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  1. Hi Pete, I remember you talking years ago about a hotel booking module. Did you ever progress this? 

  2. Thanks Dave - I've fixed the form URL.
  3. Thanks! It is largely UIKit with some CSS alterations and a couple of hundred extra lines of CSS added in. It's really not far from what UIKit gives you out of the box and as such I more or less designed it in the browser - I don't think I've even got a mock-up of it in Photoshop! The only problem with that approach is I'll have to steer away from UIKit a bit more for the next one or they could all end up looking pretty similar
  4. I finally re-launched Notanotherdotcom - my business website. Things were looking a little dated for a few years, but finding some spare time to give it an overhaul was difficult (I'm sure that resonates with a lot of people here). There's still more content to go on. I'm working through some more recent projects to put on the portfolio but I want to do a bit of a write-up for each one rather than just keep putting up isolated screenshots without much description of what work actually went into each project. It also has a blog where ProcessWire will definitely get a mention. I started writing the second article yesterday, titled "A Better CMS", but when I finally settled on my 3 main reasons for using ProcessWire it quickly began turning into 3 separate blog posts, so keep an eye out for those.
  5. Done: I included a sensible (I hope!) intro to say why people should consider using the forums for most questions and answers, and the chatroom as a place to hang out or get help in a hurry if someone's there.
  6. Thanks @Beluga - I'll look into that now for you.
  7. Hi Pete,

    i hope you've had a good start in 2017?

    I've to ask you to review my profile for the dev map, please. I'm waiting for activating....i only took the time on xmas holidays to create my personal portfolio page for the PW dev map ;)

    Best regards Martin aka mr-fan

    1. Pete


      I'll get this sorted now for you :)

  8. OH, I thought you were talking about posts automatically being merged within a certain time period. This particular feature is just regular "flood control" to prevent member accounts being able to spam lots of posts all over the place before a staff member can intervene. I think we probably have enough staff now though that it can be lowered to 30 seconds from the current setting of 60 seconds - does that help?
  9. @bernhard it's set at 1 minute within which it will merge posts. This is by design so people don't create lots and lots of separate posts every time they meant to add a small addition to their last post. It's a global setting unfortunately so since it seems to be fine for most other people I'm going to leave it as it is.
  10. Awesome Rudy - I was hoping someone would make something like this a few months ago and now here it is Please feel free to add it to the modules directory (mark it as Beta if you want to make people aware there may be bugs):
  11. module

    @horst - I am sooooo happy this is back in PW3, thanks for your hard work!
  12. Nice work @Jonathan Lahijani and @cmscritic - glad you're back on ProcessWire and WOW the site loads fast now!
  13. @netcarver I had to take a look at the old forum to see what you meant - I'd never even noticed that feature before Since that still exists in the forum view you would think it would be easy enough to drop the code back into the new activity stream view, but alas it's not that easy. I'll take a look, but it's unlikely it will be possible since the same template is used for topics in the stream as is used for status updates so it's a bit of a complex minefield.
  14. I'm afraid it doesn't exist in the new version - they stripped out a bunch of features that weren't used on the majority of sites to trim the features down a bit and that was one that went unfortunately. There doesn't even seem to be a third-party plugin to bring it back either.
  15. module

    Thought it was high time I released this one into the wild after sitting on it for a year or more - oops!