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  1. Nice work - I love coming up with non-standard solutions to design problems like the blurred overlay. Way back in 2005 I built an article block for a webiste that overlaid a gradient on the hero image for the same purpose of showing text on top and saved that copy of the image with the adjustment (before CSS3), and also generated all the article titles as images too as it was a non-standard font (this was before web font compatibility as well) so I know they can be a challenge, but a fun challenge 🙂
  2. Pete


    My local shop is well stocked with most things at the moment except milk (there's still a little), pasta, toilet rolls, paracetamol and Maltesers chocolate. Someone out there is preparing for a Netflix binge-watching session sitting on a throne of toilet rolls whilst getting fat on maltesers and presumably taking the paracetamol after they get a chocolate-induced headache I guess 🤷‍♂️ I saw someone today buying a large quantity of bottled water as well. I'm fairly sure that still comes out of taps just fine 🙄 It's a pandemic, it's not quite the same as the apocalypse 😅 But in all seriousness, it is a very strange time. I just hope that those in need of vital supplies can still get them. Stay safe folks and, if you can, stay indoors.
  3. This should be resolved now as per this topic:
  4. @dotnetic sorry that was my mistake - made an error when I changed something last night and it didn't show the error to me as a superuser, only to other users (my logic was back to front). So you should now get redirected properly and you can change your forum name back again if you like (it's only used for login - the directory links your profile via the user ID).
  5. Thanks Craig - that's because I was a muppet and used $sanitizer->pageName instead of just $sanitizer->text on a value that's being checked against a non-PW system. By this point it's habit 😄 Fixed now though for anyone with a space in their forum login name.
  6. Fortunately it was more complicated than just me being silly so I can stop kicking myself now 😄
  7. Right, this should be fixed now finally. For those that are interested, there was an issue with the forum session wiping out the ProcessWire session by the end of the script - a little puzzling because right up to the end of the script everything seems fine but when you redirect the session information is lost. To overcome that there's some background CURL stuff going on now so the two systems are separated completely during the login process. Please feel free to post/update your profiles again and sorry it took so long.
  8. Hmm... I think there is still an issue with sessions actually - if you get your password wrong first time you have to close the browser and re-open, either that or it's due to too many login attempts stacking up - but either way without the helpful message popping up like it used to it's impossible to tell. I'll work on this some more now, but if you open a fresh browser window and get your forum username and password correct first time it should let you login to edit your profile in the meantime.
  9. Can someone just try to login to the dev directory? I just logged in with my forum credentials and it worked in both FF and Chrome from freshly opening both of those. I think what isn't working is if you get your password wrong it doesn't tell you at the moment. There's a real chance that I fixed it last month and was getting a headache because I was continuously getting my password wrong 🙄
  10. Sorry all, I looked into it a few weeks back and some of the changes in the forum code quickly made what should have been a simple task turn into half a day of headbutting the keyboard in frustration. I'll get back to it today as it's dragged on too long now.
  11. Thanks teppo - I'll take a long-overdue look 🙂
  12. Hi all, sorry this one has been dragging on so long - I'm aware of the issue, just trying to work around it in a sensible way that doesn't break with the next forum upgrade as I think that's what happened in the first place having looked into it last week. I'm hopeful I can sort it finally this week.
  13. We've been expieriencing high load for some reason for the past 12+ hours though not sure where it's coming from as yet. As a result the site has been slow/showing error messages. The site and forums are up for now but please bear with us whilst we investigate.
  14. Sorry, wrong window. Sent you in inbox.

  15. *pops head up* I seem to be getting a few more ecommerce enquiries nowadays so happy to test when you're at that stage.
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