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  1. pwired's post in Delete a lot of pics at once was marked as the answer   
    Didn't know about that one, really works, time saver !! Thanks LostKobrakai !!
  2. pwired's post in Moving site to another server was marked as the answer   
    Hi Jon,
    Actually a 500 internal server error is a very classical one and in many cases related to the .htaccess
    ? uncomment # RewriteBase /
    ? Options -Indexes
    ? Options +FollowSymLinks
    ? a module that needs to be updated.
    ? bad database connection
    Always do a new fresh install of processwire on the new host. This will tell you first hand if the .htaccess
    and the settings on the new host match up. Second replace your site folder with the one on the new host,
    but leave the config.php. Only replace the user salt in the config.php.
    Normally everything works at this stage but sometimes you have to empty out cache and sessions
    in /site/assets/cache/ and /site/assets/sessions/, or simply have to set the right php version on the host.
    If things still don't work set $config->debug = true; check your site/assets/logs/errors.txt, apache error logs.
  3. pwired's post in Random grid images was marked as the answer   
    // grab and output a random image Just put this in each grid cell:
    $image = $page->images->getRandom(); if($image) echo "<img src='$image->url'>";
  4. pwired's post in All pages other than home return 404 Error. Tried all usual measures. was marked as the answer   
    check .htaccess principal functioning with a call for phpinfo dump from your (relative) root
    RewriteBase /name of subfolder/ ok ?
    emedded space in the alias/directory name ?
    permission error in .htaccess file ?
    relative/absolute links ?
    httpd.conf 'AllowOverride All' ?
    mod_security in your CPanel ?
  5. pwired's post in Getting rid of empty templates. was marked as the answer   
    There was a good discussion about templates here:
  6. pwired's post in ckeditor - Remove wrapping <p> from <img> in source code was marked as the answer   
    Go to site\modules\InputfieldCKEditor\config.js and open config.js in your editor.
    This will stop CKeditor from putting the <p> tag including the start and stop (global) <p> tag :

    CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
    config.enterMode = 2;

    And this will give you both the <p> and <br> tag when needed but does not prevent
    the start and stop <p> tag

    CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
    config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR // pressing the ENTER Key puts the <br/> tag
    config.shiftEnterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_P; //pressing the SHIFT + ENTER Keys puts the <p> tag
    Tested with processwire 2.6.1
  7. pwired's post in Transfered a website to new host - DB connect error 1045 was marked as the answer   
    Check if your new database is really consistent with your old one.
    You should migrate database tables only.
    Write permissions are ok ? Make sure that the files/folders in the assets folder are writable.
    What about your root .htaccess file, rewrite base, etc. ?
    You can find classical migration problems solved many times before in the forum.
  8. pwired's post in Import your processwire blog into Facebook was marked as the answer   
    Next target:
    I found very good results with iframehost.
    No forced ads, no branding, no hidden surprises, etc.
    You can name and position a Tab for a Blog or any other content
    in your facebook page everywhere you want.
    Comes with a very complete editor that let's you do pretty much
    everything you want.
    Instead of a common rss feed now you can make the blog appear
    as a complete page inside facebook.
    Case closed
  9. pwired's post in Error: Call to a member function numChildren() on a non-object was marked as the answer   
    Can you still login normally in the admin ?
    Did you locally develop the site in a subdirectory and moved the site to the webroot ?
    Did you check if your hosting php.ini settings match the ones on your local mamp ?
    Write permissions on your online folders (e.g. /site/assets /site/config.php ) ?
    You might also have to delete the session and cache files in the /site/assets directory.
    Check the database credentials in the file site/config.php on the server,
    are they adjusted to the online environment databasename, login etc ?

    When everything worked locally check the upload integrity to your host.
    During zip, ftp upload and unzip sometimes not everything makes it to
    the host. Call to a member function error is usually because some data
    is missing e.g. somewhere a function returns nothing where something
    is expected or some database object has ended up null.
    Check if you closed a connection too early or somehow got overrided.
    Alternative migrate:
    Sometimes errors don't show up when zipping up your complete site from local to host.
    In that case migrate your local site to your host as follows:
    1. backup your local /site folder
    2. backup your local database
    3. erase all files, folders in the root and tables in your existing database on the host, if any
    4. install a fresh processwire on the host
    5. replace the /site folder with your local /site folder backup
    6. erase all tables in your database on the host
    7. import your local database backup
    If any errors they should manifest during this process to give you further debugging information.
    If no errors popped up during this process your site should work now.
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