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  1. Yes, that was me via paypal. Console says: Empty string passed to getElementById(). The message stays on top and only goes away when I refresh the page.
  2. I don't know, is it going to help you complete padloper next version? If not I would say it is a waste of time, but what do I know, I am not a programmer, just a guy who paid for padloper and keeps hoping something will happen to get a good shopping environment working with processwire. But to be quite honest, judging by the slowness of reactions on the closed forum of padloper and the lack of progress here, I am not so sure if this is ever going to be a product that I would trust my shops to. But hey if you love Vue, I hope the two of you get real happy. BTW any news to report on padloper?
  3. @David Karich I think I may have found a bug. When I click the copy button I get the popup overlay, which when I click on OK does NOT go away. I tried on firefox and on chrome, I am on PW 3.0.148 current master Only way I can move on to next item is when I refresh the page Question: would it be possible to extend your module with option for multiselect repeater matrix items?
  4. @David Karich thanks for this valuable module. It is exactly what I need for the site I am now working on! @ryan could this be integrated into the repeater matrix module? Would be awesome!
  5. I use vimeo, so would be very happy with lite-vimeo-embed plugin
  6. Anyone interested in co-funding the development of pw lscache plugin? Hi All, I have been running my processwire sites on openlitespeed for a while now and am pleased with the speed. I would like to ask if there are people who are interested in having someone build a lscache plugin for processwire? To be clear: I am NOT a developer, but am willing to fund part of the cost On: https://www.litespeedtech.com/products/cache-plugins the processwire plugin is missing, would be nice to have it there, but even nicer to have my pw sites made even faster with lscache. Mind you I already have procache, but I believe this will speed that up even more. If you want to co-fund please say so in the reply. If you would or could build it, please reply below as well. thanks! P.S. Let me go first: I pledge 100 euro.
  7. @Pixrael thanks for sharing that about shopify light, that might be just what I need roght now. Does this also allow integration of the checkout details onsite or inside the pw page? I'll check your link, but decided to ask you as well. Once again thanks for sharing the link, but also your experience and calculations, good stuff!
  8. Hi @kongondo just very curious as a padloper customer. Would it be possible for you to communicate a tiny bit more about what is happening maybe when to expect the fruit of all your hard work just so we know when to budget our sending you money for the upgrade to the next version thanks!
  9. Thanks @adrian, I just replicated by hand now, couldn't figure out how to get this going, so just decided to go manual, thanks for thinking along though.
  10. this one: ProcessWire\WireException SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '24' for key 'PRIMARY' search►
  11. I just tried copying repeater items from one page to another and got this error: ProcessWire\WireException SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '24' for key 'PRIMARY' search► any idea how to fix? .../core/FieldtypeMulti.php:305 295: } 296: 297: try { 298: $query = $database->prepare(rtrim($sql, ", ")); 299: $result = $query->execute(); 300: } catch(\Exception $e) { 301: if($useTransaction) $database->rollBack(); 302: if($this->wire('config')->allowExceptions) throw $e; // throw original 303: $msg = $e->getMessage(); 304: if($this->wire('config')->debug && $this->wire('config')->advanced) $msg .= "\n$sql"; 305: throw new WireException($msg); // throw WireException 306: } 307: 308: } else { 309: $result = true;
  12. Thanks @Macrura, sorry to bother, but is that in root htaccess or in site? Funny thing is that hanna code allows me to save as long as there is no php code in there
  13. Thanks @Macrura unfortunately that did not work for me, where did you put this in your htaccess? Thanks
  14. @teppo thanks for your thoughts. This has worked before, and fortunately the code still works, but when I try to change anything and save, it throws this error. I changed VPS recently and moved from freebsd to centos with litespeed and different security settings on the host than before, so this must indeed be the problem. The error screen indeed shows litespeed at the bottom, so it seems like a server thing rather than a processwire thing. Now the big question is what do I need to change where so it will work again. What is it in Hanna Code that triggers WAF, any ideas? Thanks again teppo.
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