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  1. elabx

    If you have command line access, try: locale -a This lets you know the available locales in the server. There might also be a PHP way I guess. If the ones you need are missing, you are going to have to install them. Not an expert on this field but I've done it on a few servers and it's not very complicated googling a little bit (also asumming you're not on shared hosting and have shell access to the server to make this installation).
  2. Oh you are very right! I see that InputfieldPage has a $pagesAdded property that seems to be filled only when pages are added, WHAT IF, you check both fields for this property on a hook right before saving the page. This way you can see if a brand has been added in the request, and if any new created model also, change its parent accordingly.
  3. Doesn't it work like that straight out of the box like that? I'd think it would, from the logic leading to this setAttribute. My first approach would be to try just that inside the hook: $event->object->setAttribute('value', $newCreatedPage); But honestly haven't tried!
  4. Woah nice! Have thought of doing this since using Less parsing on PHP in some projects, what Less parser are you using? I imagine something like this that lets you create an admin theme on the fly (with a UI), maybe you just want to change a couple colors, set through color pickers, save, preview and enable it. 10 min job!
  5. $wire->addHookBefore('InputfieldPage::processInputAddPages', function($event) { $field = $event->object; $page = $field->hasPage; if($field->name == "model"){ $brand = $page->brand; if($brand){ $dynamicParent = $page->brand; $field->set("parent_id", $dynamicParent->id); } } }); I think this should work! Let me know if it does
  6. elabx

    I think if they exist as image variations they have to be rebuilt.
  7. I think $event->arguments is a method not an Array/WireArray. EDIT: Also I think you might just want to set your hook before save not after and or you might get into a recursive loop with setAndSave, and just reassign the $page as an argument. $page->pad_discount = $discount; $event->arguments(0, $page);
  8. Is it possible to enable to select the parent property as a subfield inside an InputfieldSelector? See? No parent
  9. elabx

    Could you give us a more concrete code example of what you are trying to do? Maybe you can reuse the module functions and you are rather trying to extract the functions from the module into your template files.
  10. Is there a way to allow certain users to have a reduced session timeout? Maybe through a hook?
  11. I normally develop in a remote server and connect with my text editor through SSH. (using emacs, ironically haha) Normally on the dev server, I install the things needed to compile frontend stuff (if needed) and just run the tasks either on a background process or run them everytime I'm developing in a terminal window. If I need sync with live, I use git and manually push (have yet to look into fancy hooks integration) On this thread you can take a look at some comments that talk about a very nice VSCode extension that mounts remote file systems through SSH:
  12. Does anyone know if it' s possible for file field to show the uploaded files whole names, and not abbreviate it with three dots.
  13. elabx

    I think somethin's wrong with my browser, I´m happily browsing the forum on my laptop.
  14. elabx

    I honestly don't have much examples to pick from, but managed servers from LiquidWeb have worked really well for me, as others have also pointed out about other companies, support is great. Need a PHP extension installed? Just raise a ticket and done! Maybe watch out on those who don't have good support opinions
  15. My account gets locked by 15 minutes after failing to log in. It would seem to randomly fail and sessions last very little too. Is anyone experiencing this recently? Normally I would suspect my browser but I just can't find that could affect login, except LastPass extension, and already tried disabling it before logging into the forum.