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Found 2 results

  1. I've been lurking these waters for quite some time now, being a mildy inactive frequenter of the forums. Almost everything I do on my own is PW-based now (I work as a frontend developer for a University, on my "day job"), but I just realized I had never published any work here! This is a website for which I did the implementation (it isn't my design). PW makes creating specific hierarchies amazingly simple, so I can build a very specific html history-driven website in a snap, which is amazing... So here it is: http://mmbiotechnology.com/ (It is all in Portuguese, I'm afraid. On a related note, it uses the amazing language localized url module... Or rather is doesn't, as no one bothered to write up the english version -,- ) Cheers
  2. I was interested if anyone who's been involved in the web design industry for a while had any pointers or tips to people like me who are at (or near) the beginning of their journey with web design. Or if not, just share how you got started, things you're happy you did or regret doing. I'd been in business for a number of years and was working for a hotel in France when we needed a new website. I got fed up hanging around waiting and I was sort of already the "go-to" tech guy (I think almost by default ) so I just thought I'd take a look at this website mumbo-jumbo. My brother has also been a web guy for years and he's always tried to get me involved but I just never got the bug but once I started I was hooked. I was always fascinated by starting with a blank page and I think my favourite moment was when I first saw my code turn into actual content on the web! That first site I made is still up there despite me having left the hotel a year or so ago and totally blagging my way through building it (Though they should probably change it!). i don't think it holds up too badly all things considered. It's only in the last month or so after more or less 15 months of constant "learning" that I feel like I've got a grip of enough stuff to build solid websites but I do often envy those guys who've been coding since they were at school! I'm also finding it quite tough to get new work. I feel like I want to be working for small/medium sized companies who need a web presence but aren't necessarily after a huge site, the problem with this area though is people seem reluctant to spend even 400/500 pounds on a site when they see the likes of Wix and others advertising for next to nothing. I guess it's a case of trying to convince them of the support and flexibility they'd be getting with me. Anyway, was interested on hearing from some of you guys your stories (if you want to share that is )
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