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  1. Yes, thanks a lot, that was the solution!!! In AdminOnSteroids, there is a submodule CKEaddons, and there we had the Justify Plugin enabled! Thanks a lot for your help, @horst!!!
  2. Maybe there are some settings at another place where we somehow by mistake add the Justify options to the toolbar by default? But I cannot find it anywhere...
  3. No, unfortunately I don't think that this is the solution. With the whole "wire" directory as we get it by download, the problem already occurs. If I for example add JustifyCenter manually to the toolbar, I happens to show up twice!
  4. In the textfields we implement with CKEditor we cannot deactivate the JustifyBlock etc. options. I attached screenshots that show the Toolbar settings and the output. I found out that I can remove the whole Justify-Plugin, then none of the Justify options appear. My goal would be to offer the JustifyRight, JustifyCenter and JustifyLeft option, but remove the JustifyBlock option... I don't have any clue how to achieve that! Do you maybe have an idea?
  5. Oh, didn’t know this yet. Any links regarding that issue? THX!
  6. Hi there! It’s software, nothing camera specific. Text overlay is generated by this software. Pics load up via FTP.
  7. THX. Had to contact my ISP to get it done. But for now it seems to work! THX!
  8. OK. I think you mean this suggestion, right? But... what does that mean? How do I do that? Once I copy/paste that line into the php.ini field, it doesnt work. Sorry, no php nerd here, but only a web designer...
  9. Ooops... There is at least ONE damn thing you‘ll always forget. Thx, titanium! Oh: our provider just sent me an email - our server has to be shut down and restarted because they had to fix some of that hardware stuff in there. Gotta change our provider someday...
  10. Thx for informing me. Mhhh... yeah, that d...mn server sometimes has hickup like that. Gotta check that. Hope it doesn‘t occur very often...
  11. Hi One of our last PW projects. The client: a little café in our beautiful little town of Freising near Munich. Site ist not finished yet... Feedback and suggestions welcome! http://www.parkcafe-freising.de
  12. Oh, WOW. In German: Alter Schwede, sehr sehr geil! Back in english: whoa, really impressive. Especially the little paralax effect (I hate site with TOO much of parallax). Nice color scheme, nice typo, nice organic forms - impressive, impressive! And a brillant showcase website for processwire! Good job!
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