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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everybody, First time for me here to ask an help. So I apologize in advance for any section mistakes or forum rules not respected. I'm a newbie in PW, only 1 year working on it. I have a page with Date/Time pickers and they work perfectly, but I should have those in Italian (for safe editors that aren't so good with English). So I followed the translation suggestions founded in some old posts. Once setted the correct URL, the DatePicker are displayed in the right language, but I have an error on page saving: it seems that the field doesn't register the date/time change from the older language. The same problem occurs if I create a new page, not only changing the old ones. May I have missed something? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hello I've recently run into a trouble with translatable strings in my template files. Shortly speaking translatable strings show up properly in language panel, I can create and save translations, everything looks just fine in backend. The problem is that the only outputed value is the hardcoded one. It's definitely not a problem with template code itself because this happened even on simple test template with a translatable string alone. There are no errors, I don't see anything special in logs. I just recently moved site from my local server to my ftp. There were some issues with paths in language files, but I have fixed it. It's the newest dev version of PW. I really don't have idea where to look, I'm fighting with this second day, and slowly loosing my nerves.
  3. Hi Guys I have a problem with the Code Internationalization (Site Translation Files) in Processwire. I am using the method Ryan is describing in this topic and also the normal way of translating files. The weird behaviors are that translations are just gone after a change in the main translation file called _strings (uses Ryan method). Or some other weird behavior was, that the english translation of the _strings file were somehow ported inside the german _strings file. I really don't know what could cause this. Have ever witnessed something like that? I have made some thoughts about this whole Code Internalization thing in ProcessWire and I am thinking to go another way (don't get me wrong, it's perfect for small to mid projects but in my opinion it is just a overkill for big projects), because at the beginning the strings we needed to translate were splitted up in many files which produced many site translation files to translate per language. It was just to much and confusing for the customer (and also for me), so that we needed another approach. So I tried Ryans method with one central translation files. The problem with this one is that it also gets confusing since it is a very big amount of strings to translate and also the problems described above. So for know I will try to make approach to store the strings in Pages. All translations of a string would be stored side by side. I know that this is probably more complex behind the scenes but it is far easier for the customer (especially with ListerPro). And I also like the idea of having the translations inside the DB instead in form of Files. What are your thoughts about it? Have ever done something like that? Greetings Orkun
  4. I've had this happen before, but now I got this problem again and I'm wondering what it's about. I use the basic <?= __('Contacte-nos') ?> method for adding translatable text to templates. Some of these are not appearing on the form when I edit the file's translations in PW. Take this line of code: <?= __('1 ou +7 pessoas?') ?> <a href="#" class="contactsMenu"><?= __('Contacte-nos') ?></a> The first string "1 ou +7 pessoas?" appears when I edit the translations, but the second one doesn't. Eventually I figured out I can only have one of these per line of code. Adding a line break somewhere somewhere between them was enough to make both translations show up in the form. Problem solved, but curiosity remains. What is the reason for this?
  5. Hello, I am starting using processwire and after reading some documentation, i still can´t find anything explaining how i can do translations on my website. I saw an example with <?php echo "" . __("STRING_TO_TRANSLATE")."" ?>, but i cant find where can i make this translation on processwire. It is need one specific module? Best regards Ricardo Leite
  6. Qotes (single or double) in the summary (Array Element of ModuleInfo) will be displayed '&quote;' or ''' which means the output of the html-source is: '&quote;' or '&#039;'. Didn't check the cause. Maybe better to avoid the use of quotes in the summary respectively in translations (.json).
  7. Hi guys! I got some questions! How can I be added to a project? For example the french translation of the core seems outdated(not sure if these guys are still around), so I would like to contribute and create a github for it. On the same subject, how do I translate a project and share it "the correct way" with the community? I don't know either where to find those translations. When a release breaks the API, how much time the old version will be supported(security fixes)? And I wonder if this CMS would fitt for my bigger projects: Is this "safe" to use this CMS for websites needing to last 4+ years, without having to do an extreme rework of the site to continue using it(e.g: major version breaks "all the things", must recode half of your code and pray for other modules to be stable before your version becomes unsupported *cough*drupal*cough*)? I understand the needed to evolve, but I prefer it in a way less radical(like using deprecation or any way making it less painful). Last thing: I'm impressed by this friendly community, it really makes me want to use this CMS! (oh and by the way: "The IP.Chat room limit has been reached. You will not be able to join the chat room until some users first leave.", I think it would be nicer to use the freenode webchat instead ) thank's for your time!
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