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  1. Pete

    There's a UIKit admin theme bug when you switch on AoS - see here: The bug doesn't exist when you switch AoS off so just needs some style tweaks somewhere in AoS but I didn't investigate further than that sorry.
  2. Pete

    Thanks - that definitely narrows it down to Uikit then. One step closer
  3. Pete

    This also happens on LightWire actually when using the UIKit admin theme. The CSS class that overrides the colour is this: It's bizarre that I can't override it even when using a custom CKE CSS file and adding color: #fffff !important (I kinda thought !important would do the trick).
  4. Pete

    Hi, when applying CodeMirror in AOS, when viewing source the text is black on a dark background. Nothing I've tried seems to be able to override this (custom stylesheets etc). Any ideas?
  5. Hi folks SCAYT (Spell Check As You Type) is a great CKEditor plugin, but does anyone know if it's possible to get it working with multi-language fields? As in configure it to check for English in the English version of a CKE field and German in another for example?
  6. I just added a request this morning - such a handy feature.
  7. Never mind - ryan confirmed it's a bug and is fixed on latest dev.
  8. Hi all I've hit an error I can’t work out – I have a multilang CKEditor field and the settings for that tell it to save drag-n-drop images into an Images field on the same page. Problem is when I then switch to another language tab on the CKE field and drag and drop an image it gives this error: 1019 is the language page for German on my site. I thought I would be clever and be able to create a field called content__1019 with the same settings but it won’t allow fieldnames with double underscores. Ideally I need a way to set images dragged into the German tab to upload to a dedicated "Images_DE" field on that page to keep the two image fields separate. If not then at least the main images field. Is there a setting I have overlooked?
  9. I've been thinking PW could do with something like this for a long time but your implementation is way better than anything I had imagined - great work!
  10. Pete

    Hi there I'm in the UK but can help with this definitely - I've integrated the forum software we use here into ProcessWire (user logins, topic creation etc) and the rest sounds similar to a project I completed a couple of months ago actually
  11. Pete

    I was wondering how to override the style on a PW form only to find I posted the solution above 2 years ago
  12. Pete

    This is now fixed and you can login to the Directory again.
  13. I've been informed that the login functionality on the Developer Directory is currently not working since the recent forum upgrade. I'm aiming to get this sorted today so people can once again update their profiles.
  14. Pete

    Yeah, you're right, they are very different behind the scenes so this may be the best way forwards. It is only ever going to be 3-4 at most so it should be fine performance-wise. Since I'm allowing the administrator of this particular app to assign roles to users as well as override and give users certain custom permissions outside of their role I have to check permissions for some things instead of relying on roles. Thanks.