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  1. Hi all, Not even sure if this thread is still active so heres hoping. Is it possible using this module to include existing fields used on other templates into the custom admin one? I had hoped to add a couple of existing page ref fields to this page, so that if the originalls are editted, the options would then be reflected on my custom admin page. I had thought if I just added them to the template im using for the custom page, but after adding them and then setting up the custom admin page I run into this error that stops me from publishing it. Any ideas? I am assuming this is either not achieveable or im going about it in the wrong manner?
  2. Hi all, First thing is the module is great, does exactly what it says on the tin! My only concern is about the speed at which it imports larger datasets. (Not sure if 1700 even counts as large to be honest?) We had a client report that when importing a csv with 1700 entries it took about an hour to complete. Granted the client maybe off about the exact time, but from my own imports I did find it struggle to create new entries without throwing a timeout error. When testing locally my results where something like: Importing, creating new entries (20-30m was not uncommon) Importing and updating if entry exists (3-5 minutes) Long story short, im just curious of others experience with variously sized datasets and how much a full import took? As I am trying to figure out if this is expected behaviour before I bring it up with IT team who control the server the client site is running on. Any thoughts?
  3. @horst Thats pretty much my own process. Cleared out assets/cache, cleared the caches table form the DB but still running into the same fatal error. For context I can't access any pages including the admin, to run a module refresh etc
  4. Hi all, I just upgraded a site from 3.0.148 to 3.0.184 recently, by swapping out the Wire folder and replacing the root htaccess file. Site is running on PHP 7.4 However I'm getting a bunch of Interface related errors such as: Out of curiosity, I actually went into this file and removed the the interface FieldtypeHasFiles from the implements statement, which then threw up another interface related error for a FiletypeImage. So I checked and the interfaces.php file is definitely there, so im thinking its a path issue of some sort? Has anybody experienced anything similar and have any ideas on how to resolve?
  5. @MarkE Thanks I think that would work within a frontend template but I don't think I can write it like that in the "Show if" dependency field settings. It seems a little bit more limited.
  6. Hello I've just hit a scenario where I have a particular field (within a repeater) that I'd like to set up a field dependency for, so that it shows only if an option from a page reference field (that sits outside of the repeater) is selected. Simply using the fieldname=value approach doesn't seem to work. I'm assuming that this is because the field in question is inside a repeater and can't access information from the fields that sit outside of it? I tried using the following without luck. To be honest I was just guessing at this point. page.fieldname=value forpage.fieldname=value There's other ways that I can set up my template, but I was just curious if there was missing a trick somewhere?
  7. Hello I've created a repeater field and have tried to add it to a FieldsetPage field. I've noticed that when inside the FieldsetPage it doesn't allow the option to clone individual repeater items. (I had originally posted this in the ProFields support forum thinking that it was isolated to repeatermatrix fields but have since seen the same result with standard repeaters, so just posting here in case anyone else has any ideas) See below image that shows both scenarios (clone button highlighted red not showing when inside fieldsetPage field) I'm sure there's probably a reason for this that I'm just not aware of, but just thought I'd check if this is intentional or if I have just found a bit of a bug? Ideally, I'd like my client to be able to have the ability to clone items and plan to have quite a lot of repeater matrix types included here so thought I'd check as it may affect how I set up my templates. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  8. Thanks for your help and suggestions @elabx I'd need to check with my team regarding the JS options you mentioned as that isn't my strong point. I wasn't aware of the reload method you mentioned - that certainly looks promising too.
  9. Thanks @kongondo That makes sense and thanks for confirming. I thought that might be the case but just thought I'd chance my luck! Looking forward to seeing if this makes it into future releases like you mentioned, thanks for considering it as a feature request. I also posted another question yesterday which relates to this and the use of Dynamic Selects, which might give some other use cases to consider. I had started working with 2 basic page reference fields and using the selector string for the second one almost works, but doesn't appear to be able to get the associated values of fields within the selected page of the first page reference. It looks like I'm out of luck there in terms of avoiding a page refresh with the hook approach.
  10. Thanks @elabx I know what you mean about the page refresh and being intuitive. I was hoping to avoid a page refresh if possible. I recently purchased the Dynamic Selects module and this certainly does solve the issue if I only have one set of choices based on the theme chosen in the first select eg. Highlight Colour. However I'm finding that if I want to have more than one set of choices mapped to the first select (such as 'Text Colour', 'Icon colour' etc etc) I haven't figured out a way to achieve that with Dynamic Selects (yet). I logged my thoughts earlier here. I was thinking that with the solution in my first post here that I would then be able to add additional options under the theme like below (Highlight Colour, Text Colour, anything else that applies etc) and be able to target them separately. Also, I may have a scenario where I have a block/component that has the main theme set, but inside of that I have a repeater where each element can have one of the allowed highlight colours. In that scenario I need the two fields split up. As Dynamic Select is one field I can't split the theme part for the block up from the highlight colour on the individual repeater items lower down. With the approach in my first post I noticed that the second highlight colour field updates whether it is next to the theme select or inside the repeater so I thought that could have been a bit of a win, like below (but with correct option showing within the repeater). Maybe my only option here is to go with separate page reference fields, using a hook like you mentioned and just accepting that a page refresh is needed after selecting an option from the first dropdown. There's the chance that the user could switch the first select (theme) to something else though after selecting an option from the second select (highlight colour). Tricky stuff eh...
  11. Hello I'm trying to use the selector string within a page reference field to show specific results based on a selection within another page reference field. Within my template the first page reference field (select_theme_a) allows you to select a theme from a pre-determined list of colours set as pages within the tree. The options are just pulled from configuration pages within the page tree. Taking the White theme for example, its page contains a page reference field (select_theme_highlight_colour_options) that allows you to select suitable highlight colours that can be applied within that theme. Once I've selected the correct theme to use I was hoping to show only the allowed selections within the second select below. I'm just trying to limit the user from having the option to use colour combinations that don't work well together for our design. However, I can't ever seem to get the second select to show anything beyond the white colour. Here's the selector string I'm using for the second page reference field. As you can see it's getting as far as "id=page.select_theme_a..." but doesn't seem to be able to access the checked values from the field "select_theme_highlight_colour_options". Am I just being really stupid and missing something here (probably!) or does anyone have any tricks up their sleeve that would help me? I'm guessing that it can't go beyond the initial page reference field (select_theme_a) that is on the page? Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time ?
  12. @kongondo Thanks for this great module. Could you confirm if I'm just trying to do something that just isn't possible? In the notes it mentions that the trigger "must be the exact name of a previous column" - does that mean that it can be any previous column or does it have to be its previous column? Scenario So let's say I have 3 dropdowns. Is it possible for the first dropdown to be a trigger for the second AND third dropdown? I'm trying to achieve the following steps: Ask the user to select a background colour from the first dropdown Based on what they pick I'm trying to allow them to select a text colour and a highlight colour via the 2nd and 3rd dropdowns The options in the 3rd dropdown are not dependant on the options from the 2nd dropdown. I was thinking that the answer to the first dropdown would give two further options. For reference, I have set up a page in the tree to hold sub pages for my background colours. Within each of them I have two page reference fields that are displayed as checkboxes - 1 for text colour and one for highlight colour. The idea is that I can set up colour combinations that work well and let the user select only from the allowed options for each background colour. I've set up the dynamic select field like so. As you can see the 2nd and 3rd column are set to trigger from the first colum. Result When I select the background colour from the 1st select, both the second and third select are populated with the options from select 2 twice. However, it does work fine if I just have text colour or highlight colour columns. As they are not dependent on eachother and not directly related I'm guessing that's where my issue is, but I just wanted to check in case I'm missing a trick here. I hope that explains things well enough? Thanks in advance for your time.
  13. This post was really useful for me when outputting a preselected value within the form so thank you @Xonox and @elabx. In our case, we are showing different course pages that each include an enquiry form created with formbuilder (embed c option). Using your tips above, the form will preselect the course of interest based on the course page you are viewing. This all displays perfectly on the front end. One thing I've noticed though is that this value doesn't pass through to the form entries or the email that is automatically sent to the administrators once it is submitted. It does work when the selected course is different to the course page that is being viewed. I've limited experience with hooks and just wondered if anyone knew of a way to pass the course name into the course entry though, which would be a little easier for the client. I've put a temporary fix in place that involves creating a hidden form field that stores the current page name, so administrators can at least get a sense of what course page the form was submitted and put two and two together, when the pre-selected value is the actual course page being viewed.
  14. We have also reverted to using Ryan's TextformatterVideoEmbed module and seems to be working now with original YouTube links in single p tags.
  15. I've just noticed from today that YouTube video urls don't appear to be working. Vimeo and Twitter examples worked fine but I can't seem to get any Youtube URL to work now. Is anyone aware of what this could be. I've tried different urls in different fileds but am having no joy. Previous links that works have now just reverted to a line of text. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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