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Found 22 results

  1. The Architekturforum Freiburg sees itself as a regional platform for information and exchange about architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and building culture. On the website you can register for events, view presentations or become a member. The website uses UIkit as framework and Workbox for the PWA. architekturforum-freiburg.de Features: Dynamic primary color Structured data Dynamic primary color The events are grouped in programs and every program can have its own color. For this I used the awesome module Color. I defined a fixed color palette, so that no ugly colors could be selected and I worked for the first time with CSS variables. With CSS variables you are more flexible than with f.e. SCSS variables and can change the primary color for the whole website on the fly. This is used on the detail page of events with a different primary color. Structured data It was important for me to provide the correct structured data for the events. Since the pandemic they have been enhanced for online, offline and mixed events. Modules used: Repeater Matrix Form Builder Functional Fields Map Marker ProCache Upgrades TOTP two-factor authentication Tracy Debugger Color Sitemap Email Obfuscation (EMO) Regards, Andreas
  2. Not really sure where to post this, but I routinely receive a 502 Bad Gateway with the forums after I refresh. If I refresh after the error, the forum loads but the sidebar widget with "latest" posts is gone and just the user list is there. After a 2nd refresh, it loads normally. Has anyone else experienced this issue before or is the forum just being stubborn for me.
  3. Hi all, I thought I'd take this opportunity to announce a module I've been working on for a private project. Although it's not yet complete, I thought I'd take the time out to see if anyone would be interested in it. I only have the module locally on a test site, so if there is any interest, I can upload it somewhere suitable and maybe others can add to it, provide feedback etc. What is HermodBB? Hermod (messenger of the Norse gods) BB (Bulletin Board) is a module that installs a selection of templates and fields that you'd expect for a frontend forum. It also provides some methods to easily save topics and comments. All topics and comments (replies) are simply pages, and are organised like can be seen in the following image. Each forum has checkbox permissions for viewing, posting, pinning etc (see image below). These permissions can then be verified with some simple code (see below). // Use the helper method to pull a list of forum pages $forums = $hbb->forumsRender(); foreach ($forums as $forum) { // Only show the forums to those that are allowed to view them $rolesForumView = $forum->hbb_forum_view; if ($rolesForumView->has('id=' . $user->roles)) { // User has view access for the forum } } HermodBB also makes it easy to add comments to other pages, i.e articles, blogs etc. Comments are added as sub-pages, just like they are for topics. What HermodBB doesn't do HermodBB does not dictate any markup or sanitization. Any sanitization method can be used, and each topic and comment can easily be rendered as required. I'm currently using UIkit and CKEditor, but this can easily be changed to Bootstrap/Foundation etc. It keeps everything simple so that Processwire can do all the heavy lifting. Note: I am aware that there is the excellent comments module by Ryan, and also the Discussions module by Apeisa, but I needed something a little different for my current project, so I decided to have a bash myself. I am by no means on the same level of coding as the majority of members on here, so please be gentle I'd also like to thank Ryan personally for such an excellent framework. Any questions etc, please feel free to ask.
  4. For the last week or so, a number of accouts have started to post status updates with (mostly) unrelated content. I've checked out the submission histories of ~20 of them, and none of them has a recent post. They were registered long time ago and made several status updates over time. I started noticing them after the last week's forum update. Something about it allowed these status updates to surface, and now around ~10-15 updates are posted daily, which is enough to flood the activity stream. Is anyone else bothered by this? These are from the last 24 hours
  5. I'm having this issue for the last week or so. When I sign in, I make sure to check "Remember Me" box, but it doesn't seem to change anything. My account gets logged out after an hour or so, even more frequently on my smartphone. Issue persists in different browsers and devies. I am using a VPN (actually a ShadowSocks proxy) but how I connect shouldn't matter, because session cookies are sent with each HTTP request Does anyone know what's happening and how I can stop this? This is how cookies look when I log out This is after logging in Cookies seem to be set correctly, their expiration is set to 3 months later, but it expires anyway.
  6. I guess this is the right place to post this. Just this morning I went to like an answer someone had given, and was met with a popup stating: "Unable to give reputation to this user". Has anyone encountered this before, or is there some "cap" on users with a certain ratio (reputation to posts) that is keeping me from providing reputation. It was not a big deal, but I wanted to give credit to where credit was due.
  7. Hi all, I discovered Processwire a little over a week ago and have been playing around with it ever since. Going through the tutorials, creating templates, pages, etc. and see what a nice system it is. However, I'm led to believe that's it's not meant for user-centric sites, and by that I mean a site where you expect to have hundreds/thousands of users and expect them to log in, update their profiles, submit content, create galleries, message each other, chat in the Forum, get email notifications, etc. etc., you get the idea. I was trying to update the Profile page last night by adding fields for First Name, Last Name, Profile Pic, and a bunch of others and realized that it's not that easy to do. There's not even a template.php file for the Profile page. Am I just not seeing it because I'm so inexperienced with the CMS? Or, is Processwire really geared more towards sites where not much user interaction is expected? thanks, Ray
  8. Code snippets are very hard to read on small screens due to lack of white-space: pre CSS property on <pre> tags. This causes very weird text wrapping. Adding this allows code to scroll sideways, which also preserves the whitespace properly. Here's the problem and proposed change in action Readable on large screens, overflow works ✓ Unreadable on small screens, text should not wrap ✘ Proposal: add white-space: pre on <pre> elements. See it in action 2017-04-05_20-18-03.mp4 (770KB) or GIPHY link
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a nice forum I could use with PW. I'd like to use the same credentials for the PW website and for the forum. Any advice on that ? Thanks
  10. I saw that the personal page of the forum, one of the members, it seems a facebook page. Wonderful! But I would like to know if this new type of forum is an installable plus with a PW module, or I have to think I personally write the code? Thanks so much!
  11. I have not found any topic to report issues on the processwire site and forum and/or make suggestions about them, so I made this one. If such a topic or branch already exists, it should be there. On PW site there is now Docs menu item instead of the API (as it used to be). But on the forum it is still API. They even lead to different pages. I guess this should be fixed.
  12. It would be nice if code block heights could be toggled. Especially on mobile it's frustrating to scroll through code novelettes
  13. Hi everybody, I would have a simple and maybe already asked question: - Do the PW Forums have a general "Mark all as read" button? I can't find it if it exists. Actually I have to open one by one all forums and use the "per forum" button. Thanks for your lights
  14. There is one (http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6253-mentions/), though I don't know if there is a more recent or better one. I think it would be cool, what do you think? This would require users to use it. I often times see users mentioning other users by their real name, I sometimes don't know who they are talking to/about =) Edit: replaced wrong link
  15. Never mind, i like it the way it is. Sorry Delete me please
  16. pwFoo

    Nodebb Forum?

    Hi, found NodeBB forum during searching web. After take a look... it's interesting. Anybody know or maybe use it? At the moment I use SMF, but thinking about port/ upgrade it to ElkArte... Both could be work with Processwire via api / ssi functions. But now also NodeBB could be a candidate to use for my (really small) private group forum.
  17. Hi all, I know I have waffled on about a forum module etc before, but I really am determined to stick with PW for both my main site and an integrated and basic forum. I have now found an example of the sort of forum I wish to create. Have a look at the Symphony forum, it's simple and integrated. This is exactly what I'm after. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but if we strip it right back to the basics, wouldn't this be achievable with permissions and foreach loops for the categories, threads etc? I already have most of the code in place for extended profiles. Deleting threads (pages), moving them, renaming them and editing them will be simple enough thanks to the power of the PW API. Posting should be easy enough if I use Textile etc. Banning members shouldn't be a problem as I could cross-reference IP addresses, e-mails etc. Am I on the right track with this, or do I just need to give up? Thanks.
  18. Hi all Ryan have you planned to make your ProcessWire forum avaliable on Tapatalk? It would be great! Thanks and greets from Germany
  19. Hi all, I need a very simple forum for the website I'm planning to build on Processwire. I tried to run Apeisa's Discussion module, but when I clicked on "reply" or "another reply" links, I get a "404 Page not found" message although I can see my messages added when I click on the "submit" button. I could not go further. As a beginner in PHP and other programming languages, I find it hard to find out what could be wrong. So I read a little further and found some people mentioned about the integration of FluxBB or SMF, but there was no instruction how to do that. Is it possible to elaborate a little on this and guide me through? Thank you.
  20. Is there a way to search for PW forum members by location? I'm interested in finding other PW developers in my local area.
  21. Hello, I wish to create a forum as it's one of the features of the social network that I'm building with ProcessWire. It'll be much like yahoo answers. It will have questions & registered users can answer the questions as well as ask new questions. In the end a best answer will be chosen by the asker but I'm keeping this feature for future, right now I just need following: A way for registered users to ask question A way for registered users to answer question A way for all users to view all questions & answers As I'm not a very skilled or experienced php developer, also I'm new to ProcessWire, I'm totally clueless on how can I manage to make this. My initial thought was to modify & use comments system but I'm not sure how good this idea is. I'd love to hear your approach for this task. Thank you very much for your time.
  22. Hi guys! Just opened my first thread - and forgot to tag it. And found no way to insert tags afterwards. Any suggestions? Or am I blind once again?
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