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  1. digitex

    No the last names are all uppercase. Members were imported from CSV and they were like that on import. It's good to know though. I switched the selector to title instead of last_name and it sorted properly. The only difference I can see between the 2 fields is title is lowercase so I wrote a function to convert all the last_name values to title case and it seems to be working now. I still think it's odd behaviour that uppercase should have sorting issues. Thanks to Zoeck for the insight.
  2. digitex

    That's the first thing I checked. I even cleared the field and re-entered the names manually. That's not it.
  3. I have a list of users that I want to output in a paginated directory in alphabetical order by last_name. When I first wrote it, my selector looked like this: $members = $pages->find("template=user, roles=member, limit=100"); it sorted correctly as follows: AGLA, H AL, J AL, L BAILEY, M So then I added a sort to ensure it lists by last_name: $members = $pages->find("template=user, roles=member, limit=100, sort=last_name"); The resulting order looks like this: HALLS, T WEBSTER, T AGLA, H AL, J AL, L BAILEY, M The obvious question is why is Halls and Webster coming before Agla? Can anyone explain it for me? I want to add a filter to allow sorting A-Z and Z-A so I need to include a sort in the selector but I need to get it to sort correctly first.
  4. Thanks @dragan. The hooks in that link are the correct way to do what I want and I will read up on it. It's better than changing the code in the module I think.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm hoping to get some suggestions. I'm using Pollino on a site and it's working great, thanks to Soma and BitPoet (I'm using his version for this project). The boss wants to prevent voters from seeing results after they vote. The site is for a home owners association and only logged in members can vote but the president of the association wants to be able to use the poll results to present to municipal council as official feedback on local issues so he wants to be able to present the results of each poll himself, after the voting period expires. I'm hoping a simple conditional can be used to only present results to the admin role and just a thank you for voting to members but I can't seem to make it work. Can someone who has dived deeper into the code than I help me with a place to start?
  6. digitex

    @adrian I suspect you're right that it may be a specific issue with Ryan's module. With Login/Register/Profile the profile page is the same as the log in page and the profile UI is loaded with a GET variable. It may be the get variable in the Frontend Login URL that's causing the error. When logging in using a member's credentials it does try to redirect to the profile page but throws an error when it gets there. As for the superuser role getting the password change notice I will have to get back to you. When I get a minute I'll reinstall and enable debug. I would love to use it I'm importing 250 user accounts and need to ensure everybody updates their password.
  7. digitex

    I had to uninstall this one. Is it compatible with pw 3.0.96? Once installed I set the frontend login URL for profile edit to the correct frontend page (/member-login/?profile=1 using Ryan's Login/Register/Profile module) and I get an Internal error. Won't load the page. Additionally I set it to force all users with the "member" role to change password and as a superuser I get the message to change my password. I don't have the member role. When I set it to clear superuser, on next login I get the same message to change my password.
  8. digitex

    I went and had a shower, great place to think. I found a solution that doesn't require hooks. It's a simple CSS thing. For anyone in future thinking of using flex-box for the edit profile form, which does look and work better than floats, you can try this: The Inputfields class is common for all of the forms in the module and is where flex needs to be applied but the forms themselves have individual IDs which allows you to target the .Inputfields class as follows: .Inputfields { display: flex; } #LoginRegisterProfileForm > .Inputfields { flex-direction: row; justify-content: space-between; align-items: stretch; flex-wrap: wrap; } #LoginRegisterLoginForm > .Inputfields, #InputfieldForm1 > .Inputfields { flex-direction: column; justify-content: center; align-items: stretch; flex-wrap: nowrap; } #wrap_login_name, #wrap_login_pass, #wrap_username { display: block; max-width: 50%; margin: 0 auto 10px auto; } If that's helpful to anyone.
  9. There's no official forum thread for Ryan's Login/Register/Profile so I'm hoping this is an OK place to ask this question: I'm using this module, which is great and saved me a ton of time, without styling so I can control the look and I decided to use flex-box rather than floats because align-items: stretch; allows all of the field wrappers to be uniform. Problem is that the profile, register, login and forgot password forms are all wrapped in a div with class Inputfields which is where the flex has to be applied which means every form is a flex-box and I can't find a way to override it. now the login form is inline rather than stacked and forgot password is a mess. Question I have is: is there an easy way to hook into the module to change "inputfields" to "inputfields-profile" and "inputfields-login" so I can target them separately? ETA: See below, hooks not necessary. I just needed to give it some more thought.
  10. digitex

    I'm using a new install of pw.3.0.96 and it's groovy with just a few weird things. Latest I ran into is placing a datetime field in a template under an image field. See screen cap. Looks like the z-index for the pop up date picker needs adjusting.
  11. Bernhard!!! I think that'll work. I modified the form markup you fiddled to make the amount field a text field rather than hidden and was able to complete the transaction with a custom amount I entered. I still have to test it some more but wow, thank you for the assistance.
  12. That's the thing. I'll bet you can just not using the tools PayPal provides. Their API is not well documented (it's written in such a way I get lost). PaymentPayPal might let me do what I need but I'm way out of my element with this stuff. I've never worked with PayPal before.
  13. Hey Bernhard, PayPal.me is in most respects a great service. The only draw back is you have to have a paypal account to use it. We have it set up but don't really want to force people to get an account just to send money. We also have interac e-transfer as an option but that's not for everyone either so PayPal is still important. I looked at the paypal buttons as well. The only problem with them is you have to set a fixed price when you set it up. Each customer will have a different amount owed so it won't work. They have donation buttons that allow users to enter a custom amount but there's no flexibility with the set up. You'd think Paypal wouldn't be so rigid in their payment solutions, forcing people to work the way Paypal expects rather than bending to meet customer's needs. I told them as much in a support ticket which is maybe why I haven't heard back from them.
  14. Hey guys. I am so lost when it comes to PayPal and online payments. I need to be able to take payments through a pw website but the conditions are unusual so there doesn't seem to be an out of the box solution from PayPal. I'm working for a woman that sells orthotics to patients face to face, gives them a hardcopy invoice but wants them to have the option of paying the bill through her website. All I need is a form with 2 fields: Invoice # and Amount Paid that will pass those values onto PayPal for all the transaction processing goodness. I don't even know if the PaymentPaypal module will do this. The PayPal API is badly written (to me) and I can't make sense of it. Can anyone offer any guidance on the module and how it can be set up to do this? Help.
  15. digitex

    That's exactly it. Like I said, I don't know enough about how godaddy handles this service but for premium accounts you can host more than 1 site on the same account by setting up what they call zones. Each zone is just a sub-directory of the main account. In this case there are 2 sites: /sf and /wm. I was working on /sf and for development of the new site I created the folder /newsf inside the /sf directory. PW worked fine while being developed but when I tried to replace the existing site in /sf with the new site, I got the errors I listed above. No matter what I did to the rewritebase it gave an error. On a whim I put pw back into the development folder and I went into the control panel and edited the zones and changed it from /sf to sf/newsf and now it's up and online. I don't consider it a solution though, it feels more like a hack. Until I know what's going on it'll have to do. Godaddy is a pretty big hosting provider, I had hoped someone else may have already dealt with this problem and had a few pointers. For anyone facing this in the future this might provide some help. If I find a better way, I'll post it.