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  1. Remember that guy Max Schrems ? He successfully took the Safe Harbour Agreement to the European Court and it has been declared no longer valid. You can read here more about it.
  2. I like the type writer thing
  3. Tracydebugger has come a long way. Thanks for developing it into the powerful tool it has become.
  4. I want to see a separate channel in the forum where everybody can upload graphics, banners, animations and video clips to promote processwire.
  5. Roadmap: I want a separate channel in the forum where everybody can upload graphics, banners, animations and video clips to promote processwire.
  7. jquery shopping carts are vulnerable on the client side as prices can be changed before checkout. many jquery shopping carts have this known security flaw. Please do some research before you are going to use a jquery based shopping cart. You have to verify that each item in the cart exists and that the price is correct. Snipcart should be safe to use.
  8. Hi Sephiroth Did you try net2ftp, monsta ftp and cpanel proxy urls at the office ?
  9. I agree, it's bad humor with Processwire's credit. Seems to become a new habit as there was this one before:
  10. Good story. But I smell only coders can do something like that. Found a typo at the bottom: Give that some though and ponder. though misses a t How did you do the beautiful sliding in and out back to top button ? Same the social network buttons ?
  11. Hi SamC, First I want to thank psy for bringing this template to attention. I am also no fan of pre-made templates due to their bloated code but this one is an exception when it comes to quality code, customizability and flexibility. Since version 4.x.x it has Speed Improvements, Javascript Optimizations & Less File Sizes. Yes you have to buy a new license for each project which is now $11 (tax included) and when the offer finishes it will be $16. Still I consider this little money for what you get and the time it will save for standard projects. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with canvas, themeforest or envato.
  12. +1 for this canvas template tip. Reading the comment section it seems to have clean code. For $11 you get all the bang you see on the live previews and demos. I just bought it.
  13. Processwire is a decoupled system. The front end is totally up to you, that's why processwire is loved by so many people. But about forms, if you go through this thread a couple of times, you will be making forms real quick:
  14. Thanks for replying that info.