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  1. Haaaa! I did miss something obvious. Safe bet with me. I was under the impression I could short form that, not sure where I got that idea but it didn't throw an error so..... Thanks Robin. If more file types are added to the list then a switch is absolutely what I'll use.
  2. Afternoon folks. I'm having an issue I can't figure out. I have a file field that supports pdf doc and docx and png for uploads and I have the following code in the template: $dls = $page->downloadable; echo "<ul class=\"dl-list\">"; foreach($dls as $dl) { $fs = $dl->filesize; $tfs = (int)($fs / 1024); if($dl->ext() == "pdf") { $icon = "pdf"; } else if($dl->ext() == "doc" or "docx") { $icon = "word"; } else { $icon = "png"; } echo "<li class=\"{$icon}\"><a href=\"{$dl->url}\" target=\"_blank\">{$dl->description}</a><span> | {$tfs}k</span></li>\n"; } echo "</ul>"; I'm using CSS to give each extension type it's own icon and it recognizes pdf and doc/docx but the png is getting the Word icon rather than the png icon. Am I missing something obvious? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hey Adrian, New issue, different project. I set up a tracking system for a client that wanted to keep a record of all downloads of a certain file they offer on their site. Only logged in users can access the file and on download a page is created under user tracking showing the user name, date of dl etc. They also wanted to export that list as a csv so I'm using Batch Child Editor to give them that function and it worked well for a while but now there's 6800 ish pages in user tracking and whenever they attempt to export it throws an error: Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away. They are on shared hosting so resources are limited so I told them that with the csv they have they should delete the older pages but even that fails so I had to use phpMyAdmin. Lister has no problem handling the volume but BCE does so are you aware of a limit to BCE and is there a way around it? ------------ I believe the issue is that the BCE editor is displaying all of the child pages at once and with so many, that's what chokes it. If it's possible to implement some kind of pagination it should fix the problem.
  4. Don't know buddy, I guess you're just that good. ?
  5. I'm trying to export to csv a list of current member users. There seems to be no way to do this without listerPro. Does Batch Child Editor allow you to export any admin pages? /EDIT I was looking in the wrong spot. I was looking for export function under Access > Users in the drop down on the top bar but when I went to Admin > Access > Users -- Edit in the page tree, I was able to make it work. For anyone looking for that functionality maybe that helps. Thanks Adrian.
  6. I still can't make sense of this. It seems each post in this thread has a piece of the puzzle but I can't put it all together. If you have a front end form for logged in users to edit checkbox selections how do you save it to the page? I've been at this for hours can someone put it all together?
  7. There's nothing in the log which is expected, it didn't throw an error it just doesn't display the drop downs etc. The console shows the error: Uncaught Error: Invalid LatLng object: (NaN, NaN) Not sure that error is related. I've decided to include leaflet the old fashioned way and bypass the module. I've done that many times.
  8. I've got this module installed into pw 3.0.184 and noticed a strange bug. When editing a page in the admin containing the leaflet field the dropdowns in the header for settings, modules, access and the user drop down disappear, as does the Save button. Once I delete the field from the template things return to normal. It seems there's a js conflict somewhere. Just a heads up to @Mats.
  9. I'll put that on my to do list. I don't have a GH account yet so I'll have to set that up first. @adrian done. Thanks for the suggestion. Turns out I did already have GH account, it's just been so long since I logged in I had forgotten.
  10. While we're on the subject of comments ? I have another question. When notifications come in, I have never seen any actions other than "approve now". Many comments are not useful to the public, to say the least, so an admin won't want to approve but to do anything else requires logging in to manually mark as spam or delete. This kind of defeats the purpose of moderating directly from the notification email and if you do nothing the comments remain pending and clog up the system. I found the code in CommentNotifications.php that deals with moderation actions but I'm not certain how to add to it. if($comment->status == Comment::statusPending) { $status = $this->_("Pending Approval"); $actionURL .= "approve"; $actionLabel = $this->_('Approve Now'); } else if($comment->status == Comment::statusApproved) { $status = $this->_("Approved"); $actionURL .= "spam"; $actionLabel = $this->_('Mark as SPAM'); } else if($comment->status == Comment::statusSpam) { $status = sprintf($this->_("SPAM - will be deleted automatically after %d days"), $field->get('deleteSpamDays')); $actionURL .= "approve"; $actionLabel = $this->_('Not SPAM: Approve Now'); } else { $actionURL = ''; $actionLabel = ''; $status = "Unknown"; } Having the option to mark as spam on a pending comment seems like it would be very useful.
  11. I figured it was tracy, I was just marvelling at how much easier it is to read than phpMyAdmin. I found a solution here: This works. It's an odd behaviour for the Approve Now button in the notification email to only work when comments are rendered through the render function. I can work with it though ? Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks for the hint @adrian. The interface looks very different on my end but I found the settings. Seems my problem is different in more than one way: the schemaVersion is already set to 6. I don't see a message like you described, the approval email simply does nothing when clicking the approve link i.e. pending comments remain pending. I had hoped your issue and mine may have had a similar solution.
  13. Can you narrow things down for me adrian? I'm having the same problem but there's a lot of code to go through and I don't know where to look. Please.
  14. Does fieldType PDF support tags? You can configure tags in the field set up but I get an error when I check for them with $pdf->getTag(). Edit: The field is fine, I made a mistake in how I was retrieving the tags, forgot that in order to get the tags as an array it should be $pdf->tags(true); and so the way I was doing it was the problem.
  15. @Robin S I just installed the latest version and upgraded from 1.9 to 2.1 (this morning). BRILLIANT!!!! Beautifully done. It works perfectly. Thanks again for a very handy module.
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