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  1. Like it or not but when reading both posts, to me Ryan clears it objective and Moritz brings it subjective. Processwire can hardly be labeled or compared with established cms systems out there because Processwire gives almost unlimited -never seen before- freedom in how to use it. Only recognizing this unlimited freedom to a certain level, because of habitual coding and thinking learned from other systems can bring up such comparisons.
  2. Who needs Craft when there is Processwire ?
  3. During development, just add the following to your <head>: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://livejs.com/live.js"></script> More information: https://livejs.com/
  4. I use Laragon all the time. Never have any such problems. I simply work with 2 different browsers: Slimjet Browser for the Backend and PaleMoon Browser for the Front end. The PaleMoon Browser lets me best develop responsive design on smartphones (It lets you even go down to the 50px !!)
  5. https://processwire.com/modules/site-simple-blog-multilanguage/ link doesn't work (25feb 21:10 gmt)
  6. Is SSG not mostly being used by coders, git-users, documentation, etc. ? Is SSG really something to use for a client website ?
  7. With all respect to the beautiful website .... but the domain name ? I have seen a lot of domain names but never something like this. Think of Visitors outside of Brazil and who is going to memorize something like arbynatashamarques ? Even on a business card it would look kind of absurd. A domain name should be short, easy to memorize and recognizable for a brand, a service, a product, etc. etc. But maybe this is just me.
  8. We have given Wordpress enough advantage of the doubt ...... Here it goes again: https://www.zdnet.com/article/php-everywhere-wordpress-plugin-code-execution-bug-impacts-thousands-of-websites/ Give the Client a WebSite that he really deserves ... with Processwire !
  9. I feel real good about this scalability and speed tuning with the fields and templates. Big thanks fly out to the tuning spoon and ryan.
  10. Remember the years before and after the evo exodus to processwire ? The forum was vibrant and full with starting-coders and beginners and for a long time the forum was praised for fast replying and helping them out. Processwire has already lost almost all starting-coders and beginners like we used to have them in the past. I asked the forum a few times if there is interest in getting them back but without any reaction. A clear indication. Processwire is already a fantastic and full grown product so spend less time with adding weekly new xyz features and instead start spending more time with Marketing the potential of this great product. No secret that this is not going to happen because with Processwire, Ryan is only interested in coding and is followed by a lot of coders a like in the forum. Another suggestion to make the community grow is to split Processwire up in 2 versions: 1) a version for starting coders and beginners like it was in the beginning 2) a version for experienced coders like we have today Last but not least: maybe I should not complain about anything and just take Processwire for what it is and be happy with it.
  11. Here you have another post with some good links in it https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12881-processwire-on-iis-in-2016/
  12. Don't give them too much attention ... 😏
  13. Finally an authority that stands up and no longer follows main stream and established behavior. Trying not to be a sheep doesn't get much support or likes Matomo is not like it used to be anymore https://matomo.org/pricing/ My 5cts for an alternative, I use bbclone a lot as it gives just enough in most cases https://www.bbclone.de/features.php
  14. Hi Jan Romero, Thanks for posting about swiper.js - really stands out from the usual carousel/sliders
  15. Bumping this thread If you cannot add extra input fields and labels to the core Comments Form to expand on it, for example Surname, Country, Month, Year, or any other custom field/label, etc etc then what is the use of having it in this limited way in the core ? Would like to know who is using the core Comments fieldtype in Processwire and in what way, purpose ?
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