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  1. Hi Mike, I haven't seen this GS error before. I'm not an expert in Ghostscript nor ImageMagick, I have just go through many internet discussions and found working php code for pdf to image conversion. But as you say, it looks like a GS bug. This is one of the issues in PW 2.5 as I mentioned earlier. See https://github.com/uiii/ProcessWire-FieldtypePDF/issues/6. If you want, you can temporarily use somatonic's fork or wait for my upgrade.
  2. Really, so you are lucky . There are some issues https://github.com/uiii/ProcessWire-FieldtypePDF/issues. Not all issues are fatal, but needs to fix. I have already fixed all of them but not published yet. I have also changed the API (still backward compatible). The new version isn't ready yet, I need to update the documentation and want to add some tests.
  3. Hi Mike, I'm not sure if there is some minimal version of ghostscript needed. I have installed ghostscript 9.15 with imagemagick 6.9.0 and according to phpinfo the php's imagick module is of version 3.1.2. In this configuration everything works fine. No binaries are executed directly from php, the php's imagick module is used (imagick.so in php.ini), but you must have installed ghostscript and imagemagick as a system package. Hope this helps you. BTW: If you are going to use this module on PW 2.5, you will probably get some errors. I'm working on that and hope to finish it this week. PW 2.4 should be ok.
  4. Ah, ok. So, I'll try to do my own solution.
  5. Hi, can you please share the installer somewhere? I'm really interested. Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm still there, but I don't have much time to fix the issues. Sorry. If you find the solution you can create a pull request or make your version of the module. If I find some time a will try to look at that. Once again, sorry.
  7. Hi, thanks for your report. Sorry, but I don't have enough time now to solve the issue. If you can wait until mid-August I will look at that and try to replace the scale function with the ProcessWire's one.
  8. I've updated the module. Added requirements check and ImageMagick settings.
  9. Fine, thanks. I'll update the module soon. Yes, I've found it and got a little inspiration. Originally I wanted to use it, but I don't like it requires exact, properly named fields to work. And conversion of the whole PDF isn't my need, just the first page thumbnail. But based on this a got an idea to add optional parameter to the thumbnail method specifing the page number to convert.
  10. Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes, that's right. When and how is the proper way to print this error? I haven't much experience with ImageMagick. I've just found somewhere the code snippet of "pdf to image" conversion and use it. What consequences will have these two options? The "delegate" thing - I think it's not related to the module itself. Hey, I didn't know that it's so simple . If it's better or not I don't know, maybe the class is more suitable for future module's extensions.
  11. PDF Fieldtype/Inputfield Module for ProcessWire allowing you to easily generate thumbnails of the PDF files embedded to the site. Current version: 1.1.2 (Changelog) Module page: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-pdf Github: https://github.com/uiii/ProcessWire-FieldtypePDF For detailed instructions see: https://github.com/uiii/ProcessWire-FieldtypePDF/blob/master/README.md
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