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  1. Thanks for the module - I had to change this COLLATE utf8_general_ci to this though COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci because it errored when I created pages due to my database setup. Not sure if there's a way to check the character set of the DB or something and set that bit accordingly?
  2. If you are maintaining a module that has a reasonable amount of activity in its support topic, paired with multiple threads of questions, developments or talking points, you may request a dedicated forum so that discussion can take place in different topics. PM me if interested and we will make a decision on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Thanks, that worked perfectly. This could also be a way to open it up to non-superusers? I don't have a use case for that, but maybe there are big projects out there like intranets where you might want to show the debug panel to a tester who checks through the workflow or something but might not have full superuser access to the backend. Probably best left to superusers though maybe and this works for me - thanks!
  4. Your timing is excellent - I have a couple of projects where for one reason or another (sometimes it's on purpose) I have customers that are superusers and I'd like a way to exclude specific superusers from seeing Tracy if possible?
  5. We've finally created the first dedicated forum for a module so I'm locking and pinning this topic for reference. If you need to ask questions/give feedback, please start a new topic in this forum. Thanks!
  6. Flexible content or page building I've mostly used RepeaterMatrix for this. I think looking at some of the examples above, something in the core would be welcome and something with maybe a simpler interface too. Thing is, in my case, I still probably need the flexibility of what I can do with RepeaterMatrix but just making it even simpler for site owners once I hand things over is welcome. I'll have a think about it. Admin theme improvements 99% of the time all I really need personally is to maybe change the colours. It sounds silly, but anything that shows clients you're paying attention to detail is good - which is why I love that you can link their logo into the masthead and they like that, but colour scheme is the obvious addition if it's something we can just set with a colour picker or by entering a hex colour value or something in the admin theme settings. Improvements to existing Fieldtypes and Inputfields Decimal is something I really need for any site with pricing, or if trying to build any basic ecommerce functionality so +1 for that as I don't think it's something that adds significantly to the core hopefully. Seems small enough anyway. External API I have had more requests in recent years as a developer along the lines of "do you do mobile apps" and for all projects I want to use PW as a backend, so if there was a JS API I guess that would help (don't really know) but I also feel like some of the REST API activity I saw a few months back by someone (sorry, don't remember much!) would help with that. File/media manager and more file sharing options I think it's great to keep the current ability to upload images/files where they're needed in a page (and I know you wouldn't remove that) but if we could use tagging to help categorise images/files and that helps build the file/media manager feature that would make sense. I still think the point of initial upload would more often than not be when you need to upload the file for a specific page, but on a few larger sites I've found myself uploading the same header image to a few different pages because it was appropriate although they weren't in the same tree, and it would have been easier to re-use with a file/media that's tied to the file/images field, so in those fields if we had "Upload" or "Choose from gallery" as options - giving the ability to set a different description, tags and cropping for a single image depending on where we need to use it, and then the file/media manager is in charge of making sure when we delete one instance it remains in the other image field. Does that make sense? It comes up for me more often on larger sites, but also giving folks one place to look to see what images are already available can prevent repeat uploads of the same image. Sure it doesn't add much overhead, but it's still overhead. Not sure I've got the right solution there but something that doesn't require breaking out of the normal workflow is more intuitive in my mind. I think my point is that you don't always want to re-use the same image in a CKEDitor field, you might want to have it in a single/multi image field on more than one page and that's currently not possible to my knowledge. EDIT: I know you could maybe use tags to achieve this, or a field that selects files somehow like ASMSeect, but there are occasions where you want to re-use and re-order and re-uploading seems to be the only way. Maybe my use case is so unique though that it's too much to bother with the more I think about it. Seems pretty unique anyway.
  7. I guess to back up my thoughts with a scenario might be useful - your example for addresses is simple enough, but I have a scenario where I've got a directory type site where each entry has maybe 40 fields and it's specific to that template for that type of item being listed. At the moment I'm using 40 different fields and it seems a waste, but some of the fields are repeaters or files and I'd love to switch to combo field as long as I could order the fields logically how I want in the template as Robin has suggested. Otherwise, to echo what's already been said, the only way around it seems to be multiple combo fields with the repeaters/other fields in between which feels a bit hacky.
  8. +1 for being able to place the fields anywhere in the template with other non-combo fields in between. And if they don't have to all be loaded all at once into memory or that can be configurable (I think that was something mentioned on last week's update) all the better. Those two changes would actually enable me to switch from using custom tables for some situations where the number of fields is simply far too large to combo fields.
  9. Sorry for the delay all - I'm up to date now and will look at seeing if someone can give me a hand on the approval side so the next batch that come in don't take so long.
  10. Hi all, Work is ramping up for Nifty Solutions so I'm looking for a seasoned PW dev/team I can pass work to on an ad-hoc basis when I'm too busy to take it on myself - fingers crossed this could be as soon as next month with the level of interest our recent marketing efforts have generated. The three most likely scenarios at the moment for websites are: Complete design and build - I'm working on a base site profile that will be the standard way sites start and would really prefer Bootstrap 4 for the design framework as it's what I'm most used to Alteration of an existing theme and new installation from an existing site profile (we have one or two customers in a Group of companies, so re-using the same theme/structure and minor alterations to colours, templates etc on those for example) Ad-hoc template changes to existing websites Since I imagine it will vary quite a bit from job to job and workload each month could be anywhere from zero to lots, hourly rate is probably sensible for the more piecemeal work as well. For new, complete websites though we are usually working off a fixed price so maybe a rough cost/time estimate of how long it might take to design and build a complete website if I were to point you in the direction of an example? I'd love to set up something with someone who's strong on the design side of things ideally and happy with both design and dev, definitely happy using hooks and maybe occasionally writing small modules for backend interfaces. Would love to set something up where I can offload work to more than one developer if possible as I realise the ad-hoc nature may mean relying on one person doesn't line up with everyone's own workload. I've not had to outsource before for development so this is all quite new to me. Would prefer someone within a few hours +- GMT as well if possible but not necessarily essential - there's some merit to having work happen overnight and magically appear in my inbox the next morning as long as there's not lots of calls going on at really odd hours too often 🙂 All work goes through a project management system on our side so it's easy to track tasks, have discussions and log hours etc. PM me if interested, happy to answer questions via PM and I'll reply early next week.
  11. Thanks Ryan - I can't claim all credit on the design by a long shot as there's still a tonne of bits you had to figure out on the complex results filtering, plus whilst we're working with older content in new templates I still want to tweak some of the templates around the site. There's some seriously impressive regexp going on behind the scenes by the way everyone - the old tour pages had maybe 3 or 4 tabs and the new ones have more but it's mostly all in one CKEditor field so Ryan had to do some magic pulling the right bits out and even displaying icons next to some parts of it. Will be much saner to manage all that after the fields get an overhaul in phase 2. Carousels - there's a bit of variation in how they were implemented. Some have dotnav (which isn't the clearest), we're probably going to implement arrows overlaid either side on some of them where it makes sense during phase 2 (customer request I've not got around to yet), but if you don't autoplay who's going to bother to look for the play button? 🙂 I don't think ANY of the information in the carousels is essential so in this case doesn't matter so much, but given the audience is looking for trips and will be drawn in by the nice pics carousels work well for this site. Plus it's somewhat consistent with the old site and also what the customer wants as has been said. I don't really want to be drawn into an argument about carousels (too late) but I think they're perfectly fine in some scenarios.
  12. I've just fallen in love with Hubspot (small team so the bundle for more features just for 2 users is worth it, especially since it's discounted for 12 months at the mo). Looking at all the API possibilities - we use RingCentral - that plugs in with a few clicks, can hook Formbuilder form submissions in with very little work, all the social media channels we're setting up right now get linked in including Facebook chat for our new page etc etc. Actually quite excited. But yeah the pricing gets out of hand quickly for larger teams or more contacts when you need over 1,000 on one of the paid plans. It's not without its costs (I want to say hidden costs, but they just require some reading to find) but the way I'm looking at it at the moment when I need to go above the starter packages I should be able to afford it. Hopefully 😄
  13. It took me weeks to adapt mentally. I'm not sure why, I work from home and my wife looks after the kids at the moment so I'm in a better position than many, but the whole situation in the wider world made me lose my work mojo for a while. Definitely got it back this past week though - back on track finally with projects 🙂 Hope everyone here is as well as they can be in the circumstances.
  14. Nice work - I love coming up with non-standard solutions to design problems like the blurred overlay. Way back in 2005 I built an article block for a webiste that overlaid a gradient on the hero image for the same purpose of showing text on top and saved that copy of the image with the adjustment (before CSS3), and also generated all the article titles as images too as it was a non-standard font (this was before web font compatibility as well) so I know they can be a challenge, but a fun challenge 🙂
  15. Pete


    My local shop is well stocked with most things at the moment except milk (there's still a little), pasta, toilet rolls, paracetamol and Maltesers chocolate. Someone out there is preparing for a Netflix binge-watching session sitting on a throne of toilet rolls whilst getting fat on maltesers and presumably taking the paracetamol after they get a chocolate-induced headache I guess 🤷‍♂️ I saw someone today buying a large quantity of bottled water as well. I'm fairly sure that still comes out of taps just fine 🙄 It's a pandemic, it's not quite the same as the apocalypse 😅 But in all seriousness, it is a very strange time. I just hope that those in need of vital supplies can still get them. Stay safe folks and, if you can, stay indoors.
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