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  1. Welcome back NooseLadder. Is it already a year ago ? Time really flies man. I remember your posts very well. Here you go: Remembering your posts I think you have enough code experience for using pw.
  2. Its an existential thing. The world is more than the sum of its parts, like processwire is more than the sum of its code.
  3. If he owns the domain the hoster eventually will give new access to the database but this can be a frustrating id process depending on the hoster. Especially if the domain is not registered with the hoster but somewhere else. Speaking out of experience. I just find it strange that a designer who has the admin credentials leaves and then cannot be contacted again.
  4. You have access to change text but not a logo ? So how do you access to change text ? As a user with lesser access rights ? The designer who has the admin login credentials has left and cannot be contacted again ? ? ? If that is true find a skilled white hat hacker to get into the database and let you reset admin access.
  5. Has been discussed before in several threads. I my self grow my own library with processwire themes. It takes time to grow your own library with processwire themes but it is worth it as you can adapt/modify/change a processwire theme into anything a client wants. After you finished a website, clients are always going to call you back and want something changed, modified or added. With processwire, having everything open, no problem. My experience with Wordpress is you depend heavily on plugins or need to learn how to "hack" a wordpress theme into what the client wants. All wasted time as you will never get it right 100% this way and you learn nothing useful new in coding. Besides that, wordpress theme support will never help you with code questions and is limited to functional support. This processwire forum is the best support you can ever wish for if you have any question about processwire.
  6. Hi Francis, yes I am interested in your automated scripts, please post. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is really cool !! Have still to learn this.
  8. Very nice made with cool effects. Thanks for mentioning Masonry and vivus, didnt know them yet.
  9. This will always be an issue especially with non tech clients. Thats why you need to communicate very clear with a client about what he might need later on. Many times the client only knows what he needs today, but will call you in the future when he needs something extra. And there you have it, will you be able to cope with asked extras in the future ? Most likely there will be no processwire plugin for it like you have in wp or drupal world. Just an example, I was asked to make a website for a call center in spain, no problem there. But later on they called me if I could make the website fetch data from a server and database in germany. I dont know if there is a plugin for that with wp or drupal but with processwire if you are not a good experienced web coder it will be a no go for the client. Thats why I say in the beginning to a non tech client that they dont depend on me in the future as the only person. Any good experienced web coder can pick up processwire and code what they might need in the future.
  10. Thanks for the examples guys. From here I can start trying out things. To let a website or a local computer (sometimes even a laptop) communicate with foreign databases is a much asked item. For example I know many call centers who are situated with local computers in Spain but want to fetch data from servers and databases in Germany. Until know I lack how to code this but am learning bit by bit. This kind of work is payed very well if one knows how to do this.
  11. Thanks for that kixe. Do you might to know where to find more about $database and WireDatabasePDO ?
  12. This is very interesting. Does anyone know some examples of processwire api commands to fetch data from an external database, how to store it inside processwire and then output it to a front ?
  13. The other day I saw a post about a one man passenger drone going to fly as a taxi in Dubai. You want it real cool ? Here you go: zapata one man flyboard with unbelievable manoeuvrability and portability. Many thought that this is faked with after effects or a hoax but this is for real. He developed this flyboard out of his huge expierience with his waterjet powered jetskies. Kerosine fuel is stored in his backpack wich gives about 10 minutes flight with max 90 mph This is the green goblin coming into reality One of his flights Some explaining
  14. Do you really need a 1200px wide image for showing a picture of somebody in a website ?
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. Unchecking remove empty paragraph tags didnt do it. The thing is when I click on source in CKEditor I can actually see that multiple <p>&nbsp;</p> are there but they have no effect on the webpage. They should, but they dont and I dont know why. There is always one single empty line. Yes, giving the images a bottom margin with css finally did it