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  1. pwired

    Hi Michkael and welcome to processwire, There is already a truckload with answers for beginner questions: Outside the forum Youtube
  2. pwired

    Seems this library is made by the same person who also made deadsimple css grid, Respect, this guy is coding really quality products. I definitely can recommend to try this library.
  3. pwired

    Here is an old post with some solutions that might put you in the right direction:
  4. pwired

    Did you lose for some reason permission in admin template ? Check if you have to add "useRoles":1 in data for admin template.
  5. pwired

    Did you install processwire this time in the root or again in a subfolder ? I am running out of ideas, maybe an eperienced coder will step in and have more ideas.
  6. pwired

    That error means you have an object or variable missing or it's value missing
  7. pwired

    How long can it take to install a fresh new processwire installation and copy back the site folder and database, 10 minutes ??? That is of course your problem is not lurking somewhere (e.g. a typo) in your templates or corrupted database record.
  8. pwired

    Did you install Adrians debugger ? This one has become really sophisticated lately. Recommended and good chance it will show up something for your admin problem.
  9. pwired

    Did you set $config->debug = true ?
  10. pwired

    Sometimes searching for the cause of a problem can take more time than installing a fresh new processwire installation, and copy back the site folder and database.
  11. pwired

    Ok try echo $config->urls->admin; shows up ok ?
  12. pwired

    Check this helper page:
  13. pwired

    Your back end doesn't get loaded at all, check your processwire setup. edit: I see your backend is back again
  14. pwired

    Hi Manuel, Are you having this issue only with this page ? What about the other pages, does the delete tab show up normally there ? If you create another test page, does the delete tab show up then normally ? I have never seen a setting to hide a tab for a user group, you would need a module for this. For the moment you can use this simple api delete code to remove that contact page and then after recreate that page and see if the delete tab is there again: $thispage = $pages->get('/contact/');  $pages->delete($thispage); // or $pages->trash($thispage);
  15. pwired

    A complete backup is the database and the site folder which holds the assets, modules, and templates folders. If you remember the processwire version you used it would be easy enough to extract a new modules folder. Maybe add some missing modules you were using for your website. But you would miss the assets folder. The assets folder holds for example the pictures you used on your website. But even that could be restored if you still have the used pictures somewhere on a computer. You would have to reupload them to the back end of processwire. So yes you could have restored again your website but it certainly would take some time. I recommend to use both cpanel backups and also ssh to schedule making backups of your websites on your own local computer.