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Found 5 results

  1. hey there, I was wondering what the best approach looks like to access the input (entity) body from a POST or PUT request. I didn't find anything in the docs if $input supports these. If anyone has dealt with this problem in the past I'd be happy to hear about your solutions Thanks & cheers!
  2. The last days two new sites went online and both got a SSL certificate installed. But one has a HTTP problem, although both are configured the same (seem to be). When I run curl -I -L https://www.example.com/ (http://bit.ly/2pOdjGj) it gets redirected to itself again and again. I had a HTTPS redirect in my .htaaccess but have removed it. The home template was configured to use only HTTPS but is now configured to accept both. If I change that to HTTP only, I get and error. The origin must come from PW, because all files not processed by PW don't have the redirect problem. I had a look at the /site/assets/cache/ folder but don't know what to delete. And there is a cache table in the DB as well. Don't know either if I can just delete its entries. Apache 2.4.18 PHP 7.0.11 PW 3.0.42 No dedicated cache installed, no cache activated in PW
  3. Hello all, Currently PW makes use/reference to the Apache HTTP server. However, we do have several other choices out there, and depending the use-case or the developer taste, Apache may not be the chosen one. So, why can’t we make PW HTTP server agnostic? It would be nice to see PW going neutral on this topic. Please share your thoughts. Cheers, Daniel
  4. Hello, I´m trying to make a REST API with PW. is there something like $wire('input')->get and $wire('input')->post but for the verbs delete and put? also how can I separate the code for each verb. example: I have the following endpoint /users/emails Processwire can detect what verb is beign used to call that endpoint? (automatically call the corresponding code paired with the verb) or I have to manually check it and execute the corresponding code, using an if or something similar. basically I am looking for a router like Lime https://github.com/aheinze/Lime If PW does not have a router, using wire('pages') inside Lime it´s possible without conflicts? Thanks.
  5. Hi, while exploring PW from the filesystem I've found 'Http.php' and as of my difficultys when starting with PW, I was wondering why not sending a HTTP-HEAD-Request to the admin-page-url at the end of the install process and inform the user if .htaccess isn't configured the right way. So, I was a bit wiser after opening the class-file: there was no support in it for HEAD, only GET and POST. As I've build a own http-client-class a hundred years ago, it was not much work to implement the HEAD-method as well. (added 1 Line) Maybe it should be added a http->status(url-to-adminpage)-check at end of install-routine to inform the user if it responses other than 200. (at least a link to apropriate forum-topic or provide direct information how to solve that) ---- Edit/Added: Every few days a new user run into same problem look at this post and the following two. (I really can feal the pain he has). And all the helpful people here try to explain how to solve it everytime and again and again. So, if it is not a kind of test to new users, the install-routine should solve that for them, and other as I've mentioned above, it should/could be done in the background, because everything needed is the .htaccess-file which is created by PW itself and some HTTP-Requests. If default install is 404 for admin page: compare $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] with install folder of PW and write appropriate Path as RewriteBase into .htaccess-file and check again. If it responses '200 OK' now, - fine. If not, - tell user that there are Problems with this and point him to Forum-FAQ. So, if it is actually a test to the new users weakness or strength with stressy situations, ok - any admin/moderator should silently delete this post and I never will ask again. ---- --- In API I have not found how we can use the WireHttp-class, (Searchphrases like HTTP and Request etc are not very useful) Can someone point me to it please?
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