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  1. Thanks for the information @Jens Martsch - dotnetic we'll certainly take a look through that. Luckily that shouldn't be a problem as our client who will be creating the files that are to be secured, will be the only person that is logged in. Good to know that though. Thanks again
  2. Thanks @wbmnfktr good suggestion. I did already try this though, logged into the cms on Firefox and with an incognito windo open in Chrome to view the front end site. Thanks
  3. @wbmnfktr just tried it out there and it doesn't seem to work on pre-existing files I'm afraid. I'm not sure whay that would be, but now that I know, we can try to build it into our solutions from the beginning. This is for a new project so we'll set it up before adding any content. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.
  4. @wbmnfktr wow, wasn't expecting it to be that simple. Thank you very much for such a quick response. 😀 It appears that this only kicks in to effect on newly added files though, so I guess it would be wise to set this up ahead of creating a new site and adding any content? Do you know of any way for this to consider pre-existing files? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone Our client has asked for the following features: CLIENT REQUIREMENT 1 "Ability to pre-publish files with a publish-at date, before which the files are not visible or accessible. Also the ability to un-publish files with a publish-end date, after which the files are not visible or accessible. The above should not permit url farming / guessing. Simply not linking the new files on the site is insufficient. Also, if the page containing these files is unpublished the files should also be inaccessible." Our Thoughts... We had considered creating an area within the page tree for pages that contain each file, allowing us to use a page reference filed to select the relevant file. Our thinking was that publishing/unpublishing these pages as and when required would allow files to be accessed/inaccessible... However, we've tried unpublishing a page to see if the files associated with it are also unpublished/inaccessible, but the file it is still visible if you have the path. CLIENT REQUIREMENT 2 "Deleting data / documents from the CMS should make the data inaccessible but the documents should still be viewable by admins." Our thoughts... It's almost like they need some kind of holding pen for a file, between being deleted completely and just not visible through any url. Has anyone tried to do anyhting like this before and do you have any pointers? We've seen this module http://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-secure-file/ but it doesn't appear to be compatible with version 3. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Update: I hadn't read the documentation properly and was able to add a custom class to pages that had the checkbox field checkbox_nav_prominent checked 🙂 function hookGetListClass(HookEvent $event){ $child = $event->arguments('page'); // current rendered child page $class = $event->arguments('class'); // the class string already present // any check on that child to set your custom class if($child->checkbox_nav_prominent == 1){ $event->return .= " is-prominent"; // add your custom class to the existing } }
  7. I love this module, but I've finally found something that I can't figure out how to do. I'm trying to style particular item(s) in the navigation different to the others by updating a class on that item, how would I do this? For example a "Donate" or "Sign up" page that I want to have more prominent styling. I've added a checkbox to my pages to say something along the lines of "Make me prominent in the navigation"... but I'm not quite sure how to hook that into markupsimplenavigation's options? Is there a way to say - if this page has the checkbox checked, add the "prominent" css class to the its menu item markup? Thanks in advance for any support :)
  8. Hey - thanks for the quick reply, looks like exactly what I need. Will have a go at implementing!
  9. Hi, I have some pagination on my page, which is pretty bog standard. $allChildren = $page->find('template=blog-article, limit=10, sort=-article_date'); The limit is set to 10 as I want to show them 10 articles at a time. The articles are displayed side by side, so there is 5 rows of 2 article. I am using infinite scroll plugin (which doesn't really matter). However the first article is a featured article and displays full width, so this leaves me with an odd article at the end. - - - (1) - - - - (2) - (3) - - (4) - (5) - - (6) - (7) - - (8) - (9) - - (10) So really I need the first page to show 11 and then on other pages for it to be 10. - - Page 1 - - - - - (1) - - - - (2) - (3) - - (4) - (5) - - (6) - (7) - - (8) - (9) - - (10) (11) - - - Page 2 - - - (12) (13) - - (14) (15) - - (16) (17) - - (18) (19) - - (20) (21) - - - Page 3 - - - (22) (23) - - (24) (25) - - (26) (27) - - (28) (29) - - (30) (31) - Is this possible? Any pointers would be much appreciated! Thanks, Craig
  10. Hi Guys, I wanted to find all pages which are children of the current page: $rootPage = $page->children(); But I then want to filter out all pages of a few different templates: $rootPage = $page->children('template!=cta-block|puffs-block|table-block'); But also filter out one specific template called company when the pages website textbox has no value: $rootPage = $page->children('template!=cta-block|puffs-block|table-block')->not('template=company, website='); This doesn't work - I have tried a few different variations, but can't get it right. Anybody point out where I am going wrong? Thanks, Craig
  11. Hi guys, Thank for the replies, works a treat. Thanks for the extra info on the date time stuff. Thanks, Craig
  12. Hi, Run into a bit of an issue with pagination on a site I am working on. I am sure the answer is really simple, but struggling to figure out what's going wrong. I have a bunch of articles, but I only want the ones where the date is less than the current date. I then want to limit the array so that I can paginate it. <?php $allNews = $page->children("template=news"); $oldNews = new PageArray(); foreach($allNews as $article) : if(strtotime($article->date) <= strtotime('now')): $oldNews->import($article); endif; endforeach; $oldNews = $oldNews->find('limit=2, sort=date'); echo $oldNews->renderPager(); foreach ($oldNews as $article) : ... endforeach; ?> The limit is being applied, however I don't see any pagination and navigation to the different pages returns the same first two articles. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Craig
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