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  1. I haven't really digged into the admin customizations of PW-like CMSs I've used like Statmic/CraftCMS but the way you can modify view/behaviour of Inputfield and it's derived classes in ProcessWire is really nice imho.
  2. Will post repo asap next week!
  3. Pumping this up to see if anybody knows of a newer tool for this?
  4. Unfortunately it's not a public repo but tbh it's a very simple module, I'll try to convince my customer to get it open sourced lol
  5. With ChatGPTs API I've built a small module that renders a small button sitting next to image's description field that when clicked does image recognition of the image, and spits out a small text for alt purposes. The irony? The real value of this would be the actual automation which I haven't had time to do hahaha. Also I have to mention it works fairly well, but would like to make it more "on brand" when doing the prompts, so I gotta work on an interface to kinda make this presets?? So that the final description is based on something related not just purely descriptive (in come cases). I haven't had time to do some trial/error. But for now it kinda works like the site you pasted!
  6. Are you triple sure sectionfield_fa_membership doesn't have any typo? (Doesn't look like it!) Are you accessing $page in the right context? Seems you want to do this in a regular template file? You might be within a field rendered through wireRenderFile?
  7. Hi! I've made an experiment to support nested repeaters updating a little bit the previous update. Not sure how common this is, but I have a lot of scenarios where I have at least one extra level of repeaters, and I'd benefit from this dependency update to change the fields of nested repeaters. https://github.com/elabx/processwire/pull/1/commits/bdf7e4fc21961712abf7ee3e1e6910de32683725 Not sure if you are in the possibility of testing this @adrian? Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I built this module trying to solve the following issue. Most of the time I use Repeater Matrix types with a few fields wrapped in a fieldset that are for configuring the behaviour/rendering of a specific repeater type, and are not really content related so I had always wanted to have them kind of hidden, but with a small preview of that the options are set (which I've yet to do). https://github.com/elabx/FieldtypeFieldsetPanel
  9. I think you might have it backwards? The "new image fields" actually use the filedata column to save the individual fields value, the older modules used to alter the schema of the image field. Someone correct me if I'm wrong 🤔
  10. Sorry for the offtopic, but will second vote for this 😄 Do you happen to use docker in production?
  11. Rather this looks a lot like Migrations module! Take a look you might be interested! Which btw I've been using for quite a few years along RockMigrations even if it shows it's deprecated, works just fine at least on PHP 7.4 which is where I'm stuck.
  12. Maybe somewhere you have a <?= $something = "whatever" ?> that might be returning a value as bool, hence showing 1. At least this has happened to me when random number 1 appears haha
  13. I use OrbStack but unfortunately it's the only thing I've ever used as a Docker provider so I can't draw a comparison with regular Docker lol. All I can say it's been fast and hassle free.
  14. I think this is what you are looking for: https://github.com/somatonic/Multisite/ But as you can see, it's not a very maintained module. I'd suggest you take a look at the forum thread of this module, it seems people are using this fork of the project.
  15. I would try InputfieldWrapper::render since the repeater items are wrappers themselves 🤔 but not sure super.
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