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  1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I don't check here often nowadays. I'll attach a zip file with my related files, out of that you might be able to pick and choose what you need to get your setup running ? In the end a major issue for me was Mollies callback urls in conjunction with a multilanguage site. Originally they don't include the current users language extension, so site.com/en/payment or /de/ or /nl/. That prevented the script for running correctly. Once a added those. bases on the users current language in the callback URL I got things up and working ? PaymentMollie-PW3.zip
  2. Hey Guys, I've tried the module and it works well ? All the files are uploaded very quickly! So thanks you for that! ? However I can't seem to manage to get the module to behave the way it does in your examples. I've used the frontend scripts from the examples, they are unedited and original. At first the area where selected images would show after being selected is already visible, when I open the page. After the images are uploaded I never get to see them. Also it doesn't show images that are already uploaded to the directory. I check the user privileges of the folder being used and they all have 755 access, so that shouldn't be the problem? I also tried with a custom folder /templates but with the same result. Also when I set: 'enableDropZone' => 1,// render a drop zone where files could be uploaded via 'dropping' to "0" the dropzone just stays visible in a a slightly different way. I feel like it's not fully working, How can I check / improve it's functoinality to make sure these features work like they are supposed to? ? I would like it to look and work like this example does: Just a select button and showing uploaded files :) https://blueimp.github.io/jQuery-File-Upload/ Thanks in advance! Bram
  3. Wow thanks man! ? I already tried that, and it didn't work, guess I did something wrong, this worked fine ? Thanks! (Y)
  4. Hi Guys, I found here: https://processwire.com/docs/selectors/#finding2 that I can exclude results from my $pages->find($selctor); query by using parent!=123 ( parent ID ) But I was wondering if I can also do so based on the parent template? I've tried doing it by itterating over the matches array and dropping the matches with the parent but since the result is limited for use with the paginator it only drops the items from the batch displayed on this page. Say from the results within matches 0 - 20 and not the entire 0 - 220. Anybody have a idea of how to achieve this? ? Thanks in advace! Bram
  5. Hey Guys, I'm working on deploying a portal like website which will allow different companies to log into the portal and end up on their own version of the site. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to structure this. These are the goals I have in mind: - Every company that uses the portal should have it's own version of it, preferably it's own database - I want to use the same template files for all the instances of the site for all companies - One company should NEVER be allowed to use the portal of a different company I was thinking of creating main pages with the names of the companies and have all other pages with the same templates as always copied to be children under that page. So for instance: - Home - Company 1 ( company1.portal.com ) - Portal Home - Portal Content - Portal Contact - Company 2 ( company2.portal.com ) - Portal Home - Portal Content - Portal Contact If using the same database I could give all user account a code that refers to their company part of the portal so if user xyz logs in and had the company code "company2" they would get sent to the Company 2 portal. But I'm not sure how safe this is? Any suggestions or ideas of how to handle this best? Also I was wondering if it is possible to create the company1.portal.com domains without adding DNS records to my hosting account constantly? Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated :) Grts, Bram
  6. Thanks Moritzlost! That does just what I needed ? (Y) You rock! ?
  7. Hi Guys, I found that my site is producing this notice on the front end, even when $config->debug = false and also when admin is not even logged in. How do I keep the site from displaying this message to front end users? The notice is about a few vars being tested, which in this case aren't defined, how would I stop that from happing all together when testing vars? if I for instance wrap the $discountCode = blabla in a if($order) { ... } statement than I'm again testing for $order which isn't a object in this case which throws another notice.. This is the notice: Here is my current code: // PAD DISCOUNT CODE HOOK // First we see if we have active discount code if ($this->session->orderId) { $order = $this->pages->get($this->session->orderId); } if($product->geen_korting == 1) { $nodisc = $product->geen_korting; } else { $nodisc = $product->parent->geen_korting; } $discountCode = $this->sanitizer->selectorValue($order->pad_discount_code); $dc = $this->pages->get("template=paddiscount, title=$discountCode"); if ($dc->id) { if ($nodisc) { $discount = 0; } elseif ($dc->pad_percentage) { $discount = $newprice * ($dc->pad_percentage / 100); } } $event->return = $newprice - $discount; Thanks in advance ?
  8. Hi Krlos, I did get it to work in the end! I used the onepagecheckout template found in padloper. I will send you a zip file with all modules en templates of my site needed for this integration you can just copy the Mollie module in it's entirety. Be sure to select it in PaymentModule. Yoiu can check my checkout scripts on how I invoked Mollie. You can copy what you need from my files and stitch your own version of the integration together ? Hope this helps! Grts, Bram
  9. Thank you sooo much for this!! Truly super helpful, I've been trying to implement that precise script for two days, since I didn't know you had already done it, and failed! ? thanks! ? I do however have a few questions O:) I've been playing around with the config options but can't quite get the script to do what I want, I currently have: $options = array( 'showUploaded' => true, 'uploadsDeletable' => true, 'showUploaded' => true, 'setMaxFiles' => 9999, 'setOverwrite' => false, ); But after the upload the script doens't show the files I uploaded, Nor do I see links to the files opening in a Gallery. Also I've not managed to upload more than 50 files at once, the rest of the upload seems to just get dropped. What settings would I have to use to: - See the images already in the folder - See the images after uploading with link to open them in a gallery? - Actually upload 9999 files? Thanks in advance! ?
  10. Hi Guys, I've read all the info in this thread but since half is about the umlaubt and half about the content type I can't realy figure out if and how this was solved. This is what I get out of WireMail: Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit <p>Beste Bram,<br /><br /> Er is een account voor je aangemaakt op: portal.bewakingsgroep.nl<br /><br /> Je gebruikersnaam is: brammus<br /> Je wachtwoord is: 2c9c3s2EgAm4<br /><br /> Na het inloggen zal je gevraagd worden een nieuw wachtwoord op te geven.<br /> Onthoud dit wachtwoord goed en deel het met niemand.<br /><br /> Vriendelijke groet,<br /> Tonny Jacobs<br /><br /> Bewakingsgroep.nl</p> Does anyone know how to fix this? I've already tried the suggested updates to WireMail and the version from the repository to no avail :\ Thanks in advance!
  11. I checked a email from the frombuilder and got the same result. I never had this problem before with any other processwire sites I have. Any ideas on what could cause it? Thanks in advance ?
  12. I tried it with a Gmail account but got the same results. It's like the header isn't configured properly? the encoding type should be sent as a header not as the message. However I don't know why that is happening or where I could change it.. ?
  13. Hi Adrian, I don't think so, got the same formatting on Apple mail and android Grts Bram
  14. Hi Guys, Just installed and tested the module and my email came out like this: Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance ?
  15. Well, here we go again. I was testing to see if the Mollie module works and got this error on the checkout page: Checkout Warning: include(/customers/a/4/3/big-in-fabric.com/httpd.www/site/modules/PaymentMollie-PW3/vendor/composer/../../src/MollieApiClient.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/a/4/3/big-in-fabric.com/httpd.www/site/modules/PaymentMollie-PW3/vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php on line 444 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/customers/a/4/3/big-in-fabric.com/httpd.www/site/modules/PaymentMollie-PW3/vendor/composer/../../src/MollieApiClient.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /customers/a/4/3/big-in-fabric.com/httpd.www/site/modules/PaymentMollie-PW3/vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php on line 444 I checked to see but the files it is referring to, like: /customers/a/4/3/big-in-fabric.com/httpd.www/site/modules/PaymentMollie-PW3/vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php Is actually right there. Any ideas on how to fix that? ? Thanks again guys.
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