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  1. No ready-to-go module that I can find. I don't know the details but they seem to support basic authentication to the service just fine. So probably just install their library through composer (or manually) and do the API call on the POST request of your frontend form. https://developer.mautic.org/?php#basic-authentication https://github.com/mautic/api-library
  2. @adrian thanks for your input! I guess I'll just give up (for now) Hadn't thought of a particular advantage rather than I just like to avoid string concatenation just for a personal preference. Pretty much like @adrian says, it looks cleaner imho.
  3. I guess if Zapier is an option send a copy of the POST request to a Zapier endpoint (with FormBuilder even easier) and then plug in a Mautic step that adds it as a contact.
  4. Thanks for your help @Zeka! Did find this topic while searching for a hint. I am familiar with OR groups, but what I am trying to do here is "migrate" from using string selectors to array selectors, but I can't just get them to behave like its string equivalent! I understand it will be hard to debug this without the whole scope of the ProcessWire project but maybe some has been through the some of the same issues.
  5. I have this selector: $operacionesSelector = []; $operacionesSelector['template'] = ['transaccion', 'pago']; $operacionesSelector[] = [ 'pago_entity' => $user ]; $operacionesSelector[] = [ 'transaccion_representante_cliente' => $user ]; $operacionesSelector['sort'] = "-created"; $operacionesSelector['status<'] = Page::statusTrash; If I dump the PageArray object with tracy debugger I get this selector within it's properties: template=transaccion|pago, or1=(pago_entity=8828,title!=""), or2=(transaccion_representante_cliente=8828), sort=-created, status<8192 The problem is, I'm not getting the same results as this selector/find: $pages->find("template=transaccion|pago,(pago_entity=$user), (transaccion_representante_cliente=$user), sort=-created, status<" . Page::statusTrash); That translates within the tracy dump as: template=transaccion|pago, =(pago_entity=8828), =(transaccion_representante_cliente=8828), sort=-created, status<8192 And this "normal" selector does return the expected pages. I don't see why my first selector does not find the pages it should, if I understand correctly the OR selectors, both of this selectors work the same and should find the same pages. Maybe I'm missing something about access control?? Though the template meant to be found shouldn't suppose any issue with the user roles/permissions.
  6. If it's worth making the update, there is a new class PageNames with methods for this purpose. https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.111/
  7. You can assign the fields again and save again just like you are doing right now, there's also just field saving like this: $page->some_field = "new value"; $page->save('some_field'); In this scenario I think either is just fine, just useful to know when you get into hooks and stuff like that
  8. I don't understand if the total code is random as in, generated on runtime (like and shop's order id?) or if it can exist as another page and be referenced.
  9. You could try thuis module! At least with png, jpg most surely it works, not sure about bmp.
  10. If i'm not missing any detail, you can just call this in you if clause: https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/delete/ if($exists->id) { echo $exists->delete(); } else { ... }
  11. Repeaters are a PageArray (or i think a class that inherits from it, called RepeaterPageArray), so you have all the methods from a WireArray such as: https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-array/get/ https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-array/find/ $page->repeater_field->get('FieldA=2')->FieldC
  12. Just awesome feature! I'm testing the output strategy with the hook, but I can't seem to make it work if the url() method is preceded by size(). Anyone bumped into this? Ended up using method without the hook, leaving the jpg extension. Works just fine
  13. I got curious and debugged into this because I ran into a similar issue with prev() method while rendering a repeater matrix field, and had to include the 'check_access=0' selector to actually find a prev() page while a guest user visited the page, though I'm not being able to to this with index() too, like: $page->index('check_access=0'); Maybe you can try it and see if it works for you?
  14. Awesome! Thanks a lot for your help! Actually found this myself yesterday working through the PW source code (I really LOVE being able to do this).
  15. Wow thanks! With the module, is it possible to render the fields with their renderValue() ? Like the access permission does! It let's you view the inputfield, but doesn't display as an actual input but just the value. Thanks for your help! Will definitely take a look at your module.
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