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  1. If I understand correctly you have to get the events from $recurme->find() or equivalent.
  2. Yes pal don't even say sorry, I wasn't really asking for features, rather I was just trying to give my opinion about the usage and the overall project I guess the word wishlist was misleading haha.
  3. I really like this!! I just thought of using this module in the following case: I have some big configuration screens (in page edit screen) that I want to reorganize, so I thought of doing it with this mockup tool prior to actually editing fieldset/fielsettabs setup, get user to approve it and write the migration script (this same template configuration migrates to around 20 or so other sites). I also use PW's admin as dashboard for different types of applications (and try to use the API as much as I can) so mocking up all this stuff would be super useful for me, and the roadmap does seem too look like a perfect fit for the type of activity I do. (I was writing a big wishlist until i realised it was all on the roadmap :D)
  4. Hi everyone! Does anyone know if it's possible to set the amazon S3 uploaded files to the infrequent access storage class?
  5. This, every day of the week! Always keep in mind that the PW admin is basically a blank page with a masthead (or sidebar haha), everything else is optional through roles and permissions.
  6. Love the UI update,I think it's something that is really going to round up the module, congrats @kongondo you rock, aweome work!
  7. Download the plugin from the site and uncompress it. Upload the plugin folder under site/modules/IputfieldCKEditor/plugins, activate the plugin in the field configuration in PW (at the very bottom you will see a group of checkboxes that already includes the PW CKEditor plugins for image upload and links, you should see the uploaded plugin now). Check it. As stated above, add the correct option in the toolbar configuration. and you should see it in the editor now.
  8. I support this idea, has happened to me a lot and it's always memory, file size limits on upload or execution timeouts.
  9. One way to go about it is to use a custom style, you can define inside the site's InputfieldCKEEditor's folder. Instructions here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/master/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/README.md#custom-editor-js-styles-set. So after setting up the path, the config for the blockquote style would look something like this: CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add( 'mystyles', [ { name: 'Bootstrap Blockquote', element: 'blockquote', attributes: { 'class': 'blockquote' } }, ] ); You have to actually have the cursor over the formatted blockquote text in the editor for the style option to show. (that is, if you are on a h1, the style won't be available in the dropdown) In the same GitHub page there are instructions to actually make the blockquote look as your custom style with a custom css file, might be useful.
  10. Just to give another opinion from @gmclelland , I organize the templates the following way: site/templates/fields/{name of the repeater matrix field}/{name of the rep. matrix type} e.g. Assuming a repeater matrix field called "content" with a type called "slider": site/templates/fields/content/slider.php So I rather end up with several files instead of rendering in the main template, one per matrix type. Then, on the template which has the repeater matrix field: content$page->render("content")
  11. This is gold!!! Can't believe I've lived without this info. +1 on the unified resources thread haha
  12. Don't know if I am getting ahead of myself but the custom code option to get the selectables could be like this (this code can be placed in site/ready.php as per the field's instructions): $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { if($event->object->hasField == 'page_reference_field') { //the page instance where the field exists, in this case, Item 4 for example $page = $event->arguments('page'); //the reference to the project $currentProject = $page->parent('template=project'); //has_parent sets the parent limit for the find() $event->return = $event->pages->find("has_parent=$currentProject,template=subitem_template"); } });
  13. Oh maybe I didn't make myself understood, but my idea with hooks also involves checking for deletion, you can check for a header in the hook to see if it's a product getting deleted, the header is supposed too look like this! X-Shopify-Topic: products/delete Docs: https://help.shopify.com/api/reference/webhook#events I think this is the type of problems hooks solve very well! This way you wouldn't have to query the /products.json endpoint every 24 hours, every action registered as webhooks will trigger the event when create/delete/update products happen, which you can mimic on ProcessWire on the handler you set on the route asignet to the webhook. Personally I haven't tried webhooks myself, but I do have some experience using the shopify API and I believe this would be the way to go to make a one way store sync.
  14. Why don't you rather use Shopify's webhooks?? I think it would simplify the problem, you can save the product id in a field and just look for that every time the hook get's called, no need to compare JSON, just decode the payload into an array and grab the product/variant id, Selector API to look for the product, and decide what to do depending on the event of the webook.