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  1. Hello @bernhard, What I think? Briliant, I like your thinking here! It would definitely make sense to me, in fact I have 2 sites I would like merged into one system that allows use of all functionailty of the two sites with ease of changing the look and feel front end, but with proven abck end system in place Necessary features? - Repeater matrix list of reusable sections to easily build pages - Easy way of changing the look and feel of a whole site by changing as few things as possible Good stuff Bernhard!
  2. I love the idea, I used soma's modulesmanager with much pleasure, so look forward to this one as well! Good work @jens.martsch
  3. For a while I tested litespeed, worked fast and simple, I did not have to change anything on the server except turn it on through a plugin in the controlpanel (directadmin) only thing was the cost per month, but the speed was great. Here is a link to a page that talks about apache, nginx and litespeed: https://www.litespeedtech.com/products/litespeed-web-server/compare-litespeed-apache-nginx Just found openlitespeed as well, the open source version of litespeed: https://openlitespeed.org/
  4. I recently upgraded to latest pw version 3.0.139 now when I use the FileEditor and try to save something I get the following error: Ajax request failed: error Any ideas how to fix this? thanks
  5. I use the following to get a redirect in the frontend to url outside of processwire, in my case to my shopping cart which is not part of processwire, but it can be any url as you can see below. What I did was add a page that uses a redirect template to the outside url 1- I made a template called redirect.php In the template I have this code: <?php $url = "https://www.xxx.xx/"; $session->redirect($url); ?> 2 - I added a page which uses the redirect template on the same level as the other pages that appear in the main menu. Works like a charm for me.
  6. This would be AWESOME to have on PW!
  7. Just adding my 2 cents as an encouragement for anyone considering buying pro modules. I am NOT a developer, but have very gladly worked with developers from this wonderful forum. I have bought 5 pro modules so far, also ones I do not use on any of my sites. All of my sites use procache, form builder and repeater matrix. Anybody out there who does not use procache, you are leaving money on the table by not speeding up your site. I try to make a living from my sites, and mostly succeed, and increased speed of my sites so far always translated to more sales, so procache is a must in my book. I bought promailer but do not use it, also prodevtools which I don't even understand what it does, but if Ryan makes it, and I can even slightly understand what it does, I'll just buy as my means of showing appreciation for this incredible piece of art we call processwire, which makes me money every day. I also bought padloper which I do not use, but I bought because I like the idea of a good shopping cart being developed for PW. Sorry for the rant, but I love this thing called Processwire!
  8. @Pixrael here are some of my thoughts I have worked with membership sites since 2001, after some fooling around I decided to go for amember.com for all the membership and payment stuff, it is a paid solution but as we all know nothing is free, you either pay someone for their work or put in the work yourself. What I would do based on your setup is two things: On the amember side I would specify 4 products: tool a, tool b, tool c and globals Globals could be a product that can be accessed from any of the other products: tool a, b or c (can be easily set within amember) On the processwire side of things I would just have a top level page, called tool a, also one for tool b etc and a globals thing that is added to all three tool pages. Now I would add some php to the template of the tool a page template that calls on amember to check whether the user has access to this page. Same for the other tool pages. This way you separate the whole membership side of things, including payments etc to amember, a proven tool with a track record that goes back a long time and you use the brilliance of PW for what it does best. The dabbling around within processwire of all the membership things, IMHO is just a waste of time, why re-invent the wheel when it is already running full on somewhere else and can be easily integrated. For integration I always use the programmers of amember who are available at reasonable fees to write the necessary code, or help you write it yourself. Amember will take care of the payment side of things, recurring payments is no problem, when a user cancels payment, it automatically blocks access on content on pw pages, you could also allow access to old stuff which was made available until payment cancellation etc. Just my 2 cents
  9. @draganthanks, I must have been logged in, was not aware of that, I checked on mobile and indeed it was still very snappy, thanks again. @wbmnfktr thanks for thinking along, much appreciated.
  10. @wbmnfktrGeneration time is the time it takes for the whole page to be generated on the server and loaded in person's browser.
  11. In my stats I see that my average generation time is now spiking. I have procache in place. Average generation time used to be around 0,12 secs, now it is up to 1,65 secs, anyone know what this could be? this is the site: www.rugpijnweg.nl Any ideas what could cause this? Thanks
  12. @LostKobrakai Thanks, that looks like just the thing!
  13. I have one site that is replicated across a number of sites. They all use the same fields, repeaters, templates etc. Now when I change or add things - functionalityonly - NOT content - to one site, how can I replicate all changes to all sites. To be clear, this has nothing to do with content, but only with templates, css, js, fields, repeater fields etc. How can I set one site to be the mother site and once changes are made there, I can roll those out to all the other sites that use the same templates, etc? Help and insight much appreciated Thanks
  14. Great idea, also for use with the soon expected promailer module. Here is a pdf with a list of disposable domains disposable-email-domains.pdf
  15. OK, solved, I copied the html to a file called nav.inc, then added this code to the template: <?php if ($page->landingpage !== 1) include ('nav.inc'); ?> That did the trick. Thanks
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