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  1. hi, I've installed processwire 2.4 as suggested and trying to learn. Implemented Simple new system from github. I just need to understand what wire("page")/wire("pages") do. Thanks!
  2. Great, thanks guys! I'll keep working and learning. PW stars
  3. hi, i'm going to start a new project on processwire. shall i start with 2.4 or wait for 2.5? i read on the news section that 2.5 is very much around. maybe i should wait? thanks!
  4. Yes. I created the .php templates so I can see my messages being added. Just when I click on the "reply" and "another reply" links, they give me 404. Horst, I take your words and I think Discussions module would be enough for me if I figure out the problem with these two links. Any more ideas why they give me 404?
  5. Hi all, I need a very simple forum for the website I'm planning to build on Processwire. I tried to run Apeisa's Discussion module, but when I clicked on "reply" or "another reply" links, I get a "404 Page not found" message although I can see my messages added when I click on the "submit" button. I could not go further. As a beginner in PHP and other programming languages, I find it hard to find out what could be wrong. So I read a little further and found some people mentioned about the integration of FluxBB or SMF, but there was no instruction how to do that. Is it possible to elaborate a little on this and guide me through? Thank you.
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