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  1. henri

    thanks for the link fbg13... I believe I did all that but it couldnt hurt to do it again step by step. And: no i havent asked the hosting provider but I believe/know he doesnt know anything about processwire. You all do!
  2. henri

    unrelated to proceswire? Copying to a new host IS related to processwire i think. My hosting provider isnt going to help me. Ok I will search for guides, but I you all do not know, I dont think I will find a better place..
  3. henri

    so what do I do about it?? I copied the files and so on.. why doesnt it look like a processwire site then>??
  4. henri

    Dragan. Gideon, Fbg, Guys, I think I did it all. BuT: i wanted to test it first so i put it on another domain. Changed all the things you all said but I got a site (http://www.witteneushoorn.nl ) that doesnt even look like the original (www.livius.org ) I dont even know where this data comes from??????
  5. henri

    point domain to new server where?
  6. henri

    Hi Guys, I am new to processwire. I have to move a proceswire web to another server. How do i do that??? copying all the files doesnt seem to do the trick. I am presented with a very very old version of the website. What do I do wrong??
  7. henri

    sergio Thanks thanks thanks.. just tried it and it works like it should. I didnt know why there was "->title ." in it, I copied it from some other text line (and that worked, I dont know the difference, but maybe that wasnt a text field??) Once again: thanksssss.
  8. henri

    I made a php template with the following code // Show inscription, if any if(trim($page->inscr_nr) != "") { $content .= '<tr id="inscr_nr"><td class="label"><p>Inscriptionnr</p></td><td><p>'; $content .= $page->inscr_nr->title . '</p></td></tr>'; } In the backend I can fill the Inscriptionr ( a field inscr_nr that i added) BUT in the page only the text "Inscriptionnr" shows up, not the variable inscr_nr What is wrong with the code??? (by the way: inscr_nr is a text field)
  9. henri

    I am currently maintain a website created with Processwire. Very often it is extremely slow loading pages.. Sometimes even minutes to load.. How is that possible. Is processwire itself slow?? By the way: does anyone know if i have to build template files myself?? I tried one but the extra text (I created an extra field too) doesnt appear on the page..
  10. henri

    thanks a lot. I wouldnt have got it by now. Must have taken another night without you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. henri

    yes yes, there they are. I added the second one (why wasnt it there??) thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. henri

    think i got it : in head.inc.php (why didnt ultraedit find it) $email_users = $homepage->recipients; where is that.. the datbase??
  13. henri

    so its not in the database, its not in the files.. where can it be?? <?php /* =================================================== The main HTML/markup wrapper file for the templates =================================================== */ include("head.inc.php"); if($page->template == "courses" || $page->template == "courses") { require("filter.inc.php"); } ?> <!-- Main content --> <div id="content<?php if($page->template == "schedule") echo '-schedule'; ?>"> <?php // Has a form been sent successfully? if(isset($_POST["security_field"]) && trim($_POST["security_field"]) != "") { if($form_success == true) { echo "<p class=\"form_success\">Het formulier is verzonden. Wij nemen zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u op.</p>"; } else { echo "<p class=\"form_failure\">Het formulier is niet verzonden. Probeert u het nog eens of neem op een andere wijze contact met ons op. Excuses voor het ongemak.</p>"; } } // Are the results filtered? if($page->template == "courses" && isset($_GET["filter_place"])) { echo "<p class=\"not_available\">Dit overzicht is gefilterd. <a href=\"" . $page->url . "\">Verwijder het zoekfilter</a>.</p>"; } // Is this course or holiday currently not available if(($page->template == "course" || $page->template == "holiday" ) && $page->is(Page::statusHidden)) { echo "<p class=\"not_available\">Deze cursus of reis is op dit moment niet beschikbaar.</p>"; } ?> <?php $class = ($page == $homepage)? " class=\"home\"" : ""; ?> <?php // Is this a holiday that is fully booked? if($page->template == "holiday" && $page->fully_booked == true) { echo '<div id="fully-booked">Note bene: voor deze reis zijn geen plaatsen meer beschikbaar.</div>'; } ?> <?php if($headline) echo "<h1" . $class . ">" . $headline . "</h1>"; ?> <?php if($body) echo $body; ?> <?php if($page->template == "contact" || $page->template == "course" || $page->template == "holiday" || $page->template == "newsletter") { if(!$page->is(Page::statusHidden)) include ("contact.inc.php"); } /* else { if($page->template == "register") include ("register.inc.php"); } */ ?> <!-- Testimonials --> <div id="testimonials"> <?php // Load a random quote $quotes = $pages->get("id=1241"); $quotes = $quotes->children; $quote = $quotes->getRandom(); // Display quote $this_quote = $quote->body; $this_quote = trim(str_ireplace(array('<p>', '</p>'), '', $this_quote)); echo "<div id=\"testimonial\" class=\"no-mobile\">"; echo "<div class=\"quote\"><p><span class=\"bqstart\">&#8220;</span>" . $this_quote . "<span class=\"bqend\">&#8221;</span></p></div>"; echo "<div class=\"speaker\"><p>" . $quote->title . "</p></div>"; echo "</div>"; ?> </div> </div> <?php // Load sidebar if($page->template != "schedule") include("sidebar.inc.php"); // Include the footer include("foot.inc.php"); ?>
  14. henri

    how can this be so difficult??
  15. henri

    /** * prependTemplateFile: PHP file in /site/templates/ that will be loaded before each page's template file * * Uncomment and edit to enable. * */ // $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php'; /** * appendTemplateFile: PHP file in /site/templates/ that will be loaded after each page's template file * * Uncomment and edit to enable. * */ // $config->appendTemplateFile = '_done.php'; so NOT enabled