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  1. Oh, didn’t know this yet. Any links regarding that issue? THX!
  2. Hi there! It’s software, nothing camera specific. Text overlay is generated by this software. Pics load up via FTP.
  3. THX. Had to contact my ISP to get it done. But for now it seems to work! THX!
  4. OK. I think you mean this suggestion, right? But... what does that mean? How do I do that? Once I copy/paste that line into the php.ini field, it doesnt work. Sorry, no php nerd here, but only a web designer...
  5. Ooops... There is at least ONE damn thing you‘ll always forget. Thx, titanium! Oh: our provider just sent me an email - our server has to be shut down and restarted because they had to fix some of that hardware stuff in there. Gotta change our provider someday...
  6. Thx for informing me. Mhhh... yeah, that d...mn server sometimes has hickup like that. Gotta check that. Hope it doesn‘t occur very often...
  7. Hi One of our last PW projects. The client: a little café in our beautiful little town of Freising near Munich. Site ist not finished yet... Feedback and suggestions welcome! http://www.parkcafe-freising.de
  8. Oh, WOW. In German: Alter Schwede, sehr sehr geil! Back in english: whoa, really impressive. Especially the little paralax effect (I hate site with TOO much of parallax). Nice color scheme, nice typo, nice organic forms - impressive, impressive! And a brillant showcase website for processwire! Good job!
  9. Hey Ryan! That saved my day, thx! I got the same 500 on a server of german hoster 1und1 - if any other "Kraut" has the same "bratwurst" problem.
  10. Well, client wanted it that right from the start. Maybe because his former website was really "fantasy" styled, with a nice "Adobe Flash" burning mouse cursor, spooky background music and dark dark wallpaper background with bats and all that stuff. .
  11. Hey guys! Another tiny little PW site we have built in the last few weeks. Really really reaaaaaally small budget, so nothing is really perfect on this website. But the client (a friend of mine, he is a teacher and a hobby author) is happy to now have more control about his content, speaking of his short stories and novels. See for yourself - feedback welcome: http://www.peterhohmann.net
  12. Thanks, guys. @dragan: Yeah, thanks. Ms Sell is now married - do you know her? We simply forgot to change the pic, right. Will be done tomorrow. Proofreading would be cool, yes - but you don’t wanna know how many hours we’ve already spent on this project. So no proofreading from us in the near future. We will keep correcting typos as we find them. Therefor many thanks for your reply!
  13. Hi Ryan! We have done it like that as well - because of too many images to manage via a static HTML website. And it was fun to get PW up and running! Right now we are working on our third PW-site. Looking forward to it...
  14. typ9


    Really nice! Great "unsual" look by taking the big logo on the left side... And really nice responsive themes. Great!
  15. I like it - very much! Great type contrast, great use of white space beneath the headline. And I really like the way you placed the image and the text part! Wow! I usually hate these "scrolling text on the left, fixed image in the background" stuff - but this one really works well!
  16. I’m in as well. But: what about a country with the EURO as currency? You guys in Switzerland are nearly the only ones around Central Europe with "Franken", so I‘ve heard...
  17. The rain is cool. But what about that cafe thing???
  18. typ9

    How do I update a module?

    Cool! (A module, of course. By soma. Should have known that. ) EDIT: still alpha. I‘m not brave enough to install it on my client‘s website. Any other solutions?
  19. Maybe I missed that somehow - but how do I update a module? I‘m using the "Version Control for Text Fields" module, for example, in version 0.9.1. But here the module is listed with version 1.0.6. My first step was to use my modules list in the admin backend, but right there I can only install other modules. My search in this forum wasn‘t successful... Soooo... someone help me please. Thanks! (Damned noobie-question, I know.)
  20. Tchermany! Or do you wanna know my DSL speed or browser version?
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