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  1. Hehe, it has crossed my mind a few times but... it's a massive can of worms with huge implications around support. The biggest problem really is there are so many cheap/free offerings out there that I think that's why there's not a huge amount of competition. In terms of "big players" commercially, you've got vBulletin and IPB, and unless you have a few hundred customers at their annual prices you're not paying one developer full time to work on it. I'm pretty sure something much simpler could be built though with less bells and whistles, but I wouldn't trust myself to be able to write something that could scale well. Ryan tells me he actually doubled the space last month so you should be good for a while and we'll maybe look into the increase per post count option in the meantime.
  2. Bizarrely the starter group did have unlimited attachments - I've fixed that now as that's a recipe for disaster I think we can do something really simple like "above 100 posts, have an extra few hundred mb, above 500 posts have more again" or something, but just waiting to hear back from Ryan. That's the easiest way to do it using member groups so when you get to X posts it puts you in another group with the extra size limit. The only other setting is a per-upload size which isn't as useful but can stop spam accounts from uploading junk I guess. Basically, there's not a lot of settings we can tweak but I'm sure the option I've just mentioned will be enough. No point restricting our most helpful members!
  3. Sadly a lot of the new features can't be turned off, including this one, but we have to keep upgrading to stay current with security fixes. Not sure why that was forced - it's not now so you can change it
  4. Hi guys Sorry - been super busy lately and not checking in often at all. The limit is set at 100mb per user - I'll ask Ryan if he's happy to increase it as he's the one paying for the server.
  5. Should both be set to 14px now on mobile/tablet sizes.
  6. Okay, I think the main offending items have been dealt with in terms of odd/broken layouts since the upgrade aside from one or two things like new fonts creeping in. If you spot anything that I've missed that looks obviously broken, please post it here. It may be that some are new design choices by the forum software developers but please list them anyway and I'll look at each of them as soon as possible.
  7. There's just a few weird things really - a border to get rid of around all the content and the top of the screen not lining up too well. I'll get the most glaringly obvious ones sorted tonight.
  8. I've just upgraded the forums due to an important security patch being released. There was a bit of a dilemma in that the forum upgrade was guaranteed to break the theme that blended the forum software into the rest of the site design as it was a fairly major release that contained the fix. I chose to upgrade the forums anyway as the security issue was big enough to warrant a little discomfort in the short-term. Please bear with me over the next 24 hours as I get things looking back to normal again.
  9. @Mustafa Online it will rely on a lot of files in the wire directory but in theory most things should be able to be overridden without changing files outside of the admin theme. To be honest I've not looked at this particular admin theme (no time recently) so I'm not even sure where to start. Hopefully you'll be able to work it out but please do ask questions if you get stuck.
  10. This also appears to be the last blog post: - suggests it's ready for others to tinker with (the original idea with that theme was for Ryan to build the framework and others to come up with designs).
  11. Since that's the master branch I don't think that's a problem? There's nothing drastically changed in the ProcessWire admin interface since May. Indeed - the two built-in admin themes haven't had an update in 4 months so they're all up to date: The dev branch shows that the main admin theme has had an update recently for improving appearance of language tabs but I'm not sure whether that is required for the other two - I'd guess it would be addressed before it hits the master branch though:
  12. Hi Pete, I remember you talking years ago about a hotel booking module. Did you ever progress this? 

  13. Thanks Dave - I've fixed the form URL.