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  1. Hi Zeka, thanks for your time and reply. Actually, I already had tried to store the short url as you suggested, but nothing had changed.
  2. Hi everybody, First time for me here to ask an help. So I apologize in advance for any section mistakes or forum rules not respected. I'm a newbie in PW, only 1 year working on it. I have a page with Date/Time pickers and they work perfectly, but I should have those in Italian (for safe editors that aren't so good with English). So I followed the translation suggestions founded in some old posts. Once setted the correct URL, the DatePicker are displayed in the right language, but I have an error on page saving: it seems that the field doesn't register the date/time change from the older language. The same problem occurs if I create a new page, not only changing the old ones. May I have missed something? Thanks a lot in advance.
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