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  1. Pete

    This is now fixed and you can login to the Directory again.
  2. I've been informed that the login functionality on the Developer Directory is currently not working since the recent forum upgrade. I'm aiming to get this sorted today so people can once again update their profiles.
  3. Pete

    Yeah, you're right, they are very different behind the scenes so this may be the best way forwards. It is only ever going to be 3-4 at most so it should be fine performance-wise. Since I'm allowing the administrator of this particular app to assign roles to users as well as override and give users certain custom permissions outside of their role I have to check permissions for some things instead of relying on roles. Thanks.
  4. Pete

    Hi folks I'm currently doing some work on a very customised system based on PW (naturally). Rather than do this to check a user has a role: if ($user->hasRole('admin') || $user->hasRole('editor') || $user->hasRole('role3') || $user->hasRole('role4')) { it's possible to do this: if ($user->matches('roles=admin|editor|role3|role4')) { Is there a similar way of doing this for permissions? I want to check in code if a user has one of several possible permissions before displaying something: if ($user->matches('permissions=perm1|perm2|perm3|perm4')) { ^^^ this doesn't work and I'd have to resort to $user->hasPermission('role') multiple times if there isn't a solution Not the end of the world of course, but this is neater/easier to read in the code.
  5. Pete

    Martijn's simple couple of lines works great too - I used it to make sure users who are currently logged in and are changing their passwords on a front-end form weren't just re-entering the same password or using it as part of their new password (sticking a 1 on the end or something ).
  6. Pete

    Also, I forgot to mention the upgrade seems to have disabled everyone's avatar if you were using Gravatar. To re-enable Gravatar avatars, click on your name at the top-right of the screen, click Profile, then click on this little icon as shown the screenshot below to re-enable it.
  7. Pete

    Hi everyone We've just upgraded the forum software to the latest version. There were a few tweaks that needed to be re-applied to the templates but I think I've got them all. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary, please let me know here. EDIT: The forums may run slower than usual for the next couple of hours as part of the process re-indexes all of the post content.
  8. Pete

    I'm having similar issues to @palacios000 - it seems that ProCache sometimes messes with this. Seems fine on desktop at the moment but can't make the cookie stick on mobile?
  9. Pete

    ecbho sounds like I'm down with the kids though I think - I'm sure it's one of those made-up words they use nowadays *shakes walking stick whilst muttering about the good old days*
  10. Pete

    If anyone else gets stuck, you can just do this and get the unencoded field value (assuming it's encoded with HTML Entity Encoder like above): ecbho $page->getUnformatted('field_name');
  11. Pete

    It would - I did think about that but it takes a whole extra minute to set up
  12. Pete

    I was also just looking for this. I'm using a checkbox where I want it checked for "make all images standard width" which is the default. Changing the text to "make all images non-standard width" would of course be the easy solution, but doesn't make sense to me - the default is they're standard-width, therefore that's the default state, so ON in my mind. Ticking a box to turn it OFF doesn't feel right even if I can wrangle the wording to make it make a little more sense. @ryan please can this be revisited as per the reasons posted since your last reply? Sometimes the wording can just make more sense to the customer using the system, which is who we're building the sites for at the end of the day
  13. Pete

    Hehe, it has crossed my mind a few times but... it's a massive can of worms with huge implications around support. The biggest problem really is there are so many cheap/free offerings out there that I think that's why there's not a huge amount of competition. In terms of "big players" commercially, you've got vBulletin and IPB, and unless you have a few hundred customers at their annual prices you're not paying one developer full time to work on it. I'm pretty sure something much simpler could be built though with less bells and whistles, but I wouldn't trust myself to be able to write something that could scale well. Ryan tells me he actually doubled the space last month so you should be good for a while and we'll maybe look into the increase per post count option in the meantime.
  14. Pete

    Bizarrely the starter group did have unlimited attachments - I've fixed that now as that's a recipe for disaster I think we can do something really simple like "above 100 posts, have an extra few hundred mb, above 500 posts have more again" or something, but just waiting to hear back from Ryan. That's the easiest way to do it using member groups so when you get to X posts it puts you in another group with the extra size limit. The only other setting is a per-upload size which isn't as useful but can stop spam accounts from uploading junk I guess. Basically, there's not a lot of settings we can tweak but I'm sure the option I've just mentioned will be enough. No point restricting our most helpful members!
  15. Pete

    Sadly a lot of the new features can't be turned off, including this one, but we have to keep upgrading to stay current with security fixes. Not sure why that was forced - it's not now so you can change it