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  1. You can pass in a selector like this: get_count=0 so it doesn't do the counting, that will get the find to much better performance. Check this topic: I'd still wonder if there isn't a way MySQL could cache that count? Just out of curiosity.
  2. I'm basically removing pagination cause I feel @LostKobrakai's comments on UX make all the sense and will rather prioritize search which is actually fast enough with simple selectors. For pagination replacement I will just go with a "Next" button. How is search speed looking for you? (if you are doing it)?
  3. Try to go here: http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/ And try google how to setup a database with phpMyAdmin! Let us know if you reach any dead ends.
  4. Hi @JonathanEnsz ! Welcome to the ProcessWire forums! Where are you setting up your website? Are you using a hosting service? Maybe locally? In any chance, a database is the part of your setup that in combination with ProcessWire makes it all work. A MYSQL database is a whole other software that commonly runs along PHP applications such as ProcessWire to persist data. In more concrete terms, you have to: Create a database. Most commonly through a tool in the panel administration of your server, or through an application that understands the databases like phpmyadmin. Create a database user/asign it to the database. A database must have a user with the right permissions to add data, update data, etc. If you reach a screen where you have to set permissions, just allow them all. Identify the host of the database. Most of the time, this is localhost (like literally you will write this on the ProcessWire installation screen). Some other times, the host has a special url address. ProcessWire will use the database user, the database name and the database password to connect to the database at a certain host and after that it creates it's minimum set of data for it to work.
  5. I think this post has the info you need:
  6. Agree an all your points! Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm with the task of paginating 5 million pages and things are getting a bit slow here lol I found out that you can disable counting within the selector and that bring huge performance benefits, basically making the queries instantly. I am just wondering I'd still like to have pagination, specially because the sets of data won't really change often so I only need to count once in a while and the find() call seems to hit the database and counting on every request. Maybe I'm missing something and there is a way for the count value to stay cached? Would you recommend me to hack a bit into the pagination module?
  8. @Jonathan Lahijani do you have your update script published as a module or would have the possibility to share it with me to work an MLS website import I want to propose to a client? Of course I understand if this is proprietary software of some sort, though any clue would help.
  9. This particular feature doesn't exist in ListerPro as far as I know if you want to discard that already. (although it is a great product in bunch of other aspects).
  10. You could probably do this with some hooks on the field rendering and javascript added to the admin.
  11. Just curious, what are you using from ProcessWire that is useful for your project?
  12. Check to have pagination enabled in the template where your are rendering the pager. https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/markup-pager-nav/
  13. If you are going to retrieve them using find() you will have to use check access, another possibility I can think of tight now is: $pages->find('template=series')->explode('products'); But I guess not as practical because it returns an array of WireArrays.
  14. Repeaters are pages placed under the admin which users of role "guest" cannot access due to the way access control works. It's a bit confusing because you don't think of repeater elements as pages per se, but since they actually are that, the same rules as for the rest of the pages apply, they are kind of "admin pages" Hope I made myself clear!
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