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  1. @Jonathan Lahijani I love what you are doing. I would like for you to take a look at something from the wordpress world, which is oxygenbuilder which bypasses the whole themeing system of wordpress. The oxygen builder is a thing to behold, and boy would I love to see that implemented in your processwire pagebuilder. If you want, I can give you access to the backend on one of my test sites so you can do a deep dive yourself. Below you see the backend of www.rugpijnweg.nl/wpress where I try to copy www.rugpijnweg.nl (which is a processwire site) to wordpress in oxygenbuilder I will start another post on why I even considered leaving processwire, but do not want to hijack your post, I just want to give you input on what I think would be brilliant if you could make your page builder like that. Below you see a screenshot of the backend, with on the right the different sections, as you can see I selected the Hero Video section, on the left you see a couple of tabs, Primary, Advanced and Style Flow. I opened up advanced so you can see all the options there. This allowed me to replicate my processwire custom made site, and add things easily. Mind you, I am not a coder, nor a developer, but sell my ebooks through my sites and need them to be easily adaptable to improve conversion. Reason for me to post is that I still can not get myself to fully leave processwire, IMHO it is the very best csm under the hood. So let me know if you want to see more of this, and I'll give you access.
  2. Ah, yes I was logged in, I see it now as well, funny thing is that it allows embedding with that link and when embedded it uses the thumbnail that I mentioned above, is it possible to get your module to get the new syntax for the thumbnails from vimeo?
  3. @adrianWhen I click on the link it shows the video no problem and when I check the source, the image that is used is this: https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/524593272-683024da51d7a69315a89203ef7e818253e11f50159cce6b9505370685f39582-d?mw=1400&mh=787 Whereas on my homepage that image that is uses is https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/524593272_960.jpg So the question now seems to be what part of your module gets and generates the image links, because I believe that is all that needs changing Thanks for thinking along
  4. It was set to only play on my domain @adrianI have just set it to public, thanks, can you try again?
  5. @adrian here it is: https://www.rugpijnweg.nl/ thanks
  6. Oh, I see it is the other module that gets the thumbnails ProcessGetVideoThumbs.module on line 188 I think something needs to cahnge. Here are the new instructions from vimeo: https://developer.vimeo.com/api/reference/videos#get_video_thumbnails Would you know how to fix this? Thanks ProcessGetVideoThumbs.module.php
  7. Hi @adrian Vimeo changed their api call instructions to get the thumbnails. https://developer.vimeo.com/api/reference/videos#get_video_thumbnails Could you update the module with the necessary changes please? I think line 188 in your module might need changing. I contacted vimeo and this is what they said:
  8. I contacted vimeo support and this is what they told me: So apparently the TextformatterVideoEmbedLazy module needs some adapting. I have attached that file, does anybody know what to change in there? Thanks TextformatterVideoEmbedLazy.module
  9. Have used vimeo for years now already on www.rugpijnweg.nl with lazyloaded video module, speedscores are very high on that site 100 for desktop and 99 for mobile, thanks to @netcarver for doing a lot of work under the hood! I use the paid version of vimeo, and ever since we started using video on that site, our conversions on the salespage doubled.
  10. Funding Processwire, Here are my thoughts, I think it could be a really good cash cow for many people, but only if they focus on something so many people out there want. Mind you I am not a developer, but an end user who needs developers to build stuff for me. Two of my sites are: www.rugpijnweg.nl and www.backpaingoodbye.com both made by people here on the forum. For me, like many others, my sites have to make me money. Therefore speed is important, hence I use procache on all my sites. Building blocks are important for easy building of pages that generate the action I need. Backpaingoodbye is good with that, all repeatermatric things in there. What I love about processwire is the speed and that anything can be built. The last part is also the problem, if I want something new, it has to be built. What I think processwire needs is something like www.thrivethemes.com, which is a separate company with an offering on top of wordpress, like there are more, but I particularly like many of the things they are making. What I hate about my sites with processwire, is that if I have some changes added to a site of mine, it just is a stupid nightmare to port new stuff to other sites that use the same profile. I guess rockmigrations would be great for that, but there you go, I need a developer to run things again, and I now have 4 sites running the same profile. For that reason I am now even considering moving over to wordpress, I got me a subscription to thrivethemes, but I HATE wordpress with a vengeance... all these stupid updates all the time. Thrivethemes itself is buggy and does not make sense, it produces slow sites, but hey I can get a lot of functionality. The underlying problem with processwire and its funding is that it is IMHO too much tech oriented, brilliant minds who build incredible things, but the huge market out there is just forgotten, and wordpress gobbles it up. And then people build stuff on top of wordpress and make a very good living. So here's what I believe would work: - get a group of people together and decide on & build a basic site structure that has all the fields anyone needs, with upgrade paths in place should the structure be extended - on top of this site structure build a storehouse of repeateable blocks with a page builder like thrive themes is using, but then better, more processwire like - then have the designers go crazy on developing a number of front end variations that change the look and feel of the whole site, just by pointing the whole show to a different css file - have some developers working on creating more building blocks focused on different niches, par example the coaching business would require agenda booking, same for hairdresser salons. - this way it would be possible to offer niche specific sites, including hosting I have ideas how this could work, and would like to hear if people are interested to develop these ideas further Let me know
  11. In the procache forum I posted about my hanna code solution to show the current date on a page. Posting here so others can use it if needed. Before I used a document.write solution, but google pagespeed gave warnings with that. I use this on salespages where I want the visitor to see the current date. Works great, I use the html below as [[date]] hanna code <p id="date"></p> <script> days = ["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"]; months = ["Januari","Februari","March","April","May","June","Juli","August","September","October","November","December"]; d = new Date(); datum = '' + days[d.getDay()] +', '+ months[d.getMonth()] + d.getDate() + ', '+ d.getFullYear() + ''; document.getElementById("date").innerHTML = datum; </script>
  12. Thanks for this module. I am on pw latest stable and the making of the package works fine Then when I upload to new site and run the installer, all seems to work, files are created, database is created, and the homepage shows up, yet when I click on any link I get a 404, somehow things do not work Any ideas?
  13. @kongondo, Great proof of concept! I would like to make a case for going the open source route with this and making this a group effort. Reason being that this is a massive undertaking. I recently decided to get a one year subscription to https://thrivethemes.com/ and to be honest I hate working with it, it is buggy, sometimes things save, other times they do not. But I do like the conversion focused page builder aspects of it. AND, what I also like is how this one guy who started it, now has a base of tens of thousands of customers. And the company now has close or more than 70 people working there. Why do I say all of this? Because years ago already I bought padloper, never used it because it is nowhere close to what I needed or need. Then on september 3rd 2018 I saw kongondo taking over, kudos to you I thought and still think. But over time I became worried more and more, because dates kept on moving away further, then on november 29 2020, I saw the post stating that padloper 2 alpha might be released Q1 to a closed base of alpha testers. Q1 2021 is now more than 2 years later than 2018 for a functionality that is key to broader adoption of something as great as PW. IMHO PW needs a good shopping solution yesteryear already. Just like I believe a good PW page builder is needed yesteryear also. There is a huge market out there, now going for products that have IMHO a far inferior engine underneath and are buggy to work with. Then if I see the smarts of the people now sharing stuff on this forum I have hopes that this can be turned into something made by people combining forces and getting a MVP out there asap, and then build on that to get fast iterations of minimum viable productversions. On one of my sites: https://www.backpaingoodbye.com/ @netcarver built all different blocks with repeater matrix, and it is a joy to work with already, and IMO the page builder could go the route of pre-made blocks that serve a specific conversion focused purpose on pages. If thrivethemes can build a base of customers around a page builder for wp, don't you guys think we could do better with a superior engine underneath? And don't you think it is too much for one person to take on? I am not a coder, but I could think of a business model where together we build the best page builder for websites for people that want their sites to generate results. The examples are out there, often buggy, yet making their makers lots of money, mind you I am NOT focused on the money side, but PW is such a dream to work with compared to the other stuff, so why not turn that dream into reality together, AND support our businesses as well. Proof of concept of business model? - subscription based conversion optimised page builder driven by the best engine under the hood - timebased and royaltybased payments to building participants, both coders, marketeers and ??? - a transparent website with access to all participants to see income streams and honest value add based division thereof - allow participants to create derivatives for their own projects @kongondo, I hope you do NOT see or take this as criticism... ....firstly it is not meant like that, on the contrary, you deserve a righteous applause for your taking on padloper on your own. I look forward to it going live. ...secondly, this processwire tribe is not a tribe where we criticize each other, but help each other reach unseen heights, at least that is how it feels to me. So once again, if any of my wording sounds like it is criticism, please excuse me for being Dutch Thanks and kudos to all you processwire lovers and ninjas from a Dutchman who loves this thing called Processwire!
  14. Just adding my voice from a user perspective. I am not a coder but a very happy user of processwire. For some of my sites I use the repeater matrix apporach which was done for me by someone from the forum, great work. End of last year I decided to buy access for one year to thrivethemes.com a builder for wp, simply because my business model needs landing pages, email squeeze pages, courses, etc. etc. I get sick already with the trouble of learning how to do stuff in thrivethemes environment. Everything I built so far is far slower than what I have in pw, but for pw I need developers everytime I need something new. The guy behind thirvethemes now has 70 people working, so there is a market for this type of stuff. I much prefer what I have in the repeatermatrix pw way of doing things, and would therefore be SOOOOOOO happy if this gets taken further and I beleive if a few of you coding ninjas would build the pw version of thrivethemes, there is a market waiting to be tapped into. Just my 2 cents! Love the discussion and the talent gathered here.
  15. Yes, I use this for the homepage only, which now can be easily filled with the content of another - unpublished - page Used to work like a charm, but ever since one of the updates since 3.148 I think it was it no longer works
  16. Thanks for your thinking along, but that did not work either. Funny thing is that this code used to work with I think PW 3.148, sometime after that it just stopped working
  17. Can anyone tell me what to change in the code below so it works again, this code used to work up until I think PW 3.148, sometime after that it just stopped working What it should do is this: - if the page is the homepage, and the Pagefield page2use4homepage is filled, then use the id of the page2use4homepage to pull data from to show in frontend for homepage if ($page->id === 1 && $page->page2use4homepage) { $page = $page->page2use4homepage; } If I just use the following code directly it works fine: $page = $pages(1771); Thanks!
  18. Yes, that was me via paypal. Console says: Empty string passed to getElementById(). The message stays on top and only goes away when I refresh the page.
  19. I don't know, is it going to help you complete padloper next version? If not I would say it is a waste of time, but what do I know, I am not a programmer, just a guy who paid for padloper and keeps hoping something will happen to get a good shopping environment working with processwire. But to be quite honest, judging by the slowness of reactions on the closed forum of padloper and the lack of progress here, I am not so sure if this is ever going to be a product that I would trust my shops to. But hey if you love Vue, I hope the two of you get real happy. BTW any news to report on padloper?
  20. @David Karich I think I may have found a bug. When I click the copy button I get the popup overlay, which when I click on OK does NOT go away. I tried on firefox and on chrome, I am on PW 3.0.148 current master Only way I can move on to next item is when I refresh the page Question: would it be possible to extend your module with option for multiselect repeater matrix items?
  21. @David Karich thanks for this valuable module. It is exactly what I need for the site I am now working on! @ryan could this be integrated into the repeater matrix module? Would be awesome!
  22. I use vimeo, so would be very happy with lite-vimeo-embed plugin
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