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  1. This is really strange. What other Modules do you have installed (asking this question feels a little "WordPress" )?
  2. Hm, when you turn ProcessWire debug mode on (in site/config.php), do you get any warnings? Could you paste the call to renderLink() here? Does it contain an "echo"?
  3. Ah, I see. renderList() won't output anything when no page is flagged in the first place. You can see renderList as a result listing. Once you use renderLink, flag at least one page renderLink should output this very page
  4. Hi DonPachi, can you supply information about your environment (3.0 master or dev, PHP version)? I just managed to get it installed and running on both current master and dev, but pushed an update regarding PHP namespaces either way:
  5. Exactly what I was going to write, but you were quicker. I think we should put an emphasis on accessibility when creating this new admin theme. Not just only color contrast but also regarding keyboard-only usage and usage with assistive technologies like screen readers. Creators of WordPress and Drupal already aim for ATAG (Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines) compliance, e.g. here and here and ProcessWire should do so as well Although I'm no professional in this topic I'd love to help with audits and Pull Requests.
  6. Regarding name: what about "Nest"/"Nesting" (as in: building the nest like birds do to raise their offsprings )
  7. RT @niggi: [Bemüht origineller War-wählen-Tweet mit unterschwelliger Und-ihr-solltet-auch-Botschaft.] #agh16

  8. ist aber auch nicht besser. Unsichtbarer Skip-Link, fehlende Form-Labels, Alt-Texte, Focus-Styles.. #lasttweet #de

  9. @thetruemilhouse Oh, ich vergesse häufig, dass du ja auch meine Web Development-Tweets abbekommst #nurdasHTML.

  10. RT @marcysutton: I knew there was something off putting about Apple killing the headphone jack...

  11. @bastianallgeier New SPON isn't very accessible either: no focus styles, labels missing, obviously never heard of aria-roles...

  12. Will this ongoing Game Of Thrones connotation in my head ever stop? #jaqen #a11y #webdev @webaim

  13. @rc_d @Renobird Background of this q is that I want to contribute to Reno's CSS regarding focus styles (sorry for the #a11y spree lately :D)

  14. Exactly. I moved wireshell from my private account to an GitHub organization and everything got redirected.