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  1. pwired

    What uikit version did you use ? I don't see any of this: /*! UIkit 3.x.x | | (c) 2014 - 2018 YOOtheme | MIT License */ in your loaded uikit css file.
  2. pwired

    Better do a check on ed-works: (Image removed) shows up since 23:00 gmt
  3. pwired

    My acer laptop wifi started to behave similar and doesn´t work properly anymore with a lot of hotspots I weekly visit. It connects to the routers all right but no internet. And yes others around me at the same time always have internet. I want to share a simple working solution I found with a D-Link usb wifi adapter: This little thingy made everything work again. Note: I tried a TP-Link before but it had installer drivers instead of direct inf drivers. The TP-Link installer drivers never worked. So I changed it with this D-Link which comes delivered with direct inf drivers which are simple to add and simply do work. (Not affiliated, just want to share something that works)
  4. pwired

    Awareness is growing. The dark web is no longer only for illegal content but also grows into a net free from Googles Totalirism, without political correctness, without Apple and Youtube as decision makers for the people, but Free Speech, Free Thinking, Free Opinion and Free Expression.
  5. pwired

    @flydev I guess I should have mentioned that this one is a more easy finder alternative for home users, but not for pro users ? @adrian I am not even a mac user my self, I just picked up doing mac service to get a piece of the cake. Many photographers and home users around here seem to have problems to find their way with the default finder so they asked me for a more easy non commercial alternative. No need to apologize, I guess it was me swinging the door to wide You are on top of it man, I just love all your modules.
  6. pwired

    Dude, no need to get jumpy, this is not through time stuffed and over-engineered software. This simply works and does the job without all the wrapped commercial bs. Why not evaluate it before you reply ? I wouldn't have posted if I didn't have satisfied clients with it.
  7. pwired

    Stay with me, it is not that difficult: click on the download button in the middle of the page
  8. pwired

    Lol, you mac lovers still go merry go round with path finder - commander one - forklift > > > ?? MFilemanager is what I add up after I have done a new mac os installation for a client. Satisfied clients is the best feed back I can give you:
  9. pwired

  10. pwired

    Hi Francesco, Yes you can do this in Processwire. This is not part of Processwire but simply part of javascript and css. Here is some basic use of javascript and css to achieve this: <script language="JavaScript"> function setVisibility(id, visibility) { document.getElementById(id).style.display = visibility; } </script> And here is an example to open a little window like you mentioned: <a href="javascript:void(0);" NAME="My Window Name" title=" My title here ""window-child.html","Ratting","width=550,height=170,0,status=0,");> Click here to open the child window </a> Here is a small tutorial that shows you how you can open a little window: Instead of opening a small window you can also toggle hiding and showing your own div inside Processwire, in the example below you can replace the button with a word as you mentioned:
  11. pwired

    Thanks for taking the effort for clarifying. I hear you, and will leave it behind of me. I am already looking into the bolt cms to see if that is better choice for me.
  12. pwired

    Here is one I found for you There is much more to find in the forum
  13. pwired

    My advice is to get into the Processwire delayed output strategy, my experience is that it gives you the best code organization and flexibility. Yes there are many posts already in the forum about deploying and keep in sync. Just do a search for it.
  14. pwired

    If it adds anything to the converstation, I have nothing against uikit, bootstrap, or whatever css framework out there. They simply exist and are there for the use how you see fit for a project or not. However none of them should end up in Processwire. Maybe I just got paranoid when I see how many likes uikit gets but in reality I don't have to worry that one day uikit get's cemented inside Processwire. I do see however a growing trend that Processwire is getting over-engineered. What happened to all the likes for Processwire getting out of your way, having nothing out of the box but only flexibility. Do those likes still exist ?
  15. pwired

    Hi AndZyk, Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right about that. I have to be more careful or I will end up profiled Thanks for that link to how to change the admin theme to the Reno theme. It shines a new light for me on the matter.