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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I am in the process of creating a local news site, based on ProcessWire. Among other things, the site will be presenting local events, and I have a question specifically about recurring events. Events (recurring or not) shall be shown in *one* list, like in this example: 10.01.2019 19:30 - Some event (Page #1235) 11.01.2019 17:15 - Another event (Page #1237) 12.01.2019 16:00 - The Final Event (Page #1239) When I have recurring events, I would like to keep these on the same page (using a Repeater field) as shown here: 10.01.2019 19:00 - A Star is Born film, showing in Cinema ABC (Page #1234 holds all occurrences) 10.01.2019 19:30 - Some event (Page #1235) 11.01.2019 19:30 - A Star is Born film, showing in Cinema ABC (Page #1234 holds all occurrences) 11.01.2019 17:15 - Another event (Page #1237) 12.01.2019 20:00 - A Star is Born film, showing in Cinema ABC (Page #1234 holds all occurrences) 12.01.2019 16:00 - The Final Event (Page #1239) The editing interface will use these fields: id title date_start - a datetime field (use for one-time events) time_start - a text field dates - Repeat field with these sub-fields: date_start - a datetime field (use for recurring events) time_start - a text field Listing events by date_start is simple when the site only has run-once events (using the 'date_start' field). But when repeated events enter the picture, it is necesssary to generate all occurrences for each repeated event ('dates.date_start') - and join these with the list of run-once events ('date_start'). I am unsure if that is possible? PS: I am aware that Ryan created an Events fieldtype module, unfortunately the site needs more detail about each event than this module offers so it is easier to create a site-specific set of Event fields.
  2. Introducing our newest [commercial] module: Recurme Processwire Recurring Dates Field & Custom Calendar Module. http://www.99lime.com/modules/recurme/ One Field to Recur them ALL… A Recurring Dates InputField for your Processwire templates. The InputField you’ve been waiting for. Complex RRule date repeating in a simple and fast user interface. Use the super simple, & powerful API to output them into your templates. example: <? // easy to get recurring events $events = $recurme->find(); // events for this day $events = $recurme->day(); // events for this week $events = $recurme->week(); // events for this month $events = $recurme->month(); ?> <? // Loop through your events foreach($events as $event){ echo $event->title; echo $event->start_date; echo $event->rrule; echo $event->original->url; ... } ?> Unlimited Custom Calendars. Imagine you could create any calendar you wanted on your website. Use recurring events with the Recurme field, or use your own Processwire pages and date fields to render calendars… it’s up to you. Fully customizable. Make as many calendars as you like. Get events from anywhere. Recurme does all the hard date work for you. Unlimited Custom Admin Calendars too. Hope you like it , Joshua & Eduardo from 99Lime. ## [1.0.1] - 2017-05-29 ### changed - Fixed $options[weekStartDay] offset in Calendar - Fixed ->renderCalendar() Blank Days - Fixed missing ->renderList() [renderMonth][xAfter] - Removed ->renderCalendar() <table> attributes border, border-spacing - Fixed ->renderCalendar() excluded dates - Fixed rrule-giu.js exclude dates - Fixed ->renderList missing space in attr ID (shout out to @Juergen for multiple suggestions & feedback).
  3. The Architekturforum Freiburg sees itself as a regional platform for information and exchange about architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and building culture. On the website you can register for events, view presentations or become a member. The website uses UIkit as framework and Workbox for the PWA. architekturforum-freiburg.de Features: Dynamic primary color Structured data Dynamic primary color The events are grouped in programs and every program can have its own color. For this I used the awesome module Color. I defined a fixed color palette, so that no ugly colors could be selected and I worked for the first time with CSS variables. With CSS variables you are more flexible than with f.e. SCSS variables and can change the primary color for the whole website on the fly. This is used on the detail page of events with a different primary color. Structured data It was important for me to provide the correct structured data for the events. Since the pandemic they have been enhanced for online, offline and mixed events. Modules used: Repeater Matrix Form Builder Functional Fields Map Marker ProCache Upgrades TOTP two-factor authentication Tracy Debugger Color Sitemap Email Obfuscation (EMO) Regards, Andreas
  4. I'm trying to show upcoming calendar posting pages that have an event_start_datetime and an event_end_datetime. The listing should show calendar postings greater than or equal to today (no past events unless it has an event_end_datetime that is within 3 days after today) if the calendar posting has an event_end_datetime and is within 3 days of today it should still show even though the event_start_datetime has passed. Ex. an event that spans Wed-Saturday. If today is Friday, I still want to show the event on my calendar. Here is the code I have tried: $date = date("Y-m-d");// current date $date_start = strtotime( date('Y-m-d') . " 00:00:00"); $date_end = strtotime(date("Y-m-d", strtotime($date)) . " +1 week"); $paginated_calendar_postings = $pages->get("/calendar")->children("template=calendar-posting|community-event,event_start_datetime>=$date_start, event_end_datetime<=$date_end, sort=-event_start_datetime"); But that doesn't return the correct results. I've spent all day searching through the forums, but couldn't find an answer. Any help is appreciated. Also is there anyway to format your selector on multiple lines like this: $paginated_calendar_postings = $pages->get("/calendar")->children( "template=calendar-posting|community-event, event_start_datetime>=$date_start, event_end_datetime<=$date_end, sort=-event_start_datetime"); It would make it easier to read long selectors. When I tried it, it didn't work. I think it even gave the wrong results.
  5. This is a website for the musical area of the protestant town church Pforzheim, Germany. Our agency designconcepts developed a website that provides informations about the choirs, ensembles and orchestras as well as dates for their rehearsals, services and concerts. The website was build with help of the framework UIkit. www.musik.stadtkirche-pforzheim.de Features: Events Download dates Events The events for rehearsals, services and concerts were created in Microsoft Excel and then imported as pages from CSV. For better organization, events are cross-referenced with choirs, ensembles and orchestras. Services and concerts are displayed in a events list, but rehearsals are only displayed on the page of the choir, ensemble or orchestra, to make the events list more compact. Download dates It is possible to download every event date as ICS file, which will be generated on clicking the download button. You can then add this event easily to your calendar app and stay up-to-date. Modules used: Email Obfuscation (EMO) Front-End Page Editor Import Pages from CSV Markup Sitemap XML ProCache Tracy Debugger Upgrades Wire Mail SMTP Regards, Andreas
  6. I began writing this module from scratch, basing it off simple examples of modules, trying to learn the necessary methods required to create a fieldtype. I was WAY off, but learned a lot. Eventually I moved towards examining the FieldtypeEvents example from Ryan and, in many areas, copy/pasting and then adjusting the code (and then trying to determine what it all was doing) method by method, file by file (from his example to my module). I've gotten to the point where I was ready to test the code - I haven't fully fleshed out my visual interface, nor integrated any of the 3rd party API tools this will (can) take advantage of. I also haven't implemented any JS or CSS for the interface. Right now I'm just trying to get it to save and then display any of the data that has been entered into the form fields of a template from the admin. When I save the page, the field is reset to defaults and no feedback message (for the field) is shown at the top of the page upon reload. When using Tracy Debugger from within the processInput method (immediately attempting to debug the $input variable), Tracy caught no data to be shown. If anyone has some time to take a quick look and see what I might've done wrong I'd be super grateful. I've had no forward progress in about 3 days (and like many others was unable to get Xdebug breakpoints working in PHPStorm). ? https://github.com/BrendonKoz/FieldtypeBooks
  7. I’m building a simple ticket booking system for our events. I’m considering two different solutions: The first approach is creating one page per ticket and a reference to a booking page with the contact info. This should be faster when checking for ticket availability by using $pages->count(). The other one is a one page per booking with an integer field holding the ticket quantity. Downside is having to use $pages->find() but only having to create one page per booking with the API. My biggest concern is listing the events and the ticket availability for each event, loading all bookings. At the most one event has 300 bookings. Any ideas are welcome.
  8. So I discovered in this topic ( ) that I can cancel all hooks after my own hook. Now I want something like that. I want my hook which is called on page render to cancel all other events, also the after page render and the before page render methods, is this possible? This only need to be done when some conditions are met. /** method replaces original page::render method and is called with hook priority one */ method onPageRender (HookEvent $event) { if (my condition is true) { $this->cancelHooks = true; // to cancel all hooks to page::render // how to cancel after Page::render events // how to cancel before Page::render events } } Is this possible at all?
  9. Hi folks, I'm scoping out a job and as part of the site they would like an 'Events' section. I have done quite a few of these which vary in complexities, but they are a client that has come from Wordpress and mentioned a 'Events Manager' plugin (http://wp-events-plugin.com/) which they used mainly for the following: Allow online booking Create reports about attendees Send group reminders/confirmation I'm wondering if there's anything that ProcessWire can do that is similar? I guess, per event, the user would select a number of tickets, include their name and perhaps some other information, then it would store this in the admin area somewhere – perhaps a form connected to a specific event? Then they could export this data to see everyone who is attending etc? Group reminders/confirmation I'm unsure about but any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks! R
  10. New to ProcessWire (came over from PyroCMS) and really liking it so far. The flexibility in page building is amazing! Anyway, as part of the first site I am building I need an Upcoming Events list. After looking through the forums and docs, I ended up building a page with children pages where each child is a different upcoming event. Each child has title, description, start and end date fields. I have the page working and displaying everything now and am very happy! However, I have one last piece that I cannot figure out. How do I filter the events? Specifically, how do I only show upcoming events and not ones that have already ended? I am displaying individual events with this: $events = wire('pages')->get("/events/")->children("sort=event_start_date"); $singleevent = $events->first; With a full list I can do a comparison in a for loop, but would prefer to just return the valid objects in the initial call. Basically, is there a way to add a "where" ("where event_start_date > $today") type statement?
  11. Hello everyone My question is very noobish, but I found no way to accomplish something simple. Also related posts in the forum where to difficult to work with for me … I would like to sort upcoming and past events which are repeaters by their end date field. The output should look something like this: UPCOMING EVENTS Title event 1 26. November to 27. November 2014 Title event 2 29. November 2014 … PAST EVENTS Title event 3 12. November 2014 Title event 4 1. August to 5. August 2014 … My code only returns the last of the created events as many times as there are events . Am I completely on the wrong way? Any hint would be very appreciated … Thanks, tron1000 setlocale(LC_TIME, 'de_DE'); echo "<h1>Events</h1>"; foreach($page->event as $event) { $event_title = $event->event_title; $date_to = $event->getUnformatted('event_date_to'); $today = time(); $date_from_formatted = strftime('%d. %B %Y', $event->getUnformatted('event_date_from')); $date_to_formatted = strftime('%d. %B %Y', $event->getUnformatted('event_date_to')); if ($date_from_formatted == $date_to_formatted) $event_out = "{$event_title}<br>{$date_from_formatted}<br><br>"; else $event_out = "{$event_title}<br>{$date_from_formatted} to {$date_to_formatted}<br><br>"; } echo "UPCOMING<br><br>"; if ($date_to > $today) foreach($page->event as $event) { echo $event_out; } echo "PAST<br><br>"; if ($date_to < $today) foreach($page->event as $event) { echo $event_out; }
  12. Let me give you a bit of insight on my latest project: http://dreitagewoche.de It is a weekly updated, hand crafted event calendar for Hamburg in Germany. Its team looks for the most appealing events every week and collects them for the three days of the week that really matter: thursday, friday and saturday. It features parties, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theatre and everything else a bit of the mainstream. On the technical part (it uses PW 2.3): Single events can occur on multiple dates and support a link to a location (page) with Google Map coordinates. Beside events we support blog-like entries and regular pages and other stuff. Events are displayed based on their date, showing up in an archive when they aren't up to date anymore. This method also allows for a custom preview of all upcoming entries for the editors. I make use of template caching which speeds up the page remarkably. Beside that I am using some modules, including twitter feed, soundcloud embed, vimeo & youtube embeds. The backend is modified using admin custom pages module which allows me to tailor pages showing only upcoming events or locations. With around 30 pages added every week this was crucial. Overall I am very pleased with PW: It performs well, is easy to develop even with nested data and is fast and intuitive enough on the backend. And a full deployment means basically just a few clicks and a coffee while it is uploading. One thing that did trip me was customizing the backend and actually the obvious need to do it. With hundreds of pages the normal view is not as helpful as I thought. The module I mentioned did help a lot, without that I would have been in trouble. I am looking forward to using PW 2.4 on a project like this and how it accomplishes those challenges. Let me know what you think, especially about tailoring the backend and dealing with lots of pages. I attached a screenshot of our backend (it is 2.3 and a modified backend theme, based on ergo theme) Cheers!
  13. Hello, I'm new to processwire and currently working on my first (real) site. Now I'm searching for a good soluton for an event calendar (just a date-based event list). For now I've created everything (pages, templates, fields) well and it works theoretically. BUT In this case every Event is called "Training" but with different content and different dates. Now Processwire prevents dublicate entries in the backend with an error - what is okay because not every event can have the path "/events/training/". My first solution would be addingt the date to the name like /events/training-2013-06-23/ .. BUT I would always have to change this manually, when the date of an event is changed AND this wouldn't be automatic. So I need a really simple solution for this problem .. is it possible to add the date to the name automatically when the page is saved? Something like this would be great.
  14. I'm building a site with processwire for a sports club. I want to include a basic event calendar for special events and training hours of the teams. As the training hours are repeating, i need some support for recurring events. This could be very basic, e.g. events every week or every month on a given weekday, no exceptions should be taken in consideration. The events should also be able to be categorized. A list of the next events or a calendar view should be possible to show all events including the recurring ones. I know, there is Google Calendar loader, but i want the editors to be able to edit all things in PW, not to have edit calendar events somewhere else. What do you guys think is the best implementation for this setup in PW? Do you have already tried this or made experiences with a similar setup?
  15. Hi guys, I'm Lucas. I was wondering if you guys could give me a little hand with ProcessWire. How can I setup a "tour dates" page for a band website and make it editable in the panel so the band members can easily add/edit dates? Thank you in advance! Warm regards, Lucas
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