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  1. Just in case someone stumbled into this, this command worked for me: sudo chown -R bitnami:daemon /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs sudo chmod -R g+w /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs
  2. What type of field are you using to display the video? Were are you planning to server the videos from? Maybe give us a few screenshot of your template/fields configuration.
  3. Yes, save the page! $testpage->of(false); $testpage->save();
  4. This has happened to me on some big PW version updates, but I honestly don't have much more info as to what could trigger this 😞
  5. You can use AdminOnSteroids to enable this on the text fields you need them, it's super handy, no need to install justify plugin or configure each field!
  6. And some background on why you built this would be really interesting too! Looks great!
  7. @LuisM wow great breakdown! thanks for all this info!
  8. Maybe using a PageTable field to edit child pages right there on the field?
  9. I've used this library with success to import products or update them regularly like on a cron job: https://github.com/donutdan4114/shopify Takes care of rate throttling too which is nice!
  10. https://maquiladorademuebles.com/ Here I did a very rough integration of the Shopify Js SDK with ProcessWire, so that I could add more specific things to each product, when I talked to the client it was more important to have the potential to have more flexibility when uploading the product's content so we went this way of using Shopify inside PW. My first mistake was rolling my own Js integration when I could have just used the Buy Button SDK (instead I used the Js SDK with Vue). Second mistake. One thing I didn't anticipate that turned into a mess: discounts. I had to setup fields in Pw where I had to set the discounts (after setting them up on shopify), so a lot of double data entry on some cases. I've done also things the other way around, setting up ProcessWire as an application that launches within Shopify, so that I could use PW pages as extra content management for Shopify product pages. (very complex product descriptions) unfortunately the project I did this for never launched. Agree with @Pixrael the Shopify API is really easy to work with.
  11. It's not built out of the box, but you could easily build a Process module, and render the forms you need using the formbuilder API you'd normally use on the frontend.
  12. Been using Sizzy for a while and things I really like are: Screenshots, I work remote so it's a time saver to show clients a preview You can actually inspect every one of the screens and debug! Things I don't like: A lot of RAM needed.
  13. By any chance, does your POST endpoint end in "/"? If not, try that. It has happened to me on the frontend that POST doesn't work without the ending slash.
  14. elabx


    I feel I'm going to go crazy in containment in my no balcony flat. On the other hand, I feel profoundly thankful for my working conditions because I have a lot of friends loosing their jobs or freelance income since last week and s**t hasn't even hit the whole fan here in México. Stay safe everyone! Best of luck!
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