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  1. For a long time I dived directly in templates and code to build a website. I changed that old workflow and use prototyping and wireframing a website first in Lunacy and Pencil. Only after that I port it to processwire code.
  2. In general: Apache servers are case sensitive. A request for /directory/file will be treated as a request for a different file than one for /Directory/File. Search engine’s are case sensitive. They’re going to view /directory/file and /Directory/File as the locations of two different documents In processwire: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/23223-allow-upper-case-in-url/ https://processwire.com/blog/posts/page-name-charset-utf8/
  3. It is no secret that Wordpress attracs a lot of no-coders and low-coders because of it's available template market. The no-coder buys a template on envato, themeforest, templatemonster, etc. and sells it as a website to the client. Most of the clients don't even know they bought an envato template website because they have no time and no website experience. By the time the client needs to have something changed, the wordpress template limitations won't allow for it and the no-coder is long gone selling a template somewhere else. Sooner a later the client is forced to call for a real coder for the needed level of support. Pagebuilders will attract even more no-coders and low coders. Having followed the Pagebuilder scene in Wordpress with Beaver, Bakery, Brizy, VisualComposer, Elementor, Genesis, Gutenberg, Themify, Divi, Oxygen, GeneratePress .... the list goes on and on. There is almost every month a new Wordpress Pagebuilder on the block. Why spend time in learning the Pagebuilder of the day if you could spend that same time in learning html, js, css and php and never need a Pagebuilder in the first place and give the Client a website that he really deserves: without Template limitations, unused theme functions and without all the Pagebuilder bloated code. Coming to my point: I hope that what is happening in the Wordpress Pagebuilder scene will never happen with future Processwire Pagebuilders.
  4. examples <a href="<?php echo $pages->get('/products/')->url; ?>">Products</a> <a href="<?php echo $pages->get('/about/')->url; ?>">About</a> <a href="<?php echo $pages->get('/contact/')->url; ?>">Contact</a> api https://processwire.com/api/ref/pages/get/ https://processwire.com/api/ref/functions/pages/ info https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4909-site-url/ module https://processwire.com/modules/process-menu-builder/
  5. My Updated Quote: - The CMS that looks like usual at start ... - Only to find out how unlimited it is after each use ...
  6. Yes .... 1) It is very hard to compare PW with other cms systems and 2) It takes a lot of PW use to begin to see the appliance potential of it ..... and 3) because most reviewers simply do not spend time with 1) and 2) their reviews are based on habitual thinking they have grown with other cms systems ....
  7. Yes I understand what you are saying there but setting images to be a single-file field is only a pre-option that you can choose to set before starting to use images. Why not just leave images as an array and use the api and/or php to do whatever you need from it to get whatever you want from it.
  8. images is an array .... so how would $page->images->url work ?
  9. Hi at Gebeer, really thanks for this write up. I followed lately the posts about RockMigrations and the other Modules of Bernhard. Didn't really know how to start or apply with them. Thanks to your writing it gives me a wider perspective and motivation to jump start.
  10. Why would that need to be "workaroundable" ? Pages in Processwire that are associated with Pages that show up on the Front as website Pages work with a Template that has a Template File. Pages in Processwire that are associated with the Backend as Functional Pages (data - sitewide media - configurations - etc.) can work with Templates without a Template File. That all makes sense as it should be so I don't understand your question.
  11. Although I only asked for some coding examples your reply about Processwire in general is very welcome. Ryan is a very clever coder and this forum is full of very clever coders with a lot of experience. If I was a very clever coder too then I would never post my comments from which I know some find them irritating. As as solution I am building my own personal database where I can store, evaluate, sort out and apply the weekly new added coding options. With it I already could apply new coding options to expand on the delayed output strategy that I am using all the time.
  12. Hi at artfulrobot, That sounds very interesting, Besides from Teppo, do you have some code examples ?
  13. @dotnetic thanks for posting about bun, didn't know about that one. Never did anything with javascript outside of the browser. Going trough the docs on https://bun.sh/
  14. You forgot to mention in what way it helps you with both ... any examples ? After so many weekly updates already with new xyz coding options added ... To be honest, I simply cannot keep track of them anymore ... But maybe you can ... After a while ... who is still going to remember all of them ? How many are really going to use them ? Being productive has my focus ... not getting fragmented in weekly new added xyz coding options
  15. While this might be all great ... the more I see these weekly upgrades ... the more I start to wonder: is processwire made to learn coding or to make websites ... Or maybe both ?
  16. pwired

    Hello! I'm new

    Hello at MaccGreen, consider your self so lucky that you have found the Processwire cms/cmf Please introduce your self a bit and tell us something about your web road ...
  17. Hello AndZyk, thanks for stepping in on this, and going to start playing with MarkUpRegions with it
  18. Bumping this thread ... Is this issue so new that there is no answer for it (yet) ?
  19. Processwire would not have become this unique amazing cms/cmf if it was not for Ryan giving the direction how Processwire has developed. Having said that, nothing stops you to fork Processwire and build any opensource community around it you want.
  20. Maybe this can be helpful ========================================================================================= $page->images->first(); // first image $page->images->last(); // last image $page->images->eq(0); // first image $page->images->eq(1); // second image ========================================================================================= Find the total number of pictures // Get the page that holds the the pictures $p = $pages->get('/path_to_page/'); $numberofimages = $p->images->count(); echo $numberofimages; ========================================================================================= images is an array ... see all the array elements inside the array images 1) Get a Page who has images $p = $pages->get('/path_to_page/'); 2) this gets all the elements $array = $p->images->getKeys(); 3) and this outputs to see them echo implode($array); ========================================================================================= Because an array starts with item number 0 and not 1 ... the last item number in the array is one less than total counted // echo $n; show the total counted number // echo $n--; show the total counted number minus 1 ... this is the last item in the array Note that when you upload an image in the backend by default it will be the LAST one added If you want to output the images in a gallery on the front and want the latest uploaded image to be the first in the gallery, you have to reverse the backend image order: Example: $var_page = $pages->get('/path_to_your_page/'); foreach($var_page->images->reverse() as $image) { echo "<a href='$image->link'><img src='$image->url' alt='description' width='' height=''></a>"; } ========================================================================================= F.
  21. Check this one out: Processwire on the web with wirekit - - - https://bestofphp.com/repo/kreativan-wirekit-core https://github.com/kreativan/wirekit-core https://start.wirekit.dev/core/wirekit/ui/
  22. Coding Ajax directly in Processwire can be tricky. I always set my Ajax first up locally in plane html/php and when I have it working there, then I port it over to Processwire. Works for me.
  23. You can use the template name (both external and internal template) to choose any layout for any webpage or any part of the website I have the layouts stored in a view and an include folder and select them with php logic either on the template file or the view file This layout strategy is already in the forum posts for many years Here is an example: <?php namespace ProcessWire; // you can add here any business logic if needed to override default settings, values and $variables // default <head> include ($includes_path . "head.php"); // <head> is not a view such as the <header> <main> or <footer> - it is the <head> section of a website // default view <header> include ($views_path . "header.php"); // the <body> tag and the first <header> tag after the <body> tag // selected view <main> include ($views_path . "{$page->template->name}" . ".php"); // the main content view selected with the page template name (internal or external template file name) // default view <footer> include ($views_path . "footer.php");
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