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  1. I've a page "blog" which have child pages (blog posts). Right now I've 11 pages (blog posts) and I'm fetching all the posts in my "blog" pages which displaying fine, Issue is only 10 results are showing this is how I'm fetching $entries = $pages->find("template=blog-entry"); foreach($entries as $entry){ <a href='{$entry->url}'>$entry->title</a> }
  2. @szabesz thanx for your reply. look at the screenshot you can see there are some post title where arrows are pointing them there will be a page which contains all the details means details page. My question is how to create url for these titles which will open a page contains all the details.
  3. I'm using repeater field which contains a title which is clickable, Now there are lots of results like blog posts, I want when i click on title it should take me to the details page for the clicked title, i want to make it dynamic. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your reply, I'm creating new Arabic language 'Ar' and in the the template fields i'm translating the text into Arabic as well, still I'm unable to see the change. This is my language change code foreach($languages as $language) { // if user is already viewing the page in this language, skip it if($language->id == $savedLanguage->id) continue; // if this page isn't viewable (active) for the language, skip it if(!$page->viewable($language)) continue; // set the user's language, so that the $page->url and any other // fields we access from it will be reflective of the $language $user->language = $language; // output a link to this page in the other language echo "<li><a href='$page->url'>$language->title: $page->title</a></li>"; } // restore the original language setting $user->language = $savedLanguage; ?> In the output 'Ar' is showing but when i click on language it redirects me to the home page only like language url should be like this Or how to create new language which doesn't exits in PW pre installed languages. Any help will be a great help for me. Thank you.
  5. I'm creating a website, which has Arabic Language, How can i create Arabic language in PW.