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  1. I use vmplayer, nowadays called workstation player. Free for home use and 166 euro for a commercial licence. It is by far superior to virtual box in so many ways. Have a look here:
  2. echo "<div class='cke-content'>$page->body</div>"; Good code example of processwire doing things the decoupled way without limits
  4. This is strange. You wouldnt expect problems with bluehost at first thought. Looks like a decent hosting company. I am on the road right now otherwise you could pm me your cpanel and ftp access so I could check what is going on there. Maybe one of the others have time now ? If not by then I am back home at 15:00 GMT
  5. What is the name of your hoster ? Is it bluehost ? Do they have a trial hosting period ? Would love to try install processwire there my self.
  6. I agree with Macrura. I would also recommend to install processwire locally on your laptop/computer and make your self familiar with processwire.
  7. Key issue is to shed "regular cms thinking and habits" and get used to processwire decoupled way of doing things. Processwire having 0 limits can be confusing for a while. This issue has many posts in the forum. I recommend reading them. Also going through tutorials speeds up getting used to decoupled and the page concept.
  8. Alternatively you can temporary upload your own personal index.html page with "site in maintenance"
  9. Usually missing a closing parenthesis or a backtick or using a keyword in SQL that you have to quote
  10. Many of us have used "classical" systems with "system rules" to make websites before using Processwire. Processwire is a decoupled system without any rules. So with Processwire you handle html by: 1. writing your own html code in your processwire template files, 2. including inc files that hold your html code using php include, 3. generating dynamic html code with the processwire api combined with php, 4. etc. etc. etc. So if you see a nice free html template somewhere on the internet that you want to use to make a website, you would have to strip its html code and bring it inside processwire.
  11. Does anyone know of an uikit cheat sheet ?
  12. Looks good. Do you allow to share the code behind of it ?
  13. Not only that ! Found there also a lot of links to more great material !
  14. Thanks for mentioning those. Responsee can speed up work on some websites especially with the available templates. Ink looks like a good smaller alternative for bootstrap. Groundworks looks very professional. Start playing with Ink first.
  15. Interesting. I always would like to stay with pocketgrid since it is so small and easy and practical. But some things I could never accomplish with pocketgrid in a "normal" way. Like giving a processwire block a background picture. In the end I found a way by using padding-bottom (image height/width x 100)% See this post: But still this solution gave me always problems with views on different screens like on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone So I changed to bootstrap but still thinking about pocketgrid