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  1. Are you good in laravel blade ? I need a help writing an extension for blad : https://t.co/2CMFYleVeg . Related to https://t.co/YsqMoAKjdu

  2. RT @mholt6: I wrote about my experiences this week: "The Realities of Being a FOSS Maintainer" https://t.co/dOXXWDfg9A

  3. RT @matthiasnoback: Finally got around to watching "Extremely Defensive PHP" by @Ocramius; Nice talk! https://t.co/ifQ5BwTgV1

  4. RT @seldaek: Composer 1.5.2 is out - minor fixes except if you use GitLab a lot it's probably worth updating https://t.co/tHNpMXi5C6 #compo…

  5. RT @dbu: Tests are a bit slow, but hey, the, are green! https://t.co/RdJ0nL4Ot6

  6. @weaverryan cool. Good luck :) . Enjoy.

  7. RT @notajf: Is #PHP code with type declarations slower than code without? Well… https://t.co/lqRlzxyXRr

  8. RT @velmu: Oh, @typo3 is moving to Doctrine DBAL. A win for #PHP developers and the @doctrineorm project itself. https://t.co/enyTS4RmVi #…

  9. RT @Ocramius: Alright, doctrine/dbal 2.5.5 is out! https://t.co/YqJ8kCeW4q #doctrine2 #php

  10. RT @nomadphp: Lean about PHP Generators with this free video (Or you can buy it for $40, either is fine with us) :) https://t.co/SnICDpV…

  11. https://t.co/aRiTJRc6qP is about the article and video I am looking https://t.co/fJIy8dhV0o

  12. @chrisguitarguy what I wonder is when it is commented a piece of code how it works. Side note that piece only also works.

  13. RT @laravelphp: Laravel 5.3.8 released with new fakes for events, jobs, mail, and notifications! Who said testing had to be hard?! https://…

  14. @evertp and I hope, now you love PHP :) .

  15. RT @rasmus: It is time to start testing PHP 7.1. I have updated the php7dev vagrant image to it easier for you. https://t.co/Xyaqu0EIss

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