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Found 4 results

  1. This is a website for the musical area of the protestant town church Pforzheim, Germany. Our agency designconcepts developed a website that provides informations about the choirs, ensembles and orchestras as well as dates for their rehearsals, services and concerts. The website was build with help of the framework UIkit. www.musik.stadtkirche-pforzheim.de Features: Events Download dates Events The events for rehearsals, services and concerts were created in Microsoft Excel and then imported as pages from CSV. For better organization, events are cross-referenced with choirs, ensembles and orchestras. Services and concerts are displayed in a events list, but rehearsals are only displayed on the page of the choir, ensemble or orchestra, to make the events list more compact. Download dates It is possible to download every event date as ICS file, which will be generated on clicking the download button. You can then add this event easily to your calendar app and stay up-to-date. Modules used: Email Obfuscation (EMO) Front-End Page Editor Import Pages from CSV Markup Sitemap XML ProCache Tracy Debugger Upgrades Wire Mail SMTP Regards, Andreas
  2. A new band website for the German electronic avant-garde band DEINE LAKAIEN. The idea was to make this an introduction website for media and new listeners. For in-depth information, the website is accompanied by another new ProcessWire website (with an integrated xenforo forum) for the fanclub: colour-ize.com. and the label website chrom.de. All three websites use the same UI and re-occurring elements (while preserving a unique look), so people find their way around easily. Design/programming details: It was tried to make the dark look (which is the band CI) feeling modern and artistic (avoiding a Nineties look which so many dark themed websites have). The website is built in my spare time in 5 weeks thanks to the ease of ProcessWire 3 and is fully responsive (using uikit and Hype). ProcessWire's new language features were more than welcome to make language management a breeze (People coming from WordPress know what I mean). The backend is build in a way that non-techies (band, volunteer translators, fanclub, booking) can handle the CMS without needing much support and knowledge of SEO. Everything is explained or almost self-explanatory. And the complex internal link-building is done either fully automatic or half automatic.
  3. This is a site for composer, conductor, and NYU composition professor Louis Karchin. http://louiskarchin.com/ The site is based around the works which are presented as a filterable datatable, with inline audio player (soundmanager2).. There is some ajax happening on the works page to pull up details about a work in a popup. a lot of the initial work was importing from the original site as well as from CSV files of the works, so there were various custom import/api scripts used to get all the data in.. As with other recent sites, this site has a admin docs section for reference, as well as inline docs on the edit page, using a simple module based on Nik's page references tab. also this uses the configurable widgets system: and i have an admin page for backups, though the backups run automatically on a cron (using the SmartBackup script): this site benefited from a lot of modules, namely: AdminCustomFiles AdminCustomPages PageDocsTab AdminPageSelectEditLlinks AIOM+ FieldtypeDataStructure FieldTypeTemplates InputfieldSelectExtended HannaCode ProcessRedirects ProcessDiagnostics Profields Table Formbuilder Procache Lister Pro
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