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  1. pwired

    Yes I have:
  2. pwired

    Foolproof way of doing it without any help module On the old Host: Always download a complete backup of your website (zipped or tar.gz) Download the database Download the site folder (zipped or tar.gz) ===================================================================== On the New Host: Reinstall Processwire with, if you can, the same processwire version on the new host After reinstalling processwire, Delete the site folder and Empty the database Upload the site folder from the old host and unzip on the new host Import the database from the old host Empty cache and sessions Adapt the config.php where necessary to the new host (database credentials, salt and hosts) Thats it Need any assistance ? PM me.
  3. pwired

    Creative use of "everything is a page" is always welcome
  4. pwired

    +1 for using UIKit3. Website looks really good. Why did you chose clickdesk instead of an opensource helpdesk chat ?
  5. pwired

    LoL why not move over to wysiwyg site builders so clients have all the easy page building they want.
  6. Oh my code, I feel quite silly here. How come I have missed this ? Just dragging the images ..... Thanks Teppo
  7. Hi, Is it possible to change the name of a picture in the backend ? It happens to me that clients want to change the order of pictures in a gallery. Sometimes they want to add a new picture in the middle of a list of pictures, sometimes they want a new picture to be the first one in the list, etc. etc. I usually upload pictures with names like: 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg etc. etc. I haven't seen a possibility in the backend to rename a picture. How do you guys reorder pictures in a gallery ?
  8. pwired

    Thanks for posting this. Didn't know about that one, looks like a real good alternative.
  9. pwired

    A page builder injects both JavaScript and CSS files => additional loading time. A page builder doesn`t take image and header tags into consideration => negative impact on SEO. A page builder injects its own set of shortcodes Have you seen the code that divi and other page builders are creating ? It happens out there that the coder who has set up the website, in time will not be available for the client anymore. Would somebody else in the future want to maintain such code ? Reverting might leave you with styling issues as you most likely have to manual delete all shortcodes. Good luck with that.
  10. pwired

    Hi, check this:
  11. pwired

    Will do that and see what happens Edit: the terminal commands as shown how to download devilbox don't work for windows (as I already expected) I leave it for a rainy day
  12. pwired

    Laragon is super easy to configure for your needs. Also setting up virtual hosts is very easy. It installes in C:\laragon and works like a portable program. I would't go for Ampps. It installs in your Windows Programs folder and eats away 600 Mb. The Ampss interface looks the same like a CPanel from your Hoster. Ampss might be handy though if you want to try out all kinds of packages. It even has a pw install package.
  13. pwired

    Ok, I just installed Ampps and imported a few website backups and started fiddling around. I must say that Ampps has a nice interface to work with, but it is clearly slower compared to Laragon.
  14. pwired

    If you go to the laragon website for downloads there are only windows installations. There seems to be a Mac project here:
  15. pwired

    I use Laragon also. Would be interesting to know which one works faster when using it for website development: Laragon or Ampps. Lets find out this weekend.