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Found 25 results

  1. Hi guys, I've always used WP but I want to swtich to PW. I'm not sure .... I'd like to know if it's possible to create a website for an online photo contest. The participants of the competition could create their own account, in which they upload their photos. The photos uploaded remain visible only to themselves and the judges. From their account they can make the "entrance fee" payment. The judges of the competition can create their own account... entering they see the photos of the participants and vote photos At the main page I imagine the title of the competition, a button to read the regulation, and a button to register. The website should be in Italian and English. Thank you!!
  2. Hi Guys, I am new to processwire. I have to move a proceswire web to another server. How do i do that??? copying all the files doesnt seem to do the trick. I am presented with a very very old version of the website. What do I do wrong??
  3. Hi, I would like to start tracking my website visitors with Leady software. Searched the forum for similar discussion yet did not find the right answer. Could you please tell me how can I add their javascript to my website? Is there any step by step guide available? Any help appreciated.
  4. I like to showcase my new website acniti on the forum here. History Building and managing a website is a hobby, over the years, making websites got more complicated and more technologies, knowledge and wisdom are required. I started building my first website around 1997. It started out with a static site built with FrontPage, a WYSIWYG HTML editor. A few years later it was time for the first content management system, I looked at Joomla but settled for MediaWiki. I run those websites for 2 years on the MediaWiki platform and then moved on to WordPress. WordPress was good, it did a good job but over time, it became more complicated to make something out of the box, if it's not a blog, it becomes complicated and to have a feature rich website requires a lot of plugins. Little by little it became less fun and more and more hassle juggling the various plugins. In 2014 I became interested in learning PHP programming, I wanted to do this already for many years, but never had enough time to bite the bullet and work my way through the basics. At the end of the courses I though and now what have I learned, how to put this into action? To built modern website with PHP only is difficult, it also requires knowledge of html, MySQL, CSS, java-script etc. I started looking for a framework experimented a little with CakePHP and then came across Processwire via a CMS Critic blog post. Development setup I developed the acniti website on a Linux Ubuntu 16, with PHP 7 and MySQL as the development server. For the IDE I use PhpStorm, before using Storm I have used and tried some other IDE's such as Zend, Eclipse, Netbeans, Aptana but none of them I liked, some were feature poor, Zend and Eclipse were slow and use a lot of memory. PhpStorm not free but definitely worth the investment. I make use of the free tier Git repository of AWS called CodeCommit, I still use GIT Cola to commit the changes, I could also use PhpStorm for this but I never took the time to change my workflow. For project management I am a big fan of Redmine, Redmine is a web-based open-source project management and issue tracking tool. I use this also for my other work so it easily integrates with the website building flow as well. It's easy for maintaining lists of features you want to carry out per version, it supports a wiki which is easy for making notes and keeping a log of the activities. I use it everyday and it runs on Ruby. For images and graphics I switch back to Windows for some Photoshop. Processwire The acniti website runs on the latest stable Processwire version at the time of writing 3.0.62, the website has 4 languages including an Asian language. The Japanese language URL's are implemented with their 3 alphabets kanji, hiragana, katakana i.e. https://www.acniti.com/ja/インレットフィルタ. Some images on the site have text and image language tags help to select the correct language, the Processwire blog post from 30 June was helpful to get this running. The main site has a bootstrap theme, for the mobile version of the site the google AMP specification is implemented. This was really fun to do but challenging at times as the AMP specification is still a little limited. To visit the AMP pages type /amp/ behind any URL like https://www.acniti.com/amp/ for the homepage. The Google webmaster portal is really easy to troubleshoot and check for the correct AMP implementation. Finally structured data according to schema.org is added to the site via the JSON-LD markup. The commercial modules ProCache and Formbuilder are installed. The ProCache module is really amazing and makes the website lightning fast. Besides the commercial modules around eleven open-source modules are used, Database Backups, Tracy Debugger, Wire Mail SMTP, Protected Mode, Batcher, Upgrades, PublishAsHidden, URL (Multi-language), Twitter Feed Markup, Email Obfuscation (EMO), Login History, Selector test. During development the Processwire forum is really helpful and checked often. The forum is good for two reasons, most of the questions, I had during development of the site, are already on the site. Secondly the only 6 questions I posted over the last 2 years, are quickly and accurately answered. The downside I didn't become a very active member on the forum but see that as a compliment. An open issue on the acniti site is the AMP contact form with Formbuilder, the restricted usage of java-script for the AMP specification requires some more in-depth study. Hosting setup For the hosting services the acniti site uses Amazon EC2, I use AWS already many years to manage my cloud office so it was easy to decide to use it for the web hosting as well. The site is running on a micro instance of EC2 and with the ProCache module CloudFront is serving webpages worldwide fast. Updates from the development server are sent to CodeCommit and from there to the production server. From a site management point of view it would be nice to use AWS RDS to manage the MySQL databases, but from a cost perspective I decide not to do that for now. Via a cron I have set up automatic MySQL backups and these are via another cron job uploaded to AWS S3. To make sure the server is safe, a cron job runs daily snapshots of the server, this is getting initiated via AWS Lambda. Lambda also removes older snapshots because during creation a delete tag is attached for sevens days after their creation. It's important to make a separate MySQL backup as with snapshots the database often gets corrupted and its easier to restore a database backup than to fix a corrupted database. Another nice feature to use AWS Lambda for is a simple HTTP service health checker, which reports to you by email or sms when the website is down. Making use of all these Amazon services cost me probably somewhere between 10 - 15 $ a month, I have to estimate a little since I am running a lot more things on AWS than only the website. The site is running on a Comodo SSL certificate but next year I will change to the free LetsEncrypt, as it is easier to add and will automatically renew after 90 days. The Comodo certificate requires manually copy pasting and editing the certificates in place. Writing Content The content for the site I write in the Redmine wiki, most of the content I write requires research and it takes about two weeks before I publish the content to the Processwire site. For writing content I use the google spell checker with the grammar checker, After the Deadline. To ensure catchy headlines they are optimized with the Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule Social Media Now the site is running, it needs promotion. The robots.txt files shows the search engines the way as does the sitemap.xml both of these I have made in a template file. Most of the blog articles I promote are republished on social networks like, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter, and some branch specific networks as the Waternetwork and Environmental XPRT. To check, the search engines index the site well, Google webmaster and Bing webmaster check for any problems with the site. For statics on the same server there is an instance installed of Piwik. Piwik is a leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives full control over data. The Piwik setup works very well and gives a good overview of the site usage both on the desktop via the site or via a mobile app. As a part of a test I have installed the open-source SEO-panel on the same server to manage keywords and to further improve the scores in the search engine, a nice feature is that you can also track your competitors. I am still new to SEO panel and have to learn more how to use the tool effectively.
  5. Hello All, I started with Joomla on this CMS parade. Then later I put my hands on Wordpress and eventually settled into Concrete 5. Recently I came to know about ProcessWire CMS, while I was looking for a better replacement for Concrete 5 in terms of robust, easiness, compact. I went through few Video tutorials of PW and read the documentation. The installation of PW was smoothy. The concept of Page is awsome. I like the relation of Page, Fields & Templates. There are many things I can equal to Concrete 5 from ProcessWire, yet PW offers a tiny minimal, code level approach for CMS. We have full control over design & data. There are some pitfalls I felt such no sitewide settings, global logo setup etc but it is easily tackled with some API codes. PW api seems amazing, it is par with what Concrete 5 Offers. I have done a simple website in ProcessWire now and going to do a lot further : http://insignnia.in/
  6. Zen

    Share buttons

    We require share buttons incorporated into web pages and blog post.
  7. More than a year after I submitted a proposal, I finally was given the contract to build a new website for a regional promotion organisation, promoting a very sparsely populated part of NZ. https://www.pelorus.nz/ The original website I think was running CMS Made Simple, however it was not mobile friendly, and the organisation of directory listings into categories was unreliable, and edits required requests to the original developer. My brief was to make the site mobile friendly, and user editable, although I also ended up providing some of the photography as some of the site owners were slow to come forward with material themselves. I didn't rewrite content as that was beyond the scope of what I was asked to provide. Bootstrap 4 came out after I'd already started the project, so it's built using Bootstrap 3. Modules I used: Admin Restrict Branch (So owners of listings can log in and edit their own listings, but nothing more) AIOM+ - I found the LESS compilation handy, as I could work with the Bootstrap source files and adjust variables rather than overriding compiled bootstrap. Fieldtype Phone - so I could easily format phone numbers so that they would work both as URLs and display correctly. Social Share Buttons - although I created a modified colour set of icons. Jumplinks - to map URLs from old site to maintain SEO.
  8. New website created by myself for Hannah Shaw Children's book illustrator: http://hannahshawillustrator.co.uk/ Modules used: AIOM+ Croppable Image 3 PageTable extended - used to create layouts such as: 2up, 3up, 1third-2thirds, video, slideshow etc. Image Animated GIF Site-wide File Manager PublishToTwitter3 Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo Template Notes lots of Javascript and CSS animations to give it some fun flare where possible.
  9. I'm building a site and i noticed that loading time is very slow when we enter the site address for the first time. It takes about 1 minute or more just to start loading files and displaying the content. However, after that period it's very fast and everything is ok. Once the page(s) is/are loaded, i can refresh them quickly and without any delay. any one faced like this problem? and what can i do to resolve it. more details: ProcessWire 3.0.80 hosted type: VPS this message appear in admin dashboard: " Warning: your server locale is undefined and may cause issues. Please add this to /site/config.php file (adjust “en_US.UTF-8” as needed): setlocale(LC_ALL,'en_US.UTF-8');" The site: http://almanassah.net
  10. Thanks everyone who responded, Dragan helped me out and got me up and running. Thanks Cam
  11. Hey Guys, One of my clients asked me to look at the options for a very complex website, what to use and how to do it. And to be honest i've been thrown in at the deep end a little bit. There is so much software out there and it's kinda hard to try everything out especially in combination with each other, so I thought I would ask if anyone had any experience with such a website and the tools needed to get it up and running. I think the things I'm tryin to achieve are to complex to build solely in ProcessWire since it needs alot of complex modules, but I would love your take in this This is a list of things I would like to achieve within the website: - For one, the website will need dynamic content: news articles, company listings, company profiles, Job application listings ( doesn't have to be a full recruitement module per se ) - Memberships. Two types of memberships, a paid subscription for advertisers/companies that will be listed. And a free membership for visitors with personal interests, interests logging and preferences. - Advertising platform. My clients wants to sell subscriptions to advertisers though a webshop, and place them on the site and place banners on the site for them according to fixed paid-for agreements ( ex. 30.000 presentations of the banner over a period of 2 months ). Here we'll also need to track click throughs and be able to supply documentation about displays and performance of the banners. For this I was thinking about Google's Doubleclick although I haven't found it what it costs on their website. - Marketing automation. My client is looking for a platform that handles marketing automation for the free subscribed members. We would like to be able to segments the users, and target them according to interests, and naturally follow up and our offers. It would make sense to be able to use the same platform for holding the user data, as not to have a client system in our CMS and have a seperate one in our Marketing Automation software. First I was looking for one system to do all of this, but I think it next to impossible to achieve that. So now I'm thinking a good and expandable base CMS with good integration options for 3th party platforms and modules. My goal is not to create all these modules myself considering the complexity of just one of them, but to create a nicely integrated system which covers all attributes using as much pre-exisiting systems as possible for fast delivery and having fully tested and functional systems. Have any of you ever built such a site, or have any ideas what kinds of CMS or platforms you would use to achieve it? I would love to hear your ideas! Thanks in advance, Bram Wolf
  12. Hallo, I use Processwire for a few months now. And I was really happy with it. Now, I have a problem that might be related to Processwire - or not. I hope someone can give me a hint. My problem is this: Accessing my Processwire website is really slow on a ("local") XAMPP installation. Frontend as well as backend. The situation: I used Processwire 3.0.42 / XAMPP for Windows 5.6.28-1 on my local PC to make a website. All worked fine. Then I moved my htdocs and mysql Database to a NAS (changed the mysql.ini / httpd.conf files), so my co-worker could access the files, too. From that point, processwire takes about 5 seconds, until a page starts to load. With plain HTML/PHP websites this problem doesn't seem to occur. I made a new Processwire Installation, but that did not change anything. mysql shows no errors. Apache shows a few notices and warnings, mostly: AH01909: www.example.com:443:0 server certificate does NOT include an ID which matches the server name AH00354: Child: Starting 150 worker threads. Does anyone have the same problem, an idea what I could try to do, or even better, a solution? I really wonder why that is ... Thanks a lot!
  13. Today I want to tell you about my most recent Project: Cooking-Couple.de Maybe you've already seen it. I've got it listed in the ProcessWire Sites section for quite some time now. Also it has been mentioned by ProcessWire Weekly as the Site of the week: ProcessWire Sites Section: https://processwire.com/about/sites/list/cooking-couple/ ProcessWire Weekly: https://weekly.pw/issue/137/ What is this website all about? Why did I make it? I'm using ProcessWire at my day-to-day job and this project is my private playground for learning. Besides of that of course it's actually really what it claims to be. We seriously love cooking and I hope we'll find the time to get enough content together so that all the powerful search capabilities make sense after all. Technical depth @teppo has already provided a great technical overview to the project. In this thread I want to give you the opportunity for digging even deeper. Want to know how I've implemented a specific feature on the site? No problem, I'll try my best giving you detailed answers about it so that you can build something similar. What happened since the review on ProcessWire Weekly got published? I updated Vue from 1.x to 2.x The faceted search has become even more intelligent and easy to use. (Especially on mobile devices) I've added suggestions on the detail page that respect content types and tags to show actually really relevant content instead of just showing some random pages. The website is no longer using the built in template cache. I've switched completely to ProCache. (Since template cache was already carefully implemented the whole switch was a breeze and the site is now blazingly fast) All the assets are now being served by a CDN (thanks again to ProCache) Several minor CSS improvements Now that I've made these updates I think the website is actually a very good showcase for the power of ProcessWire. Just have a look at the source code of some of the pages and you can see what is actually being cached. (<body ... class='ProCache'>) This alone is a huge proof of the scalability of this system. Almost every single page is being cached with static files thanks URL segments caching. Yes I'm really excited about ProcessWire and it's optimization opportunities. Roadmap Most of the features I've initially planned for this project are already implemented. Anyways there are some more ideas I find quite interesting: Adding some more filters (time, difficulties) Negating specific search filters (show recipes without specific ingredients) Rating recipes iOS and Android apps that are reading the data from ProcessWire I'm not exactly sure which of these I'll implement or if other ideas will come to my mind that I like even more. Maybe you also got some input for me? When it comes to the apps I'm actually pretty excited about that idea. I've even started building a simple API: https://www.cooking-couple.de/api/v1/recipes/ (Yes that's cached with ProCache as well ) Anyways I might wait until we get the Front-end JS $pages API mentioned at: http://processwire.com/blog/posts/roadmap-2017/ Conclusion So I guess you get the idea. I'm really excited about ProcessWire and am willing to share the knowledge I've obtained while building this website. I'm looking forward to your questions, feedback and / or input. Have a great time and thanks for being part of the community!
  14. Hi, Just started using PW and really love it. I've started to create my own template and was hoping I could get some advice on how best to go about my project. I've created a one page website which uses HTML, CSS and Javascript and want to convert this over for use with PW. The concept is fairly straightforward, it's a series of module blocks of HTML which I can move to alter my layout. Here's an example of the structure: Header Page1 Module1 Module2 Module3 Page2 Module1 Module2 Module3 Footer Page 1 and 2 are essentially <div> containers and each module is also contained in it's own <div>. My understanding of PW is the code for each module I've created would get wrapped into various custom Template Files which could then be positioned as required within the page Template. Is this correct? I plan to use this layout for multiple sites so I also wanted to know if it was possible to create the module blocks in such a way that they could easily be installed/ported across to another site? Any advice or links to creating this setup would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Last year I discovered Processwire (after the summer). I don't know why, but I had an immediate connection with it. Now I produced my new website with it. You can check it here: http://www.projectweb.be
  16. Hi guys, today im sharing new website for a gamin clan, integrated with steam api. Design Piotr Niescioruk @ avenueagency.eu Implementation Paweł Kazubski @ avenueagency.eu Please share your thoughts. http://ctoc.com.pl/
  17. New site for SteynStudio using bb-starter, AIOM, Batcher, image crop, Textarea Counter, Site-wide File Manager.
  18. Hello, I am starting using processwire and after reading some documentation, i still can´t find anything explaining how i can do translations on my website. I saw an example with <?php echo "" . __("STRING_TO_TRANSLATE")."" ?>, but i cant find where can i make this translation on processwire. It is need one specific module? Best regards Ricardo Leite
  19. Hi Guys, done a small kindergarten project that works with care on kids only in the wood and outdoor. http://waldkindergarten-altfraunhofen.de/ It's my second project with PW and learning so much on every project i'm getting better and better with API, modules, using more special tools.... like on this one first time: AIOM->greatTool MarkupWeather->worksGreat PageProtector + PageRenameOptions for the building time and AllTimeLovers: AdminCustomPages ChangeImageSelect MarkupSimpleNavigation PageListBetterLabels TemplateDecorator VersionControl MarkupSitemapXML ModulesManager CropImage Changelog ListerPro The project is a small budget so i'm relying on a individual changed themeforrest template - no own design this time. With this one i've made my first experience with URL Segments and i love it like everything else in PW! Worked out a little "archive" script with 80 line of Code and some URL Segments for the /archiv/ as SEG1 and cat or year as SEG2 should work great. Using the PagerMarkup with Somas Code for SEO friendly links - Thanks for this one. At least thank you all and especially Ryan for making such little happy things possible!
  20. Ok since some different things are up to the client now - but the main work was done i'd like to show my first work with PW and give some feedback and kind words about the workflow. First i've to say thank you - ryan for this awesome diamant of code and all members here that treat every other with respect and patience! Domain is not open until some bureaucratic things are ready. http://gs-altfraunhofen.de/ This was no big project but not really easy, since there was no real basic stuff to start with, and the existing things (like a strange version of the logo you could see now) are done by some teachers and changing them was a little hot political thing....hot pavement! For such a little project with less budget i give the easy http://purecss.io/ a try and work with that. Tried to give the website some individual notes, but stay with many given elements by the small CSS Framework (buttons, forms) to save time/budget for the client. Here some screenshots of the page and changing on responsive: Desktop Mobile Backend Some special modules that i used: FieldtypeEvents (with some changes) FormTemplateProcessor (with adding some spamdetection, hidden honeypot and a "leave blanc" field) MarkupSimpleNavigation PageListImageLabel ProcessAdminCustomPages VersionControl Some special adjustments and using of some modules: FormTemplateProcessor Get a Form from given fields in a backend template and save them as pages and/or send them to a mailadress....easy task with the FormTemplateProcessor. For some spamdetection a added a hidden field as a honeypot and a questfield to leave blanc to check against bots. //Changes for better Spamprotection with a hidden additional field as a honeypot // create a text input a hide it via CSS .Inputfield_name2 display:none - see CSS example on the end of this module $field = $this->modules->get("InputfieldText"); $field->label = "Name2"; $field->attr('id+name','name2'); $field->required = 0; $form->add($field); // append the field to the form //end changes /**and at the end**/ //Create a field quest in the form template with heading like "please show us youre human an leave this blanc" //Set the Spamfilter and check if field quest or spam are blank! $questfield = $this->input->post->quest; $spamfield = $this->input->post->name2; if(empty($spamfield) && empty($questfield)) { echo "<h3>Ihre Email wurde gesendet!</h3>"; // see if any errors occurred if(count($form->getErrors())) { // re-render the form, it will include the error messages $out .= $form->render(); } else { // successful form submission, so populate the new page with the new values. foreach($form as $field) { $this->contact->set($field->name, $field->value); } if($this->email) $this->sendEmail($form); //if($this->parent) $this->savePage($form); $out .= $this->successMessage; } return $out; } else { echo "<h3>Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten - Sie haben das letzte Feld ausgefüllt bitte versuchen Sie es erneut!</h3>"; } //end changes Frontend Backend ProcessAdminCustomPages This is a real great module for custom made admin pages. You simple add a page to the admin setup the process and add a templatefile in your site folder! Admin stuff made easy even for non devs! example code from the imageoverview (CutomAdminPage Template): <?php // Bilderübersicht Custom Admin Page ?> <style type="text/css" media="screen"> /** * larget magnific popup */ .mfp-iframe-holder .mfp-content { max-width: 1200px!important; } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ajaxComplete(function() { //add trigger class and modal setup $('.PageListActionEdit a').each(function(){ $(this).addClass("lb-edit").attr("href",$(this).attr('href')+"&modal=1"); }); $('.PageListActionNew a').each(function(){ $(this).addClass("lb-edit").attr("href",$(this).attr('href')+"&modal=1"); }); //setup lightbox $('.lb-edit').magnificPopup({ type: 'iframe', disableOn: 0 }); }); </script> <?php //get Magnific css and js $this->modules->get('JqueryMagnific'); //render PageListtree with setting the parent page $formImages = $this->modules->get('InputfieldForm'); // prep the form $wrapperImages = new InputfieldWrapper; // a wrapper $wrapperImages->attr('value', '<h2>Bilder</h2>'); $i = $this->modules->get('ProcessPageList'); // get the pagelist process $i->set('id', 1015); // setting the parent page $pageTreeImages = new InputfieldMarkup; // the placeholder $pageTreeImages->value = $i->execute(); // fill the InputfieldMarkup form field... $wrapperImages->add($pageTreeImages); // put inside the wrapper... $formImages->append($wrapperImages); // append the wrapper echo $formImages->render(); And as result i've a adminpage just with the imagetree. For this kind of websites where i've very less images and use it on different pages - i'd like to have a mediacenter - and this is the way i get it work. Using the image approach from somas imagemanger module: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3219-images-manager-beta/ But only the setup for the templates (single image fields and cats) - and have an easy administration like the whole site in a PW style. One bad thing with a own usage of the ProcessPageList - while editing after save you will be redirected to the "real pagetree" not the custom one! So no problem, it would be much better to use a kinda a modal editing on this special content - no problem all there just to find and use. (Combined it with the PageListImageLabel to show some thumbs in the pagetree) For the images first i thought i change the Tree where in the Wysiwyg the image is choosen to insert - this works so far mor details here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7439-processpageeditimageselect-hook-and-change-default-page/ But then i decided to don't let the users handle images in the wysiwyg and added a fieldset TAB for images and populate them if the users choose some on the right place on every page. So i've with a Pageselect field (parent page is the image-root) a simple "click on the images to show gallery" possible on every page: Here some screens on the backend of the custom admin page for the images with the template from above: Did the same for the documents section where i again use soma setup for files as pages: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/4602-flexible-downloads-using-pages/ This is a real great tutorial - you can expand all you need for such documents for eg. a counter is simple as easy PHP: 1. Setup a single file field, a counter integer field and a template for the kind of files you are using f.e. doc.php, docx.php, pdf.php and now use such a template file <?php /** * doc.php */ if($page->doc){ $page->of(false); $page->counter += 1; $page->save(array("quiet" => true)); $page->of(true); wireSendFile($page->doc->filename, $options); } Benefits from files as pages are real SEO Links on documents and images like: http://gs-altfraunhofen.de/dokumente/morgenbetreuung.doc/ some tweaks on the contact-page and some others in the admin.php to get them always in the state i want them i've some code like this: /** * setup choosen templates to hidden - equal witch setting the user takes */ $pages->addHook('saveReady', null, 'makePageHidden'); function makePageHidden(HookEvent $event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); if($page->template != 'doc' && $page->template != 'docx' && $page->template != 'pdf' && $page->template != 'image-category' && $page->template != 'image' && $page->template != 'contact_form') return; // replace 'category-site' with your template name if(!$page->is(Page::statusHidden)) $page->addStatus(Page::statusHidden); } For me like wrote i'm not a developer, not a real good coder, but i like the way that PW (and this awesome community) teach me in the right direction and let me be free in the way to solve my challenges! So closing the circle and say again thank you to all that read this and contribute to PW and this forum! Have fun - best regards mr-fan
  21. Hey guys! Our first PW project is online, finally: www.typneun.de So, please do not look into the code TOO close - we are designers, not coders, OK? We started to develop this little portfolio site about 2 years ago, but didn't find time to finish it. So it took nearly 1,5 years to get it done till oct 2012. That's why much stuff is not perfectly coded right now. The site was developed with static html-files - until tonight when I launched the PW-website. Modules we are using: procache multilanguage/german redirects formbuilder (not yet, will come soon) Actually this site was our second one on PW, but the first one is still in development and will go online in a few days. The experiences we made with this first site and the help I found in this forum made me switch to processwire for our own website. So, thanks to all of you guys! Any ideas or criticism to make the site better? Comments are welcome...
  22. Hey all, just wanted to share with you the new Milktop website http://www.milktop.co.uk/ (powered by PW of course). This comes to life as the result of merging Milktop with ED DESIGN ( the design company of Diogo, who you all know and love and his partner Erika, a fantastic graphic designer). It's been great to work with this new team, and we hope that you guys will like the website as much as we have enjoyed creating it A few notes on how we accomplished some things: For the grid we used Bourbon Neat. We wanted to try out this framework since it doesn't make impact at all on the markup. We're pretty happy with the result, but in the end we feel like we didn't save that much time by using it than if we would have used simple SASS variables or created our own mixins. For the icons we used Fontello. This is great because it allows you to create a new font with your own set of icons from several sources, and even add some custom built icons by importing a SVG drawing. One advantage is that the final font only has the icons that you put there, which makes it a very small download. We decided to use large images to display our work in the best way possible, but we're serving smaller images for smaller screens. We do this by serving the smaller size by default and swapping the image for a larger version by measuring the container element : <img data-large="<?php echo $img->url; ?>" src="<?php echo $img->width(400)->url; ?>"> For speed we are using the excellent ProCache module by Ryan For publishing automatically to Twitter and Facebook we plan to (not done yet) publish a RSS feed with Ryan's RSS module and use IFFFT to pull it into both social networks. If you don't know IFFFT, you should definitely check it out. A final detail, our logo is designed in HTML and CSS Hope you guys like it and thanks again to the great ProcessWire community without whom this collaboration would never have happened. Have a great evening.
  23. I've been lurking these waters for quite some time now, being a mildy inactive frequenter of the forums. Almost everything I do on my own is PW-based now (I work as a frontend developer for a University, on my "day job"), but I just realized I had never published any work here! This is a website for which I did the implementation (it isn't my design). PW makes creating specific hierarchies amazingly simple, so I can build a very specific html history-driven website in a snap, which is amazing... So here it is: http://mmbiotechnology.com/ (It is all in Portuguese, I'm afraid. On a related note, it uses the amazing language localized url module... Or rather is doesn't, as no one bothered to write up the english version -,- ) Cheers
  24. Hi this is my new onepager site for the thesouplibrary.com using: processwire jquery scrollto.js parallax.js
  25. Hallo i just want to show my first website in processwire.. Tell me what you think? under contruction i have some issues but i am working on.. thank you!
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