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  1. @ICF Church One more question. Did you installed it as a new module, or updated the older version?
  2. @ICF Church Hi, I'm trying to solve your issue, but I can't reproduce the error. What version of PHP are you using? During module installation there is a step where the `use` statemenents in source files under FieldtypePDF folder are prefixed with `Processwire\' namespace if PW 3.x detected. Could you please examine what's wrong? Look into this method Thanks
  3. @ICF Church Please go to the page /admin/module/edit?name=FieldtypePDF a post here the exact version of FieldtypePDF you have, thanks
  4. @ICF Church Hi, what version of ProcessWire and FieldtypePDF are you using?
  5. I had some problems with the database. E.g. the one @esper mentioned. So I deleted the table manually and uninstall the module, because it breaks the frontend when you accessing non-existing page. The error was something with myslqi and the message was Couldn't fetch ProcessWire\Database I'm using PW 3.0.70, i'm not sure if it was working on PW 2.6
  6. It's done. I've considered the options and with @LostKobrakai's advice added beforeCmd config option allowing to run specified command after PW installation but before test suite execution. See more Currently on master branch only.
  7. I'd would like to implement the before_script option, but there are some things I'm not sure about. Your help is appreciated, see the issue:
  8. Hi, version 1.0.0 is released. The main changes are: project's name is changed to Tense (Test ENvironment Setup & Execution) Symfony/Console is used for colored output and arguments parsing config file uses YAML instead of JSON tense init command can be used for config file initialization waitAfterTests option renamed to pause
  9. Or instead of adding an option, you can, as I've written always check the name on page save if it corresponds to the title (according to settings) as a fallback to javascript.
  10. It would be great You, I can handle it myself, but the module handles also the conflicting page names, which is not trivial code.
  11. As I see it's used only when the page has no settings tab, which is not my case. I've tried changing the title using API but it didn't work.
  12. Hi @adrian, I've started to use you module, it is great when editing in admin, but it is useless when I change the title using the API. According to you code it uses javascript for it, which is good that is reflects the changes immediately. But could you consider checking the name on page save if it matches the title and change it if not (of course respecting the module settings)?
  13. You have probably a typo in field migration example $this->insertIntoTemplate('event', 'date', $f->name); should be $this->insertIntoTemplate('event', $f->name, 'date');
  14. Thank for your reply. One more question. What is the letter after the migration filename?
  15. Hi @LostKobrakai, I'm trying to use Migrations module, but I'm not sure how to start. What is you workflow when creating a migration? How do you test it before it is complete. Consider I have quite complex migration which adds a field (page reference type) and a tree of pages which references to. I think I'm not able to create the migration without bugs in one go. I would like to try it during development. The workflow which comes to my mind is I make a change, backup database, run migration, check admin changes, restore database, add other change to migration etc. Yes I should update the downgrade function simultaneously and instead of restoring the database restore the migration, but there is still high possibility of bugs during restore. What do you recommend? Thanks