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  1. Try loggin in as superadmin while developing, though I am almost 100% sure that FileCompiler always checks for new versions of files. Are you getting anything at the FileCompiler log? Setup > Logs > FileCompiler
  2. I think you would need to work with the "custom render" solution as described here.
  3. My "uk-margin-almostlikeyouwantit" filled divs are looking at your comment and laughing at me haha.
  4. Using it for website design, overriding styles all the time. I kind of have liked that you have must buzzword components right at hand, ready to integrate, so when a clients asks: oohhh those nice backgrounds that move around when you scroll, DONE, ohhhh I want all this animated like a disney movie, DONE and so on... I have found some things that I need to hack around but in a much less percentage than Bootstrap, at least in my experience. Though a fellow I am working with now has really spoiled me into noticing that writing your own CSS isn't that hard and just makes less work than reverse engineering a framework.
  5. Wo, thanks a lot, just needed this! Gracias!
  6. Is there a reason ProcessWire would be stripping a <form> html element when embedding code through this module?
  7. Thanks for this very useful fork! It would be rad if it integrated @flydev 's fork too for hashtag search!
  8. Just got my copy I hope this is safe! I'll trust random internet software with my servers haha
  9. Could this be a serverpilot replacement??
  10. Guess I just jumped to fast on the forum, thanks!
  11. I want to render a repeater matrix repeater type with the following code: foreach($page->content_repeater_matrix as $content){ if($content->type == "hero"){ $content->render(); break; } } The field has its own field template asigned in fields/content_repeater_matrix/hero.php. Why shouldn't this work? It would seem to me to be "the processwire way" I got this one working in fields/content_repeater_matrix.php: <?php foreach($value as $item) { echo $item->render(); } Am I trying to call render in the wrong context?
  12. Dude it was so much vanilla ProcessWire that it was like plain cheating, heads up to @joshuag who had the actual idea!
  13. I did a "hotel review" app that sends emails to clients and catches responses nicely in a PageTable!! I also use PW fields to configure the survey page (add hotel logo, color styles, headlines). The users just have a list under root, each one representing a hotel, displaying the responses nicely inside brackets next to the title. New hotel for review? Just add a new page and configure! Happy clients with minimum effort and straightforward interface!
  14. This looks really nice! I agree having the page as context is a smart move! Hadn't thought of the problems of having that represented at field level. I also REALLY like the idea of variations existing on its own as presets somewhere else. Something that I see solved nicely and horrible at the same time, is Shopify's very own variation editor is batch edition of prices and variation names. Eg. Select a variation by one of its properties and change the price in a batch table mode. This was done pretty nicely in an Excel like fashion, or multi checkbox select and command in menu. What I did suffered was making a soccer uniform shop with 10+ sizes and sometimes 20+ variations in color. An error in creating the names would imply to REDO all the variations, or go through a menu to edit EACH variations name. Always almost easier to recreate the whole thing. It seemed as if after creating the list of variations per property in a nice interface, they all lost the relationship amongst them. So if you had written Brgundy / Dark Blue, get ready to edit +50 fields in modals or just delete the whole thing. There goes your day! And the variations problem reveals a flaw in Shopify's service, no more than 100 product variations. Why I might guess won't be a problem for PW. I think variations images would also be quite the deal! Nothing more to add, just personal experiences of suffering from product variations. Hope to see this released!
  15. Digging this from the grave, is this now easier to accomplish? Sometimes for mocking data with the few resources one might have it's useful to just repeat the same thing. Maybe add an icon to the repeater item toolbar through a hook. Came back to say I'm blind and crazy, I was already using latest dev -.- Time to make coffe