed through API I'm doing like this <?php $string = file_get_contents('incl/codes.json'); $json_a = json_decode($string, true); $arabic = $languages->get("Arabic"); $page->of(false); foreach($json_a as $code){ $p = new Page(); // create new page object $p->template = 'city_code'; // set template $p->parent = wire('pages')->get('/master_data/city_codes'); // set the parent $p->name = $code["CITY_CODE"]; // give it a name used in the url for the page $p->title = $code["CITY_CODE"]; // set page title (not neccessary but recommended) $p->title->setLanguageValue($arabic, $code["CITY_AR"]); $p->save(); } ?>
  8. I'm trying to save a select field with single select option but after clicking on save button i got error page, data in select options is more than 6000
  9. Hi, is there any module which can perform relational drop down, for example I've one drop down which is containing all countries if i select "UAE" the next drop down value will be change on the basis of selected counties and second dropdown will show all cities belongs to "UAE" Thank you.
  10. In PW I created a user 'tester' and gave the access to create edit and new. Issue is I'm unable to see 'edit' link in front of each page link and pages that i want to edit is already created. any help in this will be great help. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I made this clone of the Ghost Blog System (http://ghost.org) for demo of the Wire Render Pattern as well as a multi language site and menu system. https://github.com/NinjasCL/pw-ghost As always MIT licence.
  12. Hello, As you can see the blog rss is not updating since April http://processwire.com/blog/rss/ Weird :S
  13. Hello, I know there are a lot of installing processwire tutorials out there, but here I put mine (with images and other little things) https://dev.to/clsource/installing-processwire hope you like it
  14. Hello I made a simple app for reading the main RSS for ProcessWire news. Now you can access ProcessWire Blog, ProcessWire weekly and the Latest Forum Posts in a Single App in your iOS or Android smartphone. Open Source of Course. Made using the http://jasonette.com technology. You can compile your own app if you want. For A Quick Look 1.- Download the Jason App (iOS) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jason./id1095557868?mt=8 (Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jasonette.jason 2.- Use the Following Url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NinjasCL/pw-app/master/app.json Source Here https://github.com/NinjasCL/pw-app
  15. Hello Fellow PW Fans and Gurus. I have run into a problem where i have created a template without a template file associated with it. Now i would like to HAVE a template file associated with it, not an alternate but as the main template file. So i thought, that's easy, I upload the template file and change it in template settings but I only get the Alternate template file setting? Ok so maybe i can change it via the API , so i wrote some code for this. <?PHP function changeTemplate($pages = null, $templates = null) { /* get the pages to change template on */ $logItems = $pages->findMany('template=tmp_log_item'); /* get the template object for our desired template */ $Template = $templates->get('tmp_new_log_item'); foreach($logItems AS $key => $logData) { /* use template object $Template to set template */ $logData->template = $Template; /* save page item */ $logData->save(); } } /* do the magic change */ changeTemplate(); ?> Needless to say, PW was not happy about this, It throw up an error message: Error: Exception: Invalid value sent to Page::setTemplate (in /home/virtual/mydomain/public_html/wire/core/Page.php line 1782) Now from what i understand i gave $logData->template the wrong type of value. So what should the value be to correct this? When I read the docs at: https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/ the value can be "string" or "Template". So i gave it a string and it went haywire. How should I approach this cause I realy dont want to manually change template file on över 50 plus pages Maybe I should use the Template class to create the value that the API wanted, but I am unsure how to use it. Thank you for any info you can give me on this. If you want more info to help me, ask and I will try my best to give it to you. Updated and Solved I solved the problem and have updated the code to reflect this. Essentialy i used the get() method of $templates to get the template object for my template i wanted to use using the template name. I gave the Object to the $logData->template property and all went well. We learn something new every day. One Note: The template file you want to use must have been uploaded and added as a template in the Template section in the Admin for this code to work as expected.
  16. Hello, A friend posted a question about how obtain the markdown code for a image when you are using the markdown editor. Here I created a module just for that. You can download it here. https://github.com/NinjasCL/InputfieldImageMarkdownCodeAdditionalFields cheers.
  17. I created a simple playlist
  18. Hello, In this tutorial I show how to use the wirePopulateStringTags function in order to improve translatable strings. https://medium.com/@clsource/better-translatable-strings-in-processwire-621e9e6b18ee#.tv2u23j4i Basically it will improve how the strings are shown in the translation administration. echo wirePopulateStringTags( __('There are {count} {items} in the {place}'), ['items' => 'apples', 'count' => 32, 'place' => 'basket'] ); Will render There are 32 apples in the basket And the Translator will see There are {count} {items} in the {place}
  19. clsource


    Hello I opensourced my Telegram bot called "Voxgram" https://github.com/NinjasCL/voxgram Now you all have an example of working with the Rest Helper and the Python Telegram Framework (I think the my python code is a mess) but anyway here you go :).
  20. Hello, I created a simple telegram bot. What it does? it enables you to save your voice messages and send them later using emojis or keywords in your group chats. Just add @voxgrambot in your group chats and search all the public voice messages available using text or emojis. If you want to create a new voice message just send a private message to the bot with the command /new . If you want more info send the command /help. The bot was made using Python and https://python-telegram-bot.org The backend was made using ProcessWire 3.x and my Rest API helper. http://telegra.ph/Voxgram-Telegram-Bot-12-03
  21. Hello, This is a very simple module that helps you asserting if the server has all the requirements for running ProcessWire. Helpful if you are developing in local and then have to upload to a production server. https://github.com/NinjasCL/ProcessServerAssert
  22. Hello, I wonder if you can have some sort of transactions using PW API. in order to rollback any changes made to a previous state if something went wrong. For example if you have a shopping cart. a product that only have 1 item left. two people that want that product at the same time. One gets the product, the other gets an error. You can have something similar using many 'if '. But something similar to this, I think could be cleaner. Thanks
  23. Hello folks I made this simple tutorial of explaining my methodology when creating a PW system. https://medium.com/@clsource/understanding-processwire-templates-fields-and-pages-201aecd0a1a4#.osipvjevk
  24. Hello friends, I saw the great videos tutorials that Processwire got in English and German, but not in Spanish. So this is my first video, also was a good practice for learning ScreenFlow and Video Edition. This video covers a simple Installation on a local server using MAMP.
  25. Hello folks I have updated the code in my rest helper. Since It was created nearly 2 years ago! Now its much easier to create rest endpoints in Processwire You can download the code here. https://github.com/NinjasCL/pw-rest This is and example simple login code. $response = new Response(); $params = Request::params(); if (!Request::isPost()) { $response->setError(MethodNotAllowed::error()); } else { $username = $params['username']; $password = $params['password']; if ((!isset($username) || $username == '') || (!isset($password) || $password == '')) { $response->setError(Login\Errors\InvalidCredentials::error()); } else { if ($username == 'hello' && $password == 'world') { $response->output['data']['name'] = 'Tony'; $response->output['data']['lastname'] = 'Stark'; $response->output['data']['job'] = 'Ironman'; } else { $response->setError(Login\Errors\InvalidCredentials::error()); } } } $response->render(); Will render something similar to { "data": { "name": "Tony", "lastname": "Stark", "job": "Ironman" } } Any questions or comments are welcome
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