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  1. *pops head up* I seem to be getting a few more ecommerce enquiries nowadays so happy to test when you're at that stage.
  2. Hi folks. I have an editor role who can edit pages and users, however I'm auto-generating the "name" field when they edit users. There doesn't seem to be a way to hide that field for that template like you can with other fields though so I think it would be a hook that's required. Note that this isn't the editor editing their own profile, it's editing other users. Ideally what I'd also like to do is hook the Add User page too so that I can change the label for the "name" field to be "email" (even though it's not), then before save populate that into the email field. Then when editing the User, hide the "name" field completely. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I did consider a custom admin page for this but just seemed overkill if we can do it with a few hooks to the current functionality.
  3. For the event ones you could do it with modules no problem - there would just be a few modules required - the first 3 would be the same for each of the 3 booking systems on my list: Customer Management Payment System Core Booking Module Specific Booking module for the first 3 items on my list (events/accomodation/hotels) I'm actually happy to even get 15 votes for that top one πŸ™‚ I wouldn't see this as just PW modules either - I'd put together a website with a pre-bundled version (with site profile and modified PW installer so all the required modules are there from the start) that I can market as its own system to go up against other event booking systems out there. Upgrades aren't a problem - no more so than they usually are for Pro modules anyway. If all I make is half a month's wages overall and it takes me half a month to finish the first one then I've not lost anything by trying.
  4. Holiday bookings - here's a video (no sound, so might have to guess what I was doing in places!) showing backend management of calendars (so in this example two holiday cottages/apartments) and different fee structures per cottage/apartment throughout the year for different seasons (though I'd probably approach that differently now). For the backend I made it possible to click and drag so you can select an odd number of days for a booking as a member of a sales team if you're taking a booking over the phone. On the frontend calendar (not in this video) the customer can only pick from pre-defined dates that are availble. You'll see some dates has bookings (Burlingham - my surname) and clicking on those takes you to the booking details - obviously customers viewing the frontend wouldn't see the other booking details πŸ˜‰ It doesn't show the whole parment process but I think that was because it wasn't working with the Reno admin theme at the time I last looked at this code in 2016. I think to be honest I'd forgotten how interesting some of the things were that I'd done on here that the event calendar is probably the one to do first, followed by this accomodation booking one.
  5. Yeah, some of them are so complicated they'd be better as standalone apps/profiles definitely. I can't imagine the more complex ones really being easy to install as modules as they'd be made up of half a dozen themselves πŸ™‚
  6. I hear you. The PM system idea comes from me using and loving most of the features of ActiveCollab but becoming annoyed that at times it doesn't do quite what I want it to and could just do with a custom field here and there. Plus they really ramped up the price of self-hosted from the original Β£99 about 10 years ago as they're trying to push everyone to the cloud, and I suspect whilst everyone seems to be heading to the cloud there are still a lot of companies who would like more control over their data. But that is a big project. The event/accomodation booking on the other hand... I pretty much had the bulk of this done several years ago for something that never came to fruition, but I didn't think there would be enough interest to be honest! I may dig out the old video I put together for it later on so you can all see where I was going with it - it had all the booking/customer administration done and would probably just need some tweaks here and there for the new PW admin theme as well as input from other interested parties on any features I may have missed. Thanks for reminding me about Omnipay - I keep forgetting that exists. I tend to lean towards Stripe by default as there are no PCI compliance issues if you use the JS popup to pay and it looks like they allow you to use that in Omnipay so would be worth looking into in order to support other payment methods more easily.
  7. I'm not sure about different database backends - there would be so much to check over to make sure it all behaves, the installer would have to be altered to allow the choice and during installation and so on. I know theoretically PDO makes it simpler in that all queries should theoretically work the same if your server has the right PDO module installed for SQLite etc, but I don't know enough about SQLite (or why people want something different?) to pursue it. I know even less about XML databases - I only became aware they were a thing when I Googled it just now πŸ™‚ Seems like an odd choice for a database engine when there are so many others out there? Maybe I just don't know the use cases. Either way I'd prefer to stick to what I'm more familiar with and use most of the tools that are already part of ProcessWire to build something.
  8. Hi folks I've worked on a number of projects over the years where I've got various chunks of code I think would make some really nice ProcessWire modules. They do lean more towards commercial modules though as they are quite complex and I need to be able to support them and there would be improvements over time. I'm trying to gauge interest though before actually choosing one, so if you have ever come across a client wanting any of the module ideas listed in this poll please do vote and comment if you come across a need for these regularly (possibly you won't with the first three as they're all quite niche :)). Other ideas are welcome of course if you regularly have a need for something - I'm not afraid to admit I'm trying to build up some recurring revenue here!
  9. Fixed a lot of these. I don't really want to change much else as it's a massive pain in the ass when they change the forum templates every other upgrade. Things like UIKit styles adding big padding on quotes - I could spend a long time tweaking UIKit to just target the header element only somehow I guess but it's easier to just include Ryan's stylesheets and override a single class (done, padding is now 20px) πŸ™‚ Accessibility - if someone wants to give me the CSS changes I can just plug in I'd be happy to do so. I don't know enough about accessibility to tackle that myself. Forum width is same as the site width which makes sense visually, though perhaps we're missing a trick nowadays and could have a helpful sidebar at larger screen widths? Maybe some sort of quick links for docs etc? I'm not sure - it's more work and it's taken me this long just to tweak a dozen styles - I don't get paid for this and have to prioritise client work to pay the bills πŸ˜‰
  10. I can't disable many things in the forum software - there's no on/off setting for most of the features sorry.
  11. Have replied via PM, but for others who are in the same boat the system still doesn't seem to be correctly promoting people from the Starter group to the Members group so I will look into that.
  12. Most of the styling issues are where UIKit for the new PW header is conflicting with the forum software styling. I'm actually surprised it broke as little as it has to be honest but will get onto these theme issues in the next day or two.
  13. Yep, spotted those so will look into them as I get time.
  14. I've just upgraded the forums to the latest version 4.4.x as there was a critical security patch that warranted it. As usual, there is some pain in upgrading from a 4.x to 4.x branch due to template changes and feature changes/additions so you may find things have moved around a bit. There is still work to do on the template as this was a little rushed (security update forced my hand) but it should be functional at the very least. If you spot anything drastically broken that I may have missed, please let me know here. Minor template tweaks (fonts, alignment etc) will be updated in the next few days.
  15. Hi folks Does anyone here have any experience building Windows apps? I have a requirement for a bespoke data transfer tool (from Windows PC to FTP and cloud, resumable upload if connection is lost etc) and can't seem to find anything out there that meets my rather unique requirements. PM me if interested and I will explain more πŸ™‚
  16. Pete

    ED works new site

    The amount of time I've lost to this in the past πŸ™„πŸ˜†
  17. I'm sure we can get an "updated" JSON response set up no problem once we get the feed code altered on the modules directory as well. Not heard back from Ryan about that yet so will give him a gentle nudge πŸ™‚
  18. I can take a look at it - what data does it need to pull? Just the same as is in the current feed? I think the only issue is that depending on the version of PW you run it dynamically filters the modules somehow on the PW server - I'll ask Ryan if it's okay to share the code so you can see what's going on and I'll get back to you.
  19. That makes sense. As others have pointed out to me as well it's not a huge amount of data at the moment either, especially if you are just grabbing the essentials to start with and then if we wanted to do anything fancier like grab the readme then that can be a request when you go to view a module's details maybe. The modules that are on Github - it's down to the user whether they have a readme.md file so I guess that's a bit hit and miss. For non-Github modules in the directory they have an "Instructions" field we can get that data from. I think what this might highlight during this process is how many modules there are with no instructions that are able to be fetched from the server - in which case we can get a list together, nudge the authors and tighten up the submission process - I don't mind forcing either instructions or a basic readme file - not sure what everyone else's view is on this?
  20. There are enough logs to show that the user has used the forgot password tool in the forums which isn't the action of a bot. They also passed the validation when joining and I also checked on stopforumspam.com manually. Aside from that, which rules have been broken? It is annoying to be sure not to receive any thanks, but the easiest thing to do here is simply not reply.
  21. Theoretically I guess pretty easy. But what I also think it would be nice to do is to be able to click on a module and view the instructions and other readme data without leaving the PW admin which is where the data would balloon massively if it were in one large file. I guess that could be a JSON file per-module for the more detailed information as they would get called less and all of these files could of course be generated when the module gets updated in the directory. You raise a good point on modules that aren't in the directory - I guess it's more incentive for people to add them πŸ™‚
  22. I don't think interactive requests are out of the question either instead of relying on static JSON on the server, but I can see the benefit in separate cached JSON files on the server for category totals and all the modules per category in the short term.
  23. I'm wondering if it needs to pull down data for all files in one hit anyway? If it starts off with categories and totals and just the first XX amount of modules listed by default it could fetch the rest as the filters/searches change surely? It would mean a change to the code on the modules directory but I'm happy to look at that for you - maybe set up a separate feed for our tests if you only want to pull a small amount of data until someone clicks on a module for more details.
  24. I'm absolutely in awe at the speed you two are working at. I feel like a snail in comparison πŸ˜† It's a separate thing so not one for right now but some similar code would be involved - the installer could do with reworking to allow easy presentation and installation of site profiles a bit like you can install a WP theme easily. You should be able to choose a site profile during installation (maybe thumbnails for each and click to popup the information about what it is and what it contains along with any caveats) and make that side of things easier too. I'm far from the only person to mention this, but I do know it's been mentioned for so many years now off and on and it lowers another barrier for entry in that people get to code that's relevant to them that little bit quicker. I think that one change, albeit not a simple one, would lead to more people producing site profiles as the current steps involved are again more numerous than they could to be and site profiles aren't paticularly visible as they are lumped with other modules in the directory. Also a note to say you guys probably want to make sure your tweaks to the modules interface don't show site profiles from the modules directory or that could get confusing.
  25. The reason for "rebuilding" the categories layout into the module (though it's not a hard build to be honest) is that it lowers the barrier to entry further. It's just a convenience thing, but also a way to prevent new users having to go back and forth straight after installation. It's also how some other CMS's do it so it would also be intuitive for those users and just a nice bonus for the rest of us. I guess they will need to go to the PW site anyway for things like docs, but I think installation and setup should be made as simple as possible ideally. Nothing about the current setup is hard of course, but less clicks and easier/quicker module discovery would be a nice bonus - I'm a PW veteran and I honestly don't scour the modules directory for new modules often, but if there were a feed of recommended or new modules within PW itself that would help lazy people like me to not overlook things like Tracy 😳
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