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  1. @SamC You're right about that, the list of php coder jobs requirements published by companies are high and go beyond php such as oop, frameworks, js, sql, git, xml, json, css to name a few. I certainly wouldn't be able to code in all those fields at a company level. But I see the internet economy growing fast year after year with opportunities, jobs, self employment and money to be made. Instead of coding for a company I looked for shops that also have a website or a webshop. The number of shops that also start a website or a webshop is growing rapidly and they need somebody who can set it up and maintain it. Sure, some of them already have somebody doing that but not all of them. It is a matter of checking all the shops in your neighborhood until you find them. I found a health shop where they desperately needed someone to maintain several web shops for them. The php coding level needed for a webshop is not so high as for a company and is perfect for both making a second income and upgrading your coding skills in different fields as you go. Making money on the internet economy is also a good solution for if you are going to get a bad pension when you retire. Getting a pension in spain is uncertain and if you get one you get very little paid. Economy in spain is going bad and the social seguridad here tries to cut pensions where they can. The growing internet economy can be a solution for that. Either you use the money you make for a private pension or you keep on working easy from home
  2. I agree and php does the job perfectly with processwire for all those cases. If you have a bigger project you can choose from different php frameworks. If your project is really big and needs faster resources ok you can use something like elixer. But wouldn't that be the 5% cases ? PHP is still most wanted. Just look on the internet how many companies are looking for junior and senior php coders. I know a few coders in my neighborhood who make/maintain apps for ios. They all use php for server and cloud communication.
  3. I have read some good posts here that make a lot of sense to leave pw with it's api, php and jquery. It was then the main reason why so many moved from evo to processwire. The forum was vibrant and newbies came in every week for the no nonsense, making so much sense functionality of processwire. To me it is always the same story: people just can't leave their hands from something that is working perfectly good. It just has to be stuffed, cranked, pimped or changed in some way or another. Oh "it is evolution" I hear you say "we have to go with the latest stuff that is going around". We'll why not change the use of php for ruby on rails then, that would be something cool, right ? Not ! Please don't crank the core and leave the back end with jquery. Instead we should put our energy in processwire marketing it's - no nonsense, making so much sense functionality.
  4. Welcome back Ryan.
  5. The js wouldn't be loaded from that url, but from another url, so more dns resolvement and traffic from another server. Same like dragan I go for stability and not for every latest and newest.
  6. Do you mean during the time of developing a website ? I always have my js on the same server as the website. I guess loading from a url makes it a bit slower and gives more overhead.
  7. Yes it's usually that kind of hardware use that still makes them attractive. I used a serial port once to switch on lights in a room at the moment a security camera overlay detected movement. I don't live in France so I can't forward that port adapter to you. But yes maybe somebody in France here will pick it up.
  8. What is so special about that antique laptop, the serial port maybe to drive interfaces ? Or do you need running a previous windows version with some program only compatible with an old windows version ? In that case you can reinstall all that in a virtual machine inside windows on another laptop. Otherwise I suggest to open that Thinkpad up and take out that ide harddisk. Hook it up with an ide to usb adapter on another laptop. Then copy, or even better, clone all the partitions. Laptops that old have only 1 partition. The tool that clones partitions has also a file explorer so all previous system, application and personal data will be available on another (new) laptop. The same story applies to Linux.
  9. Great example, very usable, thanks for this.
  10. How can we take care of that padding ? Is it hard to find in the css to tweak it personally ?
  11. You only made a simple statement there. Where are your arguments ? We had this django talk already a couple of days ago in this thread.
  12. Responsive behaviour is working flawlessly. Counted 5 steps with even some nice delay effects. Nice css work done there. Also like the black dot cursor.
  13. Thanks for listing that up. I guess I have to try beyond compare and see any winning time above a frugal way of working.
  14. Can you give some examples where you are using it ? I gave up on database comparison local/online because it's too time consuming. I also stopped with website file syncing as I find it too slow. Uploading a zip and unpacking it on the server goes way faster.