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  1. That feeling is simply awesome! Welcome to the community :)
  2. You can take a look at this module: Or you can build your own image uploader with something like Dropzone.js and some guide from this topic: I think the main backend code to upload and save image to disk and add to page field is within this post: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/67-front-end-image-uploader-like-admin/?do=findComment&comment=3790 $size=filesize($_FILES['imageUpload']['tmp_name']); if ($size > MAX_SIZE*1024){ print 'File troppo grosso'; exit; } //copy the image in secure folder $image_name=time().'.'.$extension; $newname="../site/tmpfiles/profiles/".$image_name; $copied = copy($_FILES['imageUpload']['tmp_name'], $newname); if ($copied) { $userid = $sanitizer->text($input->post->userid); $u = $users->get($userid); $u->setOutputFormatting(false); $u->profilephoto->add("http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']."/site/tmpfiles/profiles/".$image_name); $u->save(); //delete copied image $tmpfile = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/site/tmpfiles/profiles/".$image_name; if (file_exists($tmpfile)) { unlink ($tmpfile); } }else{ print "Errore nel salvataggio del file."; exit; }
  3. Does it render with InputfieldDateTimeDatePicker class to initialize? Are the Inputfield scripts loaded?
  4. For what I understand you don't really need a plugin even though one could do it, from the last time I implemented something like this it's just javascript placed on the header/footer and placing the right HTML element.
  5. The validation/publishing is easily setup with users that can create and edit, but not publish permissions. About Jetpack, that I don't know, maybe just Google Analytics? I'd use AdminOnSteroids adjustments for CKEditor. I have a magazine project with some friends running around a 1,000 articles for a couple years, 30k visits a months or more, and the only maintenance I give is new features, in a Wordpress site you'd have to be updating everything like every couple weeks or less and praying nothing dies (maybe it's an exaggeration by this point? but has happened to me when I still used WP for a couple project. )
  6. I just ran into a similar problem a couple weeks ago. The fix that did it for us was increasing innodb_buffer_pool_size from 4G to 20G BUT, after that just a couple weeks ago I got errors with data corruption, can't say if it's related.
  7. And it's MIT? Let's fork it and make it InputfieldNiceEditor haha
  8. Check this out people, Kirby also just launched their new editor in a similar fashion: https://github.com/getkirby/editor
  9. Try this: https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-array/get-values/
  10. Great purchase which will save you a lot of time:
  11. When you insert an image through CKEditor, ideally I'd want to grab the description from the image's description field. CKEditor Inputfields fields have an option called "Image management" that should enable this: https://processwire.com/docs/fields/textarea-fieldtype/#markup-html-option I just can't get this to work well, if I add a new image to the text fields, their descriptions are not pulled from the images. My bad again man, I kept on reviewing this on the CKeditor source and just realized this is done on runtime.
  12. Hi everyone! Does anyone know if this has been fixed in recent versions? Still broken for me on 3.0.136 My bad here, I kept on reviewing the source code in CKEditor and this is done at runtime.
  13. @kongondo Finally managed to updated!! But you know what, now I didn't have to clear anything, it just worked after a module refresh!! Just so you have more info, the only difference was that I namespaced the old modules (in a desperate attempt to bring back everything to work because it kind of broke after I rolled back from my first install failure). honestly don't have very clear what happened, but indeed the new version works flawlessly. Questions/issues: I don't seem to be able to drag and drop over the Inputfield. I can give you access to my site if you need to debug. I cannot seem to find the edit button for the image description now, the one that was placed at the top right? Is there a new way to edit the descriptions? Appending how my images look when I click on them. Jut realized now this is done in a normal, maybe you could enable an Edit link right on the Inputfield? At least on my site it's not showing, I'd guess that's the most practical for editors, instead of opening the Media Manager Popup. I cannot get the alt text on images placed in CKEditor to update accordingly, I also have the setting updated in the Inputfield configuration, have you had any issues with this? All my questions crossed where solved configuring the Inputfield :) This is a GREAT update kongondo! I know this has been mentioned before but the improvement in the UI is a huge plus! I see you mentioned you have a lot of users that had never mentioned this, but in my case as with other PW users, all my clients complained about the lack of polish in UI, but this update really solves a lot of the inconveniences.
  14. honestly It's something that doesn't happen very often and I had even bragged about LiquidWeb support which is my main choice for projects that demand a nice hosting setup. But this time not even their "best effort" team managed to find a solution. Indeed we ended up hiring service from Percona to see if they can tune our database and figure out if we are getting hit by a MariaDB bug.
  15. When their family settings are set you can let is put a timestamp in the name. https://processwire.com/docs/modules/guides/process-template/
  16. @wbmnfktr Would be great to read about it! Wouldn't like to bother you on the weekend or anything, so please take your time, thanks for your kind offer. It's not urgent and I'm still not sure this is the answer for my "higher availability", at least what triggered this search now was this mysql server going down and well, I'm obviously not that well versed in the whole mysql administration. So the whole JAM Stack hyped brought me to looking into this option, since also most of the sites I maintain in this scenario are static and with the user interaction going as far as the usual contact/signup forms.
  17. Just pushed ProCache's cache time to like 100 years lol. That's also what I want to achieve at least, not letting the site completely die even if forms/backend are not working. So like mentioned above, a "build" step is something i'd need to work on. I guess I could put pw backend in a subdomain (possible?) and put the rendered static files in another folder of the server to render on the right domain. Also I guess there's a lot other stuff to consider like 404's, formbuilder forms in iframes...Maybe I should just get MySQL to behave but I guess that's gonna take me a couple years at least :P
  18. Hi everyone! I come here after a very ugly situation in which mysql server was down holding around 50+ websites in a pretty big server using ProcessWire only. So I start to feel where all this static site generation hype comes from. Has anyone moved further on this aspect?
  19. Hi! Is this module working with recent versions of ProcessWire? Is it compatible with UIKit theme?
  20. Three people now! haha Any news on this bug?? Thanks! I rolled back but now I am having issues with JqueryUpload version 008 working, tried rolling back to 002 but I still can't open when I click on Add Media on any of the pages, getting: Uncaught Error: Class 'ProcessWire\JqueryFileUpload' not found in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/ladosis/public/site/modules/ProcessMediaManager/ProcessMediaManager.module:209 Ok this took me through a tour of namespacing issuer all over the MediaManager modules and got it working back.
  21. Awesome! Thanks @dragan! Great start! Though I am thinking of something a lot less complex. I think I might just build it myself because I'd rather build upon the existing image field markup so I can upload right then and there. Plan is: Add a "select icon" to the image thumb. Save the selection through AJAX in page. Maybe with the brand new meta API. Probably this is a very personal requirement, but I plan to open this page in a pw-modal window, select the image and send back the image url in the event message. Do you think this is possible?
  22. I've always had this same issue. Can confirm it happens on even previous versions.
  23. As the title implies, does anyone know if there is an existing module to "select" an image from a multiple images field?
  24. What about finding the fields first? $textFields = $fields->find('type=FieldtypeTextarea|FieldtypeText') $page->builder->find("$textFields!=''")->each(function ($item) use (&$content, $sanitizer) { $content .= $item->get(...); }); EDIT: Oh just read again about "text extended fields". This obviously won't work :/ Maybe: $textExtendedFields = []; $fields->each(function($f){ if(wireInstanceOf($f->type, "FieldtypeText") === true) { $textExtendedFields[] = $f; }; })
  25. I wonder if you should rather, delete() every page also, not use removeAll() because I think it's just removing it from the object, not from the db. foreach($pages->get("template=home")->submissions as $s){ $s->delete(); }
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