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  1. Merged into new version 1.1.8. Haven't tried to install so if someone can check if it's ok.
  2. Actually the response wasn't quick at all 🙈 you were just 4th person in a row who complained 😅
  3. Hi @bernhard , yes I agree, we can leave it as it is. And in the case if there are more issues in the future we can consider the transition 😉.
  4. @Stefanowitsch @szabesz @bernhard @cpx3 All right, the issue should be fixed, haven't tested it, please check it. EDIT: fixed version 1.1.7
  5. @bernhard Sorry guys, this is difficult to me, because I don't use PW actively, only occasionally, so other priorities takes my time. I any of you will be interested I can give you access to the repo.
  6. Hi @bernhard, you are right the change is simple, I can do it. I was thinking about it. But I think it is not only about the change but also about testing the module if it really works. I don't have set up the dev environment for it yet. So this was the reason for PR. I don't like throwing the change in to the wild and realizing later it doesn't work because I forgot something like increasing the module's version etc. 🤔
  7. Hi guys, feel free to make PR. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find a time for this now.
  8. Hi @Stefanowitsch, is this the whole error message? Looks like the stack trace only.
  9. Ok, found the issue. I am using composer and I has an installation of the processwire/processwire package of different version and the composer's autoloader loads the files from the vendor folder first. Fixed by either removing or upgrading the composer package.
  10. Hello, I am upgrading from 3.0.184 to 3.0.210 and I always end up with this error. Fatal Error: Interface 'FieldtypeHasPagefiles' not found I've tried to clear site/assets/cache and the caches DB table, but nothing works. I also checked the interface is there in the wire/core/interfaces.php
  11. @bernhard @szabesz Hi gyus, sorry for very late reply. I don't have much to time work on these features right now, but I am open to PRs, so feel free to make one. Can you explain it a little bit more? I am not sure what you mean. Show me please some example (screenshots).
  12. @bernhard Hi, I'm happy to hear that ☺️. Sorry, I still haven't fixed the labelless fields. I'm in a focus on other projects right now (non pw-related).
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