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  1. Is there a way to allow certain users to have a reduced session timeout? Maybe through a hook?
  2. I normally develop in a remote server and connect with my text editor through SSH. (using emacs, ironically haha) Normally on the dev server, I install the things needed to compile frontend stuff (if needed) and just run the tasks either on a background process or run them everytime I'm developing in a terminal window. If I need sync with live, I use git and manually push (have yet to look into fancy hooks integration) On this thread you can take a look at some comments that talk about a very nice VSCode extension that mounts remote file systems through SSH:
  3. Does anyone know if it' s possible for file field to show the uploaded files whole names, and not abbreviate it with three dots.
  4. elabx

    I think somethin's wrong with my browser, I´m happily browsing the forum on my laptop.
  5. elabx

    I honestly don't have much examples to pick from, but managed servers from LiquidWeb have worked really well for me, as others have also pointed out about other companies, support is great. Need a PHP extension installed? Just raise a ticket and done! Maybe watch out on those who don't have good support opinions
  6. My account gets locked by 15 minutes after failing to log in. It would seem to randomly fail and sessions last very little too. Is anyone experiencing this recently? Normally I would suspect my browser but I just can't find that could affect login, except LastPass extension, and already tried disabling it before logging into the forum.
  7. I'd love if someone could come and give an opinion on why InputfieldPage has a getInputfield() method? I though that object was an InputfieldPage, not a Fieldtype. I'll have to take a look with Tracy Debugger later.
  8. Hahah of course! This is super valid, maybe set the value field with the addOption() removeOption() methods (I think what is actually being rendered is an InputfieldSelect, sorry for the misguidance https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/341342dc5b1c58012ae7cb26cffe2c57cd915552/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldSelect.module#L173
  9. Form buiilder is awesome because it does all it's heavy lifting with the same Inputfield classes you use in page edits, so it is indeed an InputfieldPage! Assuming this is renderd in an iframe try this code (try it in ready.php, I'm really not sure if its the same as doing it on init.php): $wire->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function($event) { $log = wire('log'); //The default PageArray getting selected through your field config $defaultSelection = $event->return; //This is passed through a parameter! //$forms->embed('form-name', ['contextPage' => $page]) $contextPage = $input->get->contextPage; //This would be form-builder page, where it actually renders! //which is not the place the iframe is rendered :) $page = $event->arguments('page'); $log->save("debug-pagefield", $page->name); $log->save("debug-pagefield", $defaultSelection); });
  10. elabx

    I don't think anything has changed since.
  11. Check this out my friend: https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/how-to-use-url-segments/ It's basically a way to not follow the routing of the page tree, so you can make up any possible route, and prepare your template's code for it, imagine this exist in the template file branch.php: <?php if($page->urlSegment1 == "es"){ $user->language = $languages->get('es'); // field output will be in spanish! }elseif($page->urlSemgent1 == "en"){ $user->language = $languages->get('en'); // fields will output in english! } I'm just not sure how multilang works without the root language segment.
  12. I think you are going to have to use url segments on branch1, branch2 and the segments being the language names.
  13. You can probably do this within the InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages hook, that way you can tweak the selectable pages, I'd also try tweaking the value attribute through another field, honestly can't think of the details right now but hope I have given you a hint on a possible solution.
  14. You can do it multiple ways and that really depends on you! I will assume for now, that sidebar content wants to bring in some info from the articles section of your website. Lets say you get the idea to use the structure of the page tree to organise content and make it easy to get those articles to show on home page. So, you could pull something like this to get ten articles which are identified with the template "article" (that has title and summary fields!): $pages->find("template=article, limit=10"); Another way, could be to get all pages, whose parent has the template articles (for convenience, this template is used once throughout the whole site, to handle this parent page): $pages->find("parent.template=articles, limit=10") And another one to ask for the first page found with the template articles, and then get the first 10 children: $pages->get("template=articles")->children("limit=10"); Which is the best? It's your call! Will depend on a lot of things, just to give an example, on the last option to get the articles, I am assuming all pages under Articles, are actually articles. What if a page that is not an article exists under there?? Maybe something like:
  15. elabx

    You could check ahead for a variable like this: $sliders = $page->blocks->find('slider=true') //Check if sliders are active if($sliders->count){ //Echo css/js } //Continue rendering