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  1. pwired

    Hi Francesco, Yes you can do this in Processwire. This is not part of Processwire but simply part of javascript and css. Here is some basic use of javascript and css to achieve this: <script language="JavaScript"> function setVisibility(id, visibility) { document.getElementById(id).style.display = visibility; } </script> And here is an example to open a little window like you mentioned: <a href="javascript:void(0);" NAME="My Window Name" title=" My title here ""window-child.html","Ratting","width=550,height=170,0,status=0,");> Click here to open the child window </a> Here is a small tutorial that shows you how you can open a little window: Instead of opening a small window you can also toggle hiding and showing your own div inside Processwire, in the example below you can replace the button with a word as you mentioned:
  2. pwired

    Thanks for taking the effort for clarifying. I hear you, and will leave it behind of me. I am already looking into the bolt cms to see if that is better choice for me.
  3. pwired

    Here is one I found for you There is much more to find in the forum
  4. pwired

    My advice is to get into the Processwire delayed output strategy, my experience is that it gives you the best code organization and flexibility. Yes there are many posts already in the forum about deploying and keep in sync. Just do a search for it.
  5. pwired

    If it adds anything to the converstation, I have nothing against uikit, bootstrap, or whatever css framework out there. They simply exist and are there for the use how you see fit for a project or not. However none of them should end up in Processwire. Maybe I just got paranoid when I see how many likes uikit gets but in reality I don't have to worry that one day uikit get's cemented inside Processwire. I do see however a growing trend that Processwire is getting over-engineered. What happened to all the likes for Processwire getting out of your way, having nothing out of the box but only flexibility. Do those likes still exist ?
  6. pwired

    Hi AndZyk, Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right about that. I have to be more careful or I will end up profiled Thanks for that link to how to change the admin theme to the Reno theme. It shines a new light for me on the matter.
  7. pwired

    Ok, UIkit will be there in the admin and that decision was simply made. It would be fair enough, if there was a possibility to uninstall it, to remove it, or to replace it with your own external css file.
  8. pwired

    Glad you are lovin it. Processwire is decoupled so everybody is free to chose his love on the front end. Critical thinking allowed ? I wonder who among us would have loved not to see Uikit in Processwire
  9. pwired

    Good notice Bernhard, I wouldn't either. About being biased . . . every time when I hear the word "wordpress" I get a bit jumpy . . . . but hey that's just me . . . . About biased coders I know, they like to joke around: "watch out - Im gonna stuff your laptop with wordpress code" - lol If somebody looks for html themes, it only takes 5 min. bouncing over the net and you find lots of good and free themes
  10. pwired

    Good find, I like it.
  11. pwired

    Felted refers to a plugin that he has installed from the core I was referring to the module ProcessMigrator that also exports/imports pages Looks like we are talking 2 different things here Kongondo answered correctly.
  12. pwired

    Are the entry points not the same in PW 3.x and PW 2.x ?
  13. pwired

    Not sure if you do mean the Module ProcessMigrator ? If yes, what you are looking for, you will find it under the Tab Setup. I believe it is not compatible with Matrix repeaters, but still it can save you tons of time to export quickly templates, pictures, data, etc.
  14. pwired

    Ok, Thanks for your replies. Yes there are other typewriter scripts out there. Thing is I like this script because for one reason it is smart coded together in only 8 kB and it opens up a lot of possibilities. If anyone is interested in it for one of your projects, you can find it here: (no affiliate, mit-license, only wanting to show cool stuff) and here: Ok, I contacted the coder of the script and he was kindly enough to reply and give a few solutions: one working solution in my main.css del { text-decoration: none; } And guess what, now I have it working in the CKEditor body field Edit: Instead of overriding globally in my main.css I override it locally directly in the hanna code snippet This sets it actually to: problem solved. Remains the overrides not working in the quirky behaviour of mystyles.js and config-body.js files, see below. ================================================================================================= I am already happy with the solution above, but I am not satisfied yet. I was digging through the forum because I remembered a few posts about mystyles.js that reside in site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/mystyles.js If you have the Button Styles enabled in the Toolbar of CKEditor, it should be possible to put inside mystyles.js the same override, right ? /** * mystyles.js * * This file may be used when you have "Styles" as one of the items in your toolbar. * * For a more comprehensive example, see the file ./ckeditor-[version]/styles.js * */ CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add( 'mystyles', [ { name: 'Inline Code', element: 'code' }, { name: 'Inline Quotation', element: 'q' }, { name: 'Left Aligned Photo', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'align_left' } }, { name: 'Right Aligned Photo', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'align_right' } }, { name: 'Centered Photo', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'align_center' } }, { name: 'Small', element: 'small' }, { name: 'Deleted Text', element: 'del', attributes: { 'text-decoration': 'none' } }, { name: 'Inserted Text', element: 'ins' }, { name: 'Cited Work', element: 'cite' } ] ); I would like to have it working there also, but it doesn't work there and I have read a few posts that for some reason you have to rename the file mystyles.js to make it work in CKEditor ? ====================================================================================== Besides the file mystyles.js there is the file config-body.js I tried the following in this file config-body.js CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) { // Define changes to default configuration here. For example: // config.uiColor = '#AADC6E'; CKEDITOR.config.coreStyles_strike = { element : 'del', attributes : { 'text-decoration' : 'none' }, }; }; But same as with the mystyles.js here also it doesn't work with CKEditor