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  1. eelkenet

    For my use case, I want to give my user the possibility to add images and videos to a (sortable) fullscreen slideshow on the front-end. Of course I can accomplish this using simple repeaters, or a repeater matrix, or a page table or something like that, meaning each slide comes from a single element inside. However, when dealing with a large amount of images (batch upload) this gets really annoying, after all you need to upload each image individually - just to be able to also add videos. So to me it makes total sense to add the video-preview images to the same Images field as I use for the other images. Technically I would use the order of the Images to define the order of my slides, and then when outputting this into my API check if the filename fits the expected video-ID format and search for the corresponding Video URL. A completely different solution would be to allow for batch creation of repeater matrix items, from a multiple file upload. But that seems like a lot more work to achieve. I already have a working version locally, but it is a bit messy. I'll try to clean it up a bit and create that PR for you in the near future.
  2. eelkenet

    Hi @adrian, I just took a look at this specific behavior, and found that while it does work, it does not work as I expected. Expected: Add repeater, each row has an URL field. Also add a single Images field, to collect the images. Video images load into central images field on page. Actual: Add a repeater, each row has a URL field and an Image field. Video images load within each repeater row's Image field I think it makes sense for the module to check it it is running on a repeater, and then (optionally) trying to load the images in an Images field inside the parent template. I'll try to implement this.
  3. eelkenet

    Hi @Nurguly Ashyrov, this looks like a great module - thank you for developing it! I'm a complete noob to the world of GraphQL, and have been trying for two days to get this module running in combination with Ember.js. If I could get it to work, it sure would be a glorious combination. But so far it has been pretty frustrating One thing that I keep running into, is that your implementation always returns an array of pages, using the 'list' field* inside the query. However, this makes it impossible to request a single page. Even when using something like limit=1 in the selector. For instance, I could imagine this to work fine { basic_page(s: "name:contact") { first { id name } } } Which then could return { "data": { "basic_page": { "first": { "id": "1017", "name": "contact" } } } } Basically, any of PW's regular PageArray methods to find something would be a welcome addition ( ie. ->eq(n), ->get(selector), ->first(), ->last(), etc.) Is this something I can achieve with the getQuery hook? Or in another way? Thanks in advance for any pointers or help. (* I have to say, this use of the field keyword is very confusing for a long time PW user).
  4. eelkenet

    Hi @kongondo, I have just purchased the module and started testing it. One thing I ran into immediately is that it does not seem to support multilanguage text fields, even Title does not show up in the Data Source options. Are you aware of this? For now I can bypass this by adding an extra single language textfield, but I would expect it to work out of the box. Perhaps just by showing the Default language content. For large existing multi-lingual sites this could be a big issue.
  5. @fbg13 Yes, that fixes it! Congratulations, no errors, and the file is on the S3
  6. I did not save the page. The upload is 'still processing', ie. stuck at 100%.
  7. @fbg13 I logged all the unlink calls that I could find. This unlink gets executed in my case: In addition I also called error_log(), and this happens about 1 ms before the original error gets thrown.
  8. @fbg13 I did, with an else statement to make sure it would log anything. At this point the file does NOT exist! I added a check for the modified date on InputfieldFileS3.module (line 83) too, and that is valid too! (The exact time of uploading).
  9. Hi @fbg13, I'm not sure what you want me to do here, can you rephrase? Thanks!
  10. @fbg13 This logs that the file exists at this point.
  11. I tried. While the front-end is still 'loading', and before reloading the page manually, I checked both the EC2 server and the S3 bucket. The file is not available anywhere on the (EC2) server, but it did in fact transfer correctly to the S3 storage. The same warning as before also gets logged to error_log: PHP Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /var/www/html/site/assets/files/12978/hamburg-11.jpg in /var/www/html/wire/core/Pagefile.php on line 389, referer: Maybe your error reporting does not show warnings? And do your entries in the database show the correct timestamps? So, what seems to happen is that retrieving info about the file is the problem, but only after the file has transferred to S3. I think this might be caused by the fact that Pagefile.php does not account for missing files, and tries to get info from something that does not exist locally. No errors this way, nothing new gets added to Php's error_log.
  12. Yes, both the files and images fields work fine. Also resizing images through the API works, so it is not a rights issue I would say. Did you test it yourself with the latest version of PW? Maybe something changed between 3.0.36 and 3.0.62. Yeah I'm also just starting out, but for this problem I think you should consider the EC2-instance just as a regular old Virtual Private Server.
  13. Hi, I've tested the field on another environment and there it worked fine using the same S3 credentials and settings. So, there must be some significant difference between the two causing this. Where it does not work: ProcessWire 3.0.62 PHP 7.0.16 on an Amazon EC2 Linux instance (Amazon Linux AMI release 2017.03) I installed LAMP using these instructions:, with MySQL running on a RDS instance. The working environment: ProcessWire 3.0.36 PHP 5.6.27 on a shared hosting environment (Debian GNU/Linux 7) As the domains are for staging/development I can send you a private message with links to the phpinfo output , perhaps there is some PHP module I forgot to install? Also, I checked the Chrome console after uploading, which shows why the spinner never finishes: the server error above is also showing up in the JSON that InputfieldFileS3.js tries to parse: [{"error":false,"message":"Added file: img_8737.jpg","file":"\/site\/assets\/files\/12978\/img_8737.jpg","size":1391384,"markup":"<li id='file_72fa2d34b55cc08ec37b4551217bf582' class='InputfieldFileItem ui-widget ui-widget-content'><p class='InputfieldFileInfo InputfieldItemHeader ui-state-default ui-widget-header'><i class='fa fa-file-image-o fa-fw HideIfEmpty'><\/i><a class='InputfieldFileName' title='img_8737.jpg' target='_blank' href='https:\/\/\/foamtalentcall-1\/12978\/img_8737.jpg'>img_8737.jpg<\/a> <span class='InputfieldFileStats'>1,359&nbsp;kB<\/span> <label class='InputfieldFileDelete'><input type='checkbox' name='delete_tests3_72fa2d34b55cc08ec37b4551217bf582' value='1' title='Delete' \/><i class='fa fa-fw fa-trash'><\/i><\/label><\/p><div class='InputfieldFileData description ui-widget-content'><div class='InputfieldFileDescription'><label for='description_tests3_72fa2d34b55cc08ec37b4551217bf582' class='detail'>Description<\/label><input type='text' name='description_tests3_72fa2d34b55cc08ec37b4551217bf582' id='description_tests3_72fa2d34b55cc08ec37b4551217bf582' value='' \/><\/div><input class='InputfieldFileSort' type='text' name='sort_tests3_72fa2d34b55cc08ec37b4551217bf582' value='0' \/><\/div><\/li>","replace":false,"overwrite":0}]<br /> <b>Warning</b>: filemtime(): stat failed for /var/www/html/site/assets/files/12978/img_8737.jpg in <b>/var/www/html/wire/core/Pagefile.php</b> on line <b>389</b><br /> <br /> <b>Warning</b>: filemtime(): stat failed for /var/www/html/site/assets/files/12978/img_8737.jpg in <b>/var/www/html/wire/core/Pagefile.php</b> on line <b>389</b><br /> I checked the Pagefile.php code and it seems that there is no default escape in the switch statement which tries to get information from the uploaded file.
  14. Hi @fbg13, Thank you for your module! I am in the process of learning AWS (EC2, RDS, S3) services and moving my first PW project to 'the cloud'. As a part of all this, I have tested your module, and I did run into an issue: The upload seemingly never finishes (ie. the progress bar does not finish). It does not display any warnings, but stays stuck at 100% transfer. Upon reloading the page I get a PHP-error: Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /var/www/html/site/assets/files/12978/fullsizeoutput_2aa6.jpeg in /var/www/html/wire/core/Pagefile.php on line 389 Even so, the file did transfer correctly and is present in the S3 bucket It is also present in the database and on the page In the database I see that the modified and created fields of the file are showing incorrect timestamps: 1970-01-01 01:00:00 I have configured the InputfieldFileS3 module with the correct Key, Secret and Bucket name. The ACL is set to public-read, the region is set to the same my VPC is located, SSL is on, Use my domain & Store files locally are off. Turning Store files locally on skips the entire S3 upload it seems, so no errors but also no new files in S3.
  15. eelkenet

    Why not use ? Wouldn't that be less problematic?