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  1. Hi does anybody know of any editor that supports our great PW? Paid or free is fine.
  2. @cstevensjr Thanks for the input.
  3. Yes I agree @rick, @Macrura, @lokomotivan WP Themes are a mess it's just I already have a bunch of them. PW theme development is much better.
  4. Hi does anybody have experience in converting Wordpress Themes into Processwire Themes? There must a more efficient way than my cut and paste and check...
  5. First I am a PW student I think it's the best PHP Framework. So please don't get me wrong when I asked when other Frameworks like the big 3 (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) are too complicated to use or maintain (I tried them all) why are people still using them? PW is just too elegant in comparison even for a newbie like me.
  6. which plugin should I use since there several of them?
  7. Hi people I think I have seen them all but maybe I missed some of the just wanted to know what do you recommend for an editor with JQuery autocompletion or support?
  8. sorry I posted to wrong thread I deleted my post.
  9. I think I will take your guys advice and learn Jquery before Vujes. Any advice in learning Jquery is greatly appreciate.
  10. @netcarver They say Vuejs is easier to use than Jquery but jquery seems more powerful. But I want to hear what your experiences about these. Lots of experienced developers here I know. I want to make interactive websites with ajax as well.
  11. Which should I learn and use for my PHP projects whether using Processwire or another great CMS?
  12. @desbest to start I want to create websites that are database driven like yellowpages.com. I hope that is specific enough.
  13. I appreciate your help @desbest, these are very useful things you and the others are mentioning. I didn't even know you can make things like PDFviewer using JS or parser in PHP.
  14. @desbest I would like to create apps and websites using PHP and JavaScript, hopefully I don't get mixed up learning both at the same time.
  15. Any advice on how to master PHP and JavaScript?
  16. I would like your thoughts how the PHP language is progressing and which big companies are supporting it? For example does Microsoft or Apple keen on PHP? Also should I develop using PHP 7.x or stick with 5.x for now?
  17. @Kiwi thanks for you helpful comments, full debugging matters so I think VSCode is better that way vs Atom, but check out Codelobster it's a PHP specialist.
  18. Codelobster PHP edition appears to be the best.
  19. @codelearner mentioned Atom, any advantage of Atom vs VSCode @Kiwi Chris?
  20. @Kiwi Chris does NetBeans PHP debug support conditional breakpoints?
  21. Hi, What do you recommend to be the best paid PHP editor? Code completion included.
  22. css grid is not responsive?
  23. Hello all why use CSS grid when Bootstrap has responsive grids?
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