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  1. Hello, Yes, if i remove the line the error goes away. And if i ignore _header template and make the translations only at _head template, there is no error anymore. It is beacause i am using a diferent template, from _head and _foot with "_" ? regards.
  2. Hello, I have the following structure in my project: _head(which includes _head) _header _foot I made a translation like echo "".__("Live long and prosper!","/site/templates/_header.php").""; but my website gives a "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE". I premuse that the problem is on the translation ou using translation in this template. Anyone have a clue what it might be? Best Regards
  3. Hello, That's it!! Thank you!! Processwire is really awesome!! Regards
  4. Hello, Already have that one installed. where and how can i create my translations?
  5. Hello, I am starting using processwire and after reading some documentation, i still can´t find anything explaining how i can do translations on my website. I saw an example with <?php echo "" . __("STRING_TO_TRANSLATE")."" ?>, but i cant find where can i make this translation on processwire. It is need one specific module? Best regards Ricardo Leite
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