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  1. @Autofahrn & @szabesz thank guys! This works like a charm! ❤️ Didn't even know about that possibility ? In my opinion? This is the way to do it! Thanks again.. I appreciate it!
  2. Hello everyone, hopefully this is the right place to ask and is not a duplicate question. I'm pretty new to processwire, so... if this question is kind of funny for some of you, you're welcome ? I have the following issue and can't find anything understandable about it. Maybe I'm searching the wrong way, but anyways.. here is my question: How is it possible to rewrite the URLs, that I'll get a *.php ending? Example: https://www.mysite.de/urlsegment/ -> https://www.mysite.de/urlsegment.php https://www.mysite.de/urlsegment/urlsegment/ -> https://www.mysite.de/urlsegment/urlsegment.php Because I've read a lot about "Why do you wanna do this or have that?" – here my answer for that in advance: I've built a processwire installation inside or around an existing website. Therefore, we want to keep the existing *.php Google entries. Sure, we could redirect via 301 Redirect, but would prefer to keep the *.php ending. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance for your help. – Best regards ce90
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