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  1. I've seen there are some issues with MySQL 8, be aware of that: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/973
  2. This had happened to me once when I had set pw's .htaccess to automatically redirect to "www", then I had to update the origin domain name on AWS to "www.domain.com".
  3. Of course, totally understand! What if you have a page select per category, and the field's visibility depends on the Operating System selection. So if selection is "Windows", it will show the field that only contains the options for Windows. So on your template you would have the fields: operating_system windows mac linux Hope I am understanding your problem correctly!
  4. Have you seen: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-dynamic-selects/ ? Modules from @kongondo are as pro as it gets :)
  5. Wow! Have just gone through the docs and this looks spectacular, congrats on the awesome work!
  6. Does anyone know why if placed on init.php it works and not on ready??
  7. I recommend managed VPS from LiquidWeb. I've had good experiences with their support. EDIT: Sorry, just read that it's hosting in Germany.
  8. Oh!! Unexpected!
  9. elabx

    ProcessWire on the web

    @Beluga Wow spectacular! I'm so sad I don't understand a thing haha. Does anyone know if this software works on premises or does it work like a service?
  10. I'm using it on on multiple Linux servers with Apache configuration. Haven't done any other special updates to make it work, for what I understand if PHP has GD/imagemagick enabled it should all work. Where I have not being able to configure it is on mixed nginx+apache configurations (like on Runcloud) because static assets are delivered by nginx rather than apache, so I just haven't had time to figure out how that would work. (using the htaccess configuration for delivering webp) What issues have you encountered? I'm not sure I understand why CentOS/Plesk wouldn't support it.
  11. I'm also very interested in the backend part and all the security implications it might have, though being absolutely sincere I'm not seeing myself using Delphi. Thanks for your interest in sharing!
  12. I think this should work?? https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/51629cdd5f381d3881133baf83e1bd2d9306f867/wire/modules/Process/ProcessModule/ProcessModule.module#L315 $compiler = new FileCompiler($this->wire('config')->paths->siteModules); $compiler->clearCache(true);
  13. I had once considered vanilla forums since I tested their very embedding which seemed pretty straightforward. https://success.vanillaforums.com/kb/articles/67-embedding-your-forum
  14. All of this seems pretty doable. ProcessWire has a built-in access control system that is REALLY powerful. For example, you could have "content editor" roles doing the articles only, and "financial editors" roles for people that can edit loan information or view potential client loan requests. (Just throwing ideas here) Each loan type could be a page with the required template/fields to define the loans. Again, a page with a template with the required fields should be enough. Save forms to pages, and show them on a ListerPro! Doable with some Process modules (basically a way to make custom dashboards in processwire, it's a bliss and almost the same as doing any frontend work), could be as simple or complex as you want. What would probably require more though on how you show/process data is with the loans themselves, what I would do is, have a page that holds the loan information, and pages that are child of it as "transactions" that affect the loan statuses, every time a transaction is saved, calculations could be done on the loan page holding the main data. For example, to update a field that shows how much is in debt or already paid.
  15. As an alternative so you don't have to use an extra field, you could also use the $cache API to save the counts, and to avoid the count on first load, calculate all counts when a page of template news or exhibition is saved through a hook. And if you really really want to make sure a guest user never hit the cache rebuild call you could use a cron job to rebuild the cache behind the scenes.
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