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  1. Support page for module. https://github.com/elabx/FormBuilderProcessorTripleseat
  2. My experiences with terrible performance with MySQL most of the time have to with the indexes being absent or in need of rebuilt.
  3. This sort of thing sometimes happen to me when Tracy Debugger is on, and I get an unexpected warning from some random module that messes up any ajax response by errors appended or prepended to it. Maybe you could take a look in the Network tab to see what you got in the pagination response?
  4. Ok got it!! I understand it all a lot better now, thanks!
  5. With this I mean edits in a CKEditor, or added a repeater item that update some content in the form of a list. Is "npm run build" ran after updating this content? Do this updated trigger a "rebuild workflow" (for example for Vercel) so that the site is completely statically generated?
  6. Very very very interesting!!! @flydev Really appreciate your time put into this answer. The running SSR app generates it's own static stuff if the update in the content requires it, am I assessing this right? I'd love to test an example! Let me know if also I could be of any help.
  7. Don't mind, come back as many times with as many doubts as you have. Yes there are amazing modules put out by the community!
  8. I'd also wonder if any other templating language aside from Blade already works with fragments in a way that it's possible to load only the data in the scope of the fragment.
  9. 🤣 Sorry for the lack of clarity! What I meant was, how to setup a development environment using vite, but assuming the development will be along the normal PHP server rendered website, with webserver+php. So, I'd love to know if it's possible to be able to have autorefresh in local development, or auto build of the static assets on watch in this "traditional" setup. I mentioned Wordpress because I feel is common to find already existing examples using Wordpress, which I've found to be a good starting point to adapting it to ProcessWire. Sounds exciting! Your opinion also intrigues me! haha. I do have enjoyed working with more frontend tooling, it used to be a bit more painful. But it "clicked" on me when i built that small js widget I mention. A couple questions: How do you deploy your SSR projects? Do you use something like vercel/netlify/cloudflarepages? I feel this hosting solutions are a nice reason to go SSR? Do you deploy processwire somewhere to have online editors and if so, how do editors handle update/preview? Do you use FormBuilder? And if so, do you use it with this SSR rendered approach? Thanks for this effort and your time answering!
  10. I've used in in a couple projects and it's the "npm build thingy" (sorry i don't even know it's exact classification!) that has given me less pain points. One for a "js widget" built in Svelte (using PW as an endpoint only) and another one for a simple static website with just uikit loaded as dependency (no PW). So both very small projects, but sort of different in their purpose and both experiences were swift to get it to work! So yeah, I do like Vite haha, I feel it's quickly turning into my goto thing as far as frontend tooling goes, which used to be close to non existent. Off-topic request: It'd be rad if you could point to a repo (maybe wordpress example that could be adapted?) with a Vite setup with the regular rendering pipeline of ProcessWire, setting up the proxy for the dev server, whatever other nice thingy could be done, etc.
  11. I don't think there's any shame in mentioning it publicly, or maybe just do it directly in the modules support's thread.
  12. This part doesn't seem like an easy thing to refactor. How would a template file be split accorrding to template regions? It'd require some sort of cached template files created from the "template regions split" itself? Throwing this questions in the open, not specifically to Ryan. I think fragments in Blade "suffers" from the same issue in the sense that it takes the performance hit of rendering the whole template. https://github.com/laravel/framework/pull/44774 at least that's what I get from from skimming the issue.
  13. You can take a look into the Template configuration, under Setup > Templates, and search for the template name of the page you want to configure to display an icon in the page tree. Now, in the template configuration, search for the Icon option, it might be closed down so search a bit for it, in most recent ProcessWire version it's placed in the initial tab.
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned?? https://github.com/uiii/processwire Not sure who the user is though to quote, but I guess this is an approach using plugins instead of post-install-cmd?? The actual composer plugin: https://github.com/uiii/pw-core
  15. I kinda tried this and gave up lol but here's what I found: You'd probably start with the CommentFormCustom class: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/master/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeComments/CommentFormCustom.php The first comments have a little bit on how these could be used. I THINK, that something not covered is upadting the processing of the comment, so my guess is that you could implement your own "CommentFormMillipedia" for example, extending CommentForm just like CommentFormCustom, and override the processInput method, so you could process additional stuff, aside from the form fields. Although from reading the code you'd probably have to copy the whole FieldytpeComment module due to the way ComentFormCustom class is loaded. To be honest it was a bit suprised to see the comment form is not built with the Inputfields API! Maybe to allow more simplicity on the rendering?
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