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  1. The other day I saw a post about a one man passenger drone going to fly as a taxi in Dubai. You want it real cool ? Here you go: zapata one man flyboard with unbelievable manoeuvrability and portability. Many thought that this is faked with after effects or a hoax but this is for real. He developed this flyboard out of his huge expierience with his waterjet powered jetskies. Kerosine fuel is stored in his backpack wich gives about 10 minutes flight with max 90 mph This is the green goblin coming into reality One of his flights Some explaining
  2. Do you really need a 1200px wide image for showing a picture of somebody in a website ?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Unchecking remove empty paragraph tags didnt do it. The thing is when I click on source in CKEditor I can actually see that multiple <p>&nbsp;</p> are there but they have no effect on the webpage. They should, but they dont and I dont know why. There is always one single empty line. Yes, giving the images a bottom margin with css finally did it
  4. Hi, I am using the body field for simple showing of text and pictures. Each time one line of text above a picture. The client can add more pictures each with a line of text above it, simply by using the CKEditor. It seems to be not possible to separate each picture with a text line with 2 or more empty lines. Using the ENTER key results in <p>&nbsp;</p> but no matter how many times the ENTER key is used there will be only 1 empty line that separates one picture with text with the next picture and text. If I press 3 times the ENTER key and click on the SOURCE button in CKEditor I see 3 times <p>&nbsp;</p> but still only 1 empty line shows up that separates one picture with text with the next picture and text. How can I make it work to have more than 1 empty line for separation ? I tried to add <br> in extra allowed content for the body field but that did not work also.
  5. You can add extra allowed content (e.g. additional html tags) as exceptions that CKeditor will not remove. There are many posts already about this, here are two of them:
  6. Thanks for your reply LostKobraKai. Ok I clicked on Continue and could finish the installation. So I only have to setup rewrites when I need them. I will be good then for the time being. How to create nginx rewrite rules must be easy to find with Google. I assume I have to put them in nginx.conf
  7. Hi, I am using Laragon (laravel for mac) on Windows but can not solve the mod_rewrite error when installing Processwire 2.7 I searched with Google but could only find some tips about php.ini and nginx.conf but didnt make the mod_rewrite error go away. I tried to look inside the list with php extensions to see if it has to be enabled there like with wamp but it seems not to be there in the list. What needs to be done here ?
  8. Hi Diogo Site looks professional but find the png icons on the left (analyse, konzept, betreuung, etc) having a numb dull blue color, same as the Titles on the right. Why not give them a more crispy color, more inviting the eye to read what is there. Maybe it is all part of a modern layout but I find icons and text having a vivid color in favor of the visitor/reader. The blue wing in the iloetscher logo looks more crispy blue or is that only because the line is more thicker ? The texta-book font goes well with the look and feel of the layout, nice font. Is somewhere a css framework used, It looks like the css is hand coded including responsive, you must be good at that.
  9. Does it really need to be from scratch with a cms ? Time is money so consider a webshop system.
  10. Hi, After you installed processwire the body and sidebar are always filled with dummy content, unless you used an empty profile but I dont think you did that. What processwire version did you install and what profile did you use during install ? This is clearly a case of something simple that is been overlooked. If you want you can pm me your ftp and admin access and I will have a look.
  11. About atomic frameworks you mentioned, I googled and took a look at and also at basscss. I dont know what to think about it actually, it looks like styling going into smaller units and pieces.
  12. Thanks for the reply and your getting favicon example, going to try that. Have a feeling that is going to work. Maybe I find out later on why my php echo $config->urls-templates . . . never works for the favicon.
  13. Website looks good. Did you use any css grid ? href="/site/assets/files/1016/brownhen_favicon.png" How did you output the favicon png, did you hardcode /site/assets/files/1016/brownhen_favicon.png or did you use something like <?php echo $config->urls->templates . $variable ; ?> For some reason I always have to hardcode the path as the php echo never works for me in case of the favicon.
  14. Pocketgrid is so flexible, you can make and define your own column classes with it Example how pocketgrid lets you do it: <div id="some id" class="w20 block"> Blocks are semantic in pocketgrid so here I named it simply w20. The w stands for width and the 20 for 20%. It doesnt have to be w20, you can use any semantic value or description you want, I used w20 because it makes sense and works for me. Then you simply define these values in your main css file like in my example: .w20 {width: 20%; min-height: 1px;} The min-height: 1px is necessary to avoid columns from starting to float when they are empty (no output in a column) Isnt pocketgrid just wonderful
  15. Would be interesting to know how many of us here are using pocketgrid instead of bootstrap or foundation.