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  1. I'm interested - getting more requests for ecommerce now and would prefer to be using ProcessWire.
  2. I sometimes add a repeater matrix type that u only want to use under a certain template or part of the page tree - is it possible to limit that already or should I put in a feature request? Love this post by the way as we also heavily use repeater matrix to build out content using blocks.
  3. I think we need to setup ElasticSearch for the search index as it's partly a limitation of the MySQL setup but also so searches don't overload the forum itself when people search for "the" etc (imagine if someone just wanted to slow the whole system down - you can do it fairly easily with 3 letter searches as it'll find a lot more matches even with flood control systems in place). I'd like to get it setup eventually as Horst's suggestion works for public forums but for other parts like the Pro module forums it doesn't work there. I thought we had it in place already actually but apparently not - I'll look into where we got up to with it.
  4. Sorry I'm not sure what that could even be. I don't think anyone else has reported that before.
  5. I'm very much looking forward to the Snapshots module 🙂
  6. Reputation count is now back next to post count 🙂
  7. I'll see what I can do about the rep count - in the meantime I've done something someone else asked for (and my older eyes needed) - increased font size on mobile. I haven't gone too far with it but it's a lot better than 13px 😄
  8. Not sure why they removed it from the design flow, but you can easily hover any member's avatar to see it:
  9. I found the setting for this and turned it off: I get why they added it, but for some communities it makes more sense than others. Personally I think they could have added a setting to control the truncate length to be a "best of both worlds" but switching it off is fine for this forum.
  10. We'd have to submit the forum to their app to get it included. I'm not sure what the process is exactly but you do lose navigation to the rest of the site - it basically just shows the common parts of the forum and throws out any theme customisations from what I can tell. No idea. Maybe when you add stuff to the basket it allows you to complete the purchase from anywhere, but you'd think even if you paid via a modal it would just load when the modal loads 🤷🏻‍♂️ There is JS and CSS hooked in from the main site too in a very basic fashion to make theme upgrades simple (like we're including all of UIKit for the header) so not sure if it's from there but I don't imagine it is. Like I say, it largely "is what it is" with each upgrade because they like to change things every so often.
  11. Ah well unfortunately I won't be able to do anything about that. They do now have an app but I'm not sure if there's value in adding us to it - theoretically that would run faster but probably wouldn't solve your issue.
  12. They do, but only in the admin unfortunately. There are quite a few "marketplace" dark themes but they do vary in quality and I'd prefer something supported directly by the Devs that switches based on your device preferences (the admin theme for example is dark on my smartphone automatically). Maybe that will come in a future release, I'm not sure.
  13. Thanks, I found the setting to turn off topic stats - not sure why anyone thought that was a useful feature but it seemed to be a global setting that triggered under certain scenarios 😄 I won't be able to change things like scroll wheel without digging into the JS so that's not something I'll be able to solve unfortunately. Their code is a little impenetrable (to me at least) whenever I try to read it so I try and stick to simple template updates in this software. I'm a bit of a JS noob in that I'm happy with jQuery but I don't fully understand JS classes yet and am rusty with vanilla JS - though it's definitely time I learned. The RTE as far as I'm aware is a modded CKEditor. They did used to use their own a few years back but it was a big project on its own just to manage it, but yes there is room for improvement in some areas I agree.
  14. Another new feature - you can also switch to a card view (less useful) and this "fluid view" which may be more useful to those of you who use the activity feed in that you can select forums to filter by on the main forum homepage and have all the topics appear in a list. I've not used it so I'm not sure how useful it really is, but it's an option.
  15. @szabesz can you link to an example of this right column? I can't see it though I wonder if Ryan or one of the moderators was perhaps playing with the block manager yesterday without realising it shows for all users (we had that happen a few years back accidentally too and I've not found a setting to turn if off yet 🙂 ). My one complaint with forum software (most big forum software really) is that they need to stay relevant in a world where social media dominates so they add new features and don't always think about what the default setting should be (see my previous post - hopefully that one is sorted) and they do like to move the settings around in the admin so we spend a little while every year or so learning where things are. Mostly though the improvements are usually good, but we don't have the luxury we have with ProcessWire of not upgrading so there will always be these little pain points every so often.
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