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  1. This one, right? https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=felixfbecker.php-intellisense
  2. Under edit field > input tab, if I leave Editor Mode on Inline Editor and go back and try to edit the contents of the field and hit SAVE, it does not save. I switch Editor Mode to Regular Editor and edit, then SAVE, it does save. I put it back to Inline Editor and again, it does not save. I have several other pages that use these fields and they all behaved the same. Content was not editable/savable when Inline Editor was checked - only when set to Regular Editor. Can anyone else duplicate this weird field behavior? If any other details are needed, please don't hesitate to ask. --- PW version 3.0.127 php-7.2.11 httpd-2.4.35 Windows 10 Home
  3. I am aware of The Googling amigo. I am asking the PW community, what are their favorites? Discussion? ?
  4. That happen to me one. I thought it a weird bug. Try changing the FKEditor filed to Textarea and back. Somehow this worked for me as I think it stripped all html entites/tags/formatting and rendered the content as plain-text.
  5. That would most likely be done in the .htaccess file. But understand that when ProcessWire updates itself, it might/will over-write your .htaccess file.
  6. SO TRUE. However, I only used it for a very short while. It took me WAY too long to get my machine to a usable daily state because of its high high customizability - I was always tweaking something. Due to its Rolling State nature, I broke something, couldn't fix it, and went back to good ole Debian (which I also run on my Acer Chromebook C720). With Windows Subsystem for Linux I feel much more comfortable using Windows for development. There is no Linux GUI, simply the terminal. I've installed Nodejs, git. Nothing else really but if the need arises, it's simple.
  7. BEAUTIFULLY well written. Incredibly detailed, thank you amigo! ? I do plan on dual-booting. Using my old Thinkpad T420, 12GB RAM and 120GB SSD. How much space should I partition for Win, Linux and Data?
  8. Thanks MrSnoozles, I have settled with LastPass for it's browser integration, high ratings and Win + Android compatibility ?
  9. Thank you every one for your quick help ? PW Community is freaking awesome!
  10. I have the popular page for /site-settings/ that I have Unpublished. How can I make it UN-publishable? I'm afraid the client will one day hit Publish. (not a huge concern, as I have the navigation hard-coded so it does not appear on the website - just curious)
  11. Thanks amigo ? glad to be back. Years ago, I relied heavily on KeePass but stopped using it when syncing became cumbersome and unreliable between my Windows laptop, Debian desktop and Android devices ? I will give it a go! Seems perfect, high ratings, easy to use. Now just gotta export all my Keeper passwords.
  12. I have been using keeper for a while now, both on Android and the Chrome extension. I got the popup recently that says my trial is over. I rely heavily on the sync-ability between my laptop browser extension and my Android device. I have over 80 passwords. I can not find any menu in the app that lets me export the password to another format. Can someone suggest a free or open-source password manager that has an Android app + Chrome extension? Sync required.
  13. Are you new to ProcessWire? If so, then I might recommend you keep it all under one. Why? This will give you the opportunity to learn much more. They will use the same styling? Same layout? This will make it easier by using just a few templates. Is there something you wish to make only visible to you versus visible to guests? You'll learn about roles and permissions. This way you can tailor content to be visible to your visitors and yourself when you are logged in. Your first PW backend will be chaotic with too many pages and templates and fields. It's the natural order of things ? Over time, you will learn how to organize your backend in a fashion that makes better sense to you. I find it easier to keep all that under ONE website instead of trying to duplicate one to the other. Once you understand how to better organized things, it will make more sense and you can apply that logic to your second, better organized site. ALSO, try and do as much as you can without the use of Modules. There are many many wonderful modules created by the community that solves a lot of problems and wishes. I have found PW to be quite powerful enough without them until truly needed.
  14. I just made the switch from Sublime Text 3. Been using it for years and really liking Visual Studio Code. Here is what I have installed so far: Auto Rename Tag Bracket Pair Colorizer Color Highlight Insert Date String Live Server Markdown Preview Enhanced Numbers Bookmarks Polacode Prettier Code Formatter Project Manager Settings Sync Sublime Text Keymaps and Settings Importer Todo Tree vscode-icons WakaTime
  15. The problem was that Windows was forcing HTTPS on my localhost server, this disabled all local development. As for NINITE? That is a simple application for reinstalling needed Windows software. THANK YOU tremendously for the suggestion for Macrium. I have a regular Windows Restore set up but this is a good second solution. Thanks!
  16. Followed a couple different tutorials on setting up my own SSL certificate. I have deleted them but so won't work. Final solution, reset Windows. Everything is backed up. Doing that now.
  17. tested. I set https: false still wont work. UGH ? frustration. will try again after a reboot.
  18. I think this has nothing to do with Laragon nor Apache. I've disabled the services, reboot Windows without Paragon or Apache running, run my gulp command it and it still launched https://localhost ?
  19. yes, this line is uncommented: LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so I'll try commenting it out.
  20. Did that already. And Windows reboot. Apache restart. Nothing ?
  21. You are posting in the wrong section. We have a sub-forum just for that here https://processwire.com/talk/forum/22-jobs/ Make sure you follow the guidelines and good luck.
  22. Under a regular Chrome session, it says `This site can’t provide a secure connection `. Chrome Incognito and Firefox both says, `Cannot GET`.
  23. Through tinkering with Laragon on Win10, I learned how to enable HTTPS for my local dev environment. But then I decided to remove it - but I can't. My dev projects (via VirtualHosts) work fine but when I run `gulp` with BrowserSync and it launches `https://localhost:3000/` instead of `http://localhost:3000/` and the error `This site can’t provide a secure connection` is displayed. Previously before all this tinkering, my gulp command ran fine. I re-added the commented lines back into my .htaccess file for my PW dev project I removed the certificates in the Certificate Manager along with the keys under Laragon I have shut down and uninstalled Laragan to make sure it was not affecting anything (reinstall later). I went into `chrome://net-internals/#hsts` and under `Delete domain security policies` deleted localhost from the entries. I am at a loss. I don't know what else to do ?
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