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  1. Hi @bernhard, you are right the change is simple, I can do it. I was thinking about it. But I think it is not only about the change but also about testing the module if it really works. I don't have set up the dev environment for it yet. So this was the reason for PR. I don't like throwing the change in to the wild and realizing later it doesn't work because I forgot something like increasing the module's version etc. 🤔
  2. Hi guys, feel free to make PR. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find a time for this now.
  3. Hi @Stefanowitsch, is this the whole error message? Looks like the stack trace only.
  4. Ok, found the issue. I am using composer and I has an installation of the processwire/processwire package of different version and the composer's autoloader loads the files from the vendor folder first. Fixed by either removing or upgrading the composer package.
  5. Hello, I am upgrading from 3.0.184 to 3.0.210 and I always end up with this error. Fatal Error: Interface 'FieldtypeHasPagefiles' not found I've tried to clear site/assets/cache and the caches DB table, but nothing works. I also checked the interface is there in the wire/core/interfaces.php
  6. @bernhard @szabesz Hi gyus, sorry for very late reply. I don't have much to time work on these features right now, but I am open to PRs, so feel free to make one. Can you explain it a little bit more? I am not sure what you mean. Show me please some example (screenshots).
  7. @bernhard Hi, I'm happy to hear that ☺️. Sorry, I still haven't fixed the labelless fields. I'm in a focus on other projects right now (non pw-related).
  8. Hi @bernhard, yes, I have it already in my backlog ? Hope I will find a time for it soon.
  9. Ah ok, will fix it, does it make any problems (just curious)? You mean to reload the page edit after you update the field? Yeah it will be useful. If you have time PR's are welcomed ?
  10. @dotnetic Hi I use docker containers everywhere. I my localhost develepoment environment I have docker stack yaml defining the containers and also the environment variables (can be included from external file). And in production I use AWS ECS, where you can specify env vars in many ways. If need more details just ask.
  11. New version 1.1.5 I've fixed issue with editing in repeater's template context https://github.com/uiii/AdminHelperLinks/issues/1 and disable focus on tab press (was annoying when switching focus between inputs).
  12. I didn't read the whole topic, so hope I guess corretly what is it about. I add my approach to having different configs for each environment. I did it very simple, just used environment variables, so I have one configurable config for all ? (I am using docker on localhost so it is easy to work with environment variables) <?php namespace ProcessWire; /** * ProcessWire Configuration File * * Site-specific configuration for ProcessWire * * Please see the file /wire/config.php which contains all configuration options you may * specify here. Simply copy any of the configuration options from that file and paste * them into this file in order to modify them. * * SECURITY NOTICE * In non-dedicated environments, you should lock down the permissions of this file so * that it cannot be seen by other users on the system. For more information, please * see the config.php section at: https://processwire.com/docs/security/file-permissions/ * * This file is licensed under the MIT license * https://processwire.com/about/license/mit/ * * ProcessWire 3.x, Copyright 2019 by Ryan Cramer * https://processwire.com * */ if(!defined("PROCESSWIRE")) die(); /*** SITE CONFIG *************************************************************************/ /** @var Config $config */ /** * Allow core API variables to also be accessed as functions? * * Recommended. This enables API varibles like $pages to also be accessed as pages(), * as an example. And so on for most other core variables. * * Benefits are better type hinting, always in scope, and potentially shorter API calls. * See the file /wire/core/FunctionsAPI.php for details on these functions. * * @var bool * */ $config->useFunctionsAPI = true; /*** INSTALLER CONFIG ********************************************************************/ /** * Installer: Database Configuration * */ $config->dbHost = getenv("DB_HOST"); $config->dbName = getenv("DB_NAME"); $config->dbUser = getenv("DB_USER"); $config->dbPass = getenv("DB_PASS"); $config->dbPort = getenv("DB_PORT"); $config->dbEngine = 'InnoDB'; /** * Installer: User Authentication Salt * * This value was randomly generated for your system on 2021/12/14. * This should be kept as private as a password and never stored in the database. * Must be retained if you migrate your site from one server to another. * Do not change this value, or user passwords will no longer work. * */ $config->userAuthSalt = getenv("USER_AUTH_SALT"); /** * Installer: Table Salt (General Purpose) * * Use this rather than userAuthSalt when a hashing salt is needed for non user * authentication purposes. Like with userAuthSalt, you should never change * this value or it may break internal system comparisons that use it. * */ $config->tableSalt = getenv("TABLE_SALT"); /** * Installer: File Permission Configuration * */ $config->chmodDir = '0755'; // permission for directories created by ProcessWire $config->chmodFile = '0644'; // permission for files created by ProcessWire /** * Installer: Time zone setting * */ $config->timezone = 'Europe/Prague'; /** * Installer: Admin theme * */ $config->defaultAdminTheme = 'AdminThemeUikit'; /** * Installer: Unix timestamp of date/time installed * * This is used to detect which when certain behaviors must be backwards compatible. * Please leave this value as-is. * */ $config->installed = 1639521804; /** * Installer: HTTP Hosts Whitelist * */ $config->httpHosts = preg_split('/\s*,\s*/', getenv('HTTP_HOSTS')); /** * Installer: Debug mode? * * When debug mode is true, errors and exceptions are visible. * When false, they are not visible except to superuser and in logs. * Should be true for development sites and false for live/production sites. * */ $config->debug = filter_var(getenv("DEBUG"), FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN); $config->advanced = true;
  13. Hi @ryan and others, this is great addition, but how can I return specific http code? I know I can send 404, but how I send 400 when the input arguments are invalid?
  14. Hi @donatas, ah there is already a permission associated with a module, and I thought it will work, but looks like not. Maybe it works only for process modules out of the box. I will check it.
  15. Hi @bernhard, yes I agree with @benbyf to have some API documentation. I'm now confused with updateModuleConfig and setModuleConfig. What is the difference?
  16. Hi there, I have a PW website which I want to use as a CMS. I will have also some different scraper application which will retrieve data from the web and needs to store them in that PW website as pages. The problem is, it will be in JS not PHP and will be on different server (but with access to the PW's server). One thing to consider is the scraper will generate a lot of data. I am thinking about the best solution to this, I have some ideas: 1) Create a REST api in CMS and let the scraper send request over HTTP 2) Use websockets 3) Install another PW instance along with the scraper with the access to the same database as CMS and call it over command line. 4) Insert data from scraper directly to the database (create pages) What approach do you think is the best. I want to have CMS UI usable while the scraper sends many requests (multiple per second). I am interested in the option 3) but not sure if PW support that, running multiple instances with the same database. Thanks
  17. Hi there, you who are using this module might be interested in a new module I created AdminHelperLinks. It has the same purpose but uses different approach. I don't want to steal @Soma's reputation, but he seems inactive in developing the module and I realized while trying to fix the bugs I can do it differently (using JS instead of PHP) and more meeting my needs.
  18. Version 1.1.0 is here. - added template edit link - added link for editing field in template context - using modals - style update: changed link icons, field name, tooltips, ...
  19. Hi @szabesz, thanks for your reply. I will, hope, add the template edit link soon. Yeah I hardcode the url, I didn't realized it can be changed, will fix it.
  20. Hi I created new module for adding links to quickly edit a field directly from page edit. https://processwire.com/modules/admin-helper-links/ You probably already know existing module HelperFieldLinks created by @Soma which was my inspiration. I was using that module for a long time so thank you @Soma! The reasons for this new module are that HelperFieldLinks seems inactive and contains few bugs. I decided to try to fix them, but after a short time I realized a better (i think) and simpler solution and also got some new ideas how to improve. I used javascript instead of PHP and modified a code which is already in PW source code to show field names when you hover the inputfield's expand arrow (in debug mode). I also moved the cog icon next to the expand icons which doen't break the layout so much. What is missing is the field info panel with it's props, never used it, but it can be done too. The template edit links needs to be added too. If you got some ideas how to improve, tell me.
  21. @bernhard I've stumbled upon a problem when I want to specify more pages with the same name but different parents declaratively. More info in PR: https://github.com/BernhardBaumrock/RockMigrations/pull/23
  22. yes, but it affect only the output in a template, right? Or also the value which is filled in the input when editing page?
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