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  1. Hi does anybody know of any editor that supports our great PW? Paid or free is fine.
  2. @cstevensjr Thanks for the input.
  3. Yes I agree @rick, @Macrura, @lokomotivan WP Themes are a mess it's just I already have a bunch of them. PW theme development is much better.
  4. Hi does anybody have experience in converting Wordpress Themes into Processwire Themes? There must a more efficient way than my cut and paste and check...
  5. First I am a PW student I think it's the best PHP Framework. So please don't get me wrong when I asked when other Frameworks like the big 3 (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) are too complicated to use or maintain (I tried them all) why are people still using them? PW is just too elegant in comparison even for a newbie like me.
  6. which plugin should I use since there several of them?
  7. Hi people I think I have seen them all but maybe I missed some of the just wanted to know what do you recommend for an editor with JQuery autocompletion or support?
  8. sorry I posted to wrong thread I deleted my post.
  9. I think I will take your guys advice and learn Jquery before Vujes. Any advice in learning Jquery is greatly appreciate.
  10. @netcarver They say Vuejs is easier to use than Jquery but jquery seems more powerful. But I want to hear what your experiences about these. Lots of experienced developers here I know. I want to make interactive websites with ajax as well.
  11. Which should I learn and use for my PHP projects whether using Processwire or another great CMS?
  12. @desbest to start I want to create websites that are database driven like yellowpages.com. I hope that is specific enough.
  13. I appreciate your help @desbest, these are very useful things you and the others are mentioning. I didn't even know you can make things like PDFviewer using JS or parser in PHP.
  14. @desbest I would like to create apps and websites using PHP and JavaScript, hopefully I don't get mixed up learning both at the same time.
  15. Any advice on how to master PHP and JavaScript?
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