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  1. Hi LostKobrakai! Great module! I'm using it to maintain a series of sites using very similar features. I didn't want to be creating, configuring fields accross ten installations. Could it be possible to create a shell script that runs migrations across multiple ProcessWire installations? Let's assume all installations are running on the same server, with multiple docroots for each PW install.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! Sooo, what I have to do is keep order haha, cause right now I've been making pulling changes from branch to branch, or to master. I guess I have to limit myself to a one way flow. Version control != Project management
  3. Hi everyone! I'm developing multiple sites that use the same codebase for templates. I am using git branches to take control of the changes on each branch (one branch per site, each template folder is a different worktree with the branch checked out) and push the changes to other branches when necessary. So far this has proven to be very useful. But now I come to get some thoughts,opinions, answers.. Now, I want to be able to do this: Let's say current page uses mytemplate.php. If custom.mytemplate.php exists, use it instead. this way, I can .gitignore custom.* and still have the flexibility to apply custom changes to every site that translate to other branches, sacrificing tracking the customizations on each branch due to the .gitignore, but that also simplifies the merging on other branches (for updates that have to translate everywhere) Do you think I could have a better approach for keeping track of customizations, maybe just be more carful on the merges when pulling changes? Could the "template swap if alternate file exists" thing get done in a Hook? Any other opinions or experiences doing a similar thing would be appreciated.
  4. On a map I setup, I had the trouble of encoded (ampersend made me notice) characters not getting output decoded correctly, so I had to add htmlspecialchars_decode on this this line: $title = $options['markerTitleField'] ? htmlspecialchars_decode($page->get($options['markerTitleField'])) : ''; Shouldn't this be the expected behaviour? And why is the page title getting output without decoded entities? Is this expected inside modules for security reasons? Just trying to learn some PW here
  5. But that should not compile!!! Maybe if Basic? haha
  6. I believe you would have to customize ckeditor with a plugin, such as this one for bootstrap. Also here is a Drupal module meant to add uikit button classes through a small dialog, could be a starting point for full fledged tool If you download the module you'll see there is a folder called ukbutton which is the actual Ckeditor plugin (example of plugin installation here) You can also go for the absolute minimal way which is adding Custom Style classes.
  7. https://github.com/processwire/processwire#upgrading-processwire I think this is the most complete guide. Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x must be carefully done as you can read. Most of the time, I haven't had troubles with the core, most likely a third party module. I have yet to see ProcessWire break with an update. There's also the upgrade module. which also makes a db backup before upgrading and renames the previous files with a dot at the beginning.
  8. +1000 to put this in core
  9. This is very likely the reason! I've gone through this types of errors a lot! Images with AdobeRGB or sth alike.
  10. Same story, different country haha. There is not a ListerPro "skin" . So assuming from the type of client yo you are dealing with, you'd be better off satisfying their UI/UX needs, or at least what they are used to. Because you're gonna end up fighting PW's markup and overriding it's styling. and end up with a bloated thing rather than the elegant solution ListerPro is meant to be. Customising the admin is easier now with the new UIKit based theme. But truly, here is where PW shines its brightest, leveraging the selector API makes building a lister pretty straightforward, I mean, the screen you post is basically a graphic description of what the selector API can do. So from what you mention about the project you are involved in, just build the thing and make people happy If you manage to reuse that frontend in the screenshot, it's basically just getting the data from the front to the back and let PW do the rest.
  11. @Twitch Could it work to have the whole PW admin area as guest area (if it's in a private network, no problem I guess?) and just use the ListerPro out of the box. You would have to build the other admin pages (if in need of something customizable) as Process modules. The picture you show looks different but basically those are the type of options you are given when using ListerPro filters. I guess you could do something like this on the frontend but with the Process module involving ListerPro. (ProcessListerPro?). Though you would have to include js/css for the ListerPro to work (and it would LOOK like a PW ListerPro). Also don't really know how ListerPro internally checks permissions or any other gimmick involving routes in the pw admin.
  12. Module

    Came to ask pretty please for this, I sometimes work in the harsh lands of Only FTP Access and Detrimental Server Features and oh boy, deleting the cache gets rough. I really miss just writing ClearCacheAdmin class on the module install :')
  13. Oh!!! Thanks a lot for the heads up @szabesz !!
  14. Module

    Working on a similar project, a kind of site parameterised site cloner. All in one PW install for maintenance commodity. Would love to see the outcome of this discussion
  15. Something I couldn't find or notice in your code Adrian, is there a way to filter the child pages you want as CSV by a selector? I was looking to use the exportCsv method to export pages stored under a PageTable.