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  1. Great to ask others to crowdfund, so let me start myself: I am in for 100$ - if you think this is a great thing and want to see it happen, shout out and I'll add your amount to the top post!
  2. @horst Thanks for chiming in. I never got minimize.pw to work tried contacting them number of times, never got any reply, so I figure that is not the route. Thanks for the other input - OptimJpeg could be an option @matjaZP great to hear you are interested, how interested in terms of crowdfunding to pay a coder? @horst I would love to test this - I am on my own vps so can do what I like here @teppo so you could be game to code it then? My preference would be to have a local solution as well, but if needed paid is fine as well, as long as the results are good @kongondo, great question on the practical side of things, IMHO if x(the coder) could do the support, that would be great, if not then perhaps the community, but paying x for the updates would be fine as well for me. Thanks again for all who chimed in!
  3. EDIT after couple of days on the forum: Thanks all for your thoughts, we only raised 200$, and no one offered to code it since I am not a coder, only a very happy user of the great processwire cms I guess this will not happen - at least not now. Great discussion on the technical side of things, thanks for that! CROWDFUNDED SO far: OllieMackJames 100$ Peter Knight 100$ =================shout out below and I'll add your amount here============================ I would love to see a tinypng/tinyjpg integration module for processwire. Main focus is to get solid and good image compression, nothing else. There is already a php api: https://tinypng.com/developers/reference/php Who else is interested in this? Who would like to build it? What I would like it to do is the following: - have a backend where image compression settings can be changed/set - image compression upon upload - image compression of already uploaded files - procache integration - no interference with other modules like thumbnails or croppableimage (they should work with the optimized images) Please reply if you would like this module to happen, and how much you can contribute to the development costs, once ready the module will be given to the community then also reply your wishes. If you would like to build the module, please give a quote so we - the crowd - know how much to fund!
  4. @jacmaes thanks for that, will install and post back
  5. Does this still work ok? I am on pw 2.7.3 thanks!
  6. OK, found it elsewhere on this forum: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7525-module-processwire-core-upgrade/page-4 After manual upgrade of ProcesswireUpgrade module all was fine again!
  7. Just upgraded my server to php 7 and now get this error: Compile Error: 'continue' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context (line 655 of /xx/xxx/domains/xxxx.xx/public_html/site/modules/ProcessWireUpgrade/ProcessWireUpgrade.module) any ideas?
  8. Diagnostics module shows textformatter_video_embed InnoDB / latin1_swedish_ci Rows: 24 Data: 16.00 KB Index: 0 bytes Warning Character set mismatch with connection. This might lead to data corruption. Sanitise your data to match latin1 before sending it to the DB. any ideas how to fix this?
  9. New processwire - responsive - site live on www.rugpijnweg.nl Thanks to this forum I found vxda who did all the coding while the design was done with his colleague Piotr from 7thavenue. Rugpijnweg.nl uses procache, and gets high scores on gtmetrix.com. It still needs some better way to optimize images and serve scaled images. Any feedback much appreciated, this site is meant to be fully responsive. Used Modules: - Procache (thanks Ryan) - ModulesManager (thanks soma) - ProcessJumplinks (thanks mike-rockett) - Thumbnails (thanks apeisa) - Get Video Thumbs (thanks adrian) Still some minor stuff needs done, happy to incorporate any feedback to make it better!
  10. Thanks Mike, I went for: articles.html?tags={tags:all} and then for destination I just picked one page, seems to do the trick I did look at the wildcards documentation, but what I did not get was how to do 2 things, one is the example you gave and the second is I don't want {tags} in a destination I just wanted one particular page. I am cleaning all those tag pages for panda reasons but some of them have incoming traffic and links, I now point that all to a sitemap type of page on my site. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  11. How would I setup a jumplink that does something like this: articles.html?tags=*.* to one page with *.* I mean everything possible behind that sorry about this noob question but I just can't figure it out.
  12. HI LostKobrakai, tnx for that, sounds good! Now if only I knew how to do that, can you give an example that might work? The code below blocks all get parameters, what do I need to add or change to exclude admin-backend folder? thanks! RewriteCond %{query_string} . RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} !^.*\/piwik/index\.php?(.*) RewriteRule (.*) /$1? [R=301,L]
  13. NO start and NO end date set anywhere, tnx!
  14. Mike, thanks for the module, I just migrated a modx site to pw and am using this full on - running into trouble though. When I input a jumplink it does a 302 and that is NOT good for google, I need them to be 301. So the question is how can I make sure all the redirects are 301 and there are no 302 302 means google gets confused and that means my traffic hurts. Thanks for the help! Baie dankie
  15. Thanks Mike, that seems to do the trick for this one. Still wondering though, I managed to get all in one go, but lost access to the admin side of pw, would anyone know how to do this. Maybe do admin on https? Site itself runs on http. Anyone any ideas? thanks!
  16. Tried all the following, but none allows access to my pwire named admin dir: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(pwire) [NC] RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} !^.*\/pwire/page\?(.*) RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/pwire/.*$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/(pwire) [NC,OR]
  17. @LostKobrakai, tnx for that, just wondering what it means that GET data are use all over and how to go about it to still allow that to work through htaccess, any ideas?
  18. Found the solution: This stops access to processwire admin as well! ANybody know how to fix? Add this to your htaccess file: RewriteCond %{query_string} . RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} !^.*\/piwik/index\.php?(.*) RewriteRule (.*) /$1? [R=301,L]
  19. In my visitor stats I just found a strange string added to my url www.domain.com/name-of-page/?sa=X&ved=0CDwQ9QEwEzigAWoVChMIyOTM7sb-xgIVy-8UCh2tBwDi Here's the question: how can I get processwire to not keep the url like that? I am already working with canonical, but also want htaccess rewrite or something to take care of this. Anyone know how to do this? thanks!
  20. Thanks diogo! This is what I was looking for, very happy now!
  21. tpr, thanks for chiming in I have no _func.php file and I don't want extra logic checking visitor locale. For each language I just have a separate domain, all optimezed for seo for that local g'gle And next to that I expect this code to give me trouble within functions again, but thanks for chiming in! diogo, can you please elaborate, this sounds like what I want, but am not sure how to do that. Is this what I should do?: 1 - make template site-wide-translations.php 2 - have fields for that template with the label of the field the default text in english 3 - in the page based on that template and with all the fields I input the correct words for this language version? The above I can figure out, now the mystery for me is: - how to use the fields in other templates, how do I call on them? - and how do I do that within extra functions within those templates? Thanks!
  22. Thanks Mike - you ROCK! that works like a charm!
  23. I have a website design that will be used in at least three languages AND on three different domains. In the templates I have some stuff hard coded that I want to change in one place. Please tell me the best way to go about this, somewhere I read that global vars is not a good thing with processwire. I tried a variation with the translator module from pw, but find that very cumbersome, I am looking for a solution to just have one language file with the vars that will then be used all over the place, within or outside of fucntions. I now have made one language-nl.php file which goes like this: <?php global $more_articles; $more_articles = "Meer artikelen hier onder:"; global $add_to_cart; $add_to_cart = "In Winkelwagen"; global $must_see_cap; $must_see_cap = "AANBEVOLEN"; global $must_see; $must_see = "Aanbevolen"; global $related_articles; $related_articles = "Gerelateerde Artikelen"; global $most_popular; $most_popular = "Meest Populair"; global $add_to_cart_cap; $add_to_cart_cap = "IN WINKELWAGEN"; ?> I needed to go with global vars because in some templates I use code like this: function getPromoted($page, $related = false) { global $related_articles; $promotedPages = $page->promoted_articles; $items = ""; if (!count($promotedPages)) return; if (!$related) { $items .= "<div class='promoted'>"; } else { $items .= "<header><h2>$related_articles</h2></header>"; } $items .= "<div class='article-list'>"; foreach ($promotedPages->not(wire('page')->id) as $p) { $category = $p->rootParent->id == 1015 ? "back-pain" : ($p->rootParent->id == 1016 ? "bulging-disc" : ($p->rootParent->id == 1017) ? "sciatica" : null ); $img = ""; $isVideo = $p->video_embeding ? 'isVideo' : ''; if (count($p->image)) { $img = $p->image; } else if ($p->video_images->first()) { $img = $p->video_images->first(); } list($width, $height) = @getimagesize($img->getThumb('listingthumb','path')); $items .= " <article class='category-" . $category . " " . $isVideo . "' itemscope itemscope itemtype='http://schema.org/ItemList'> <div class='inner' itemprop='itemListElement'> <a itemprop='url' href='" .$p->url. "'> <div class='picture'> <div class='label'>" . $p->rootParent->title . "</div> <img itemprop='image' src='".$img->getThumb('listingthumb')."' width='".$width."' height='".$height."' alt='".$p->title."' /> </div> <h5 itemprop='name' class='title'>".$p->title."</h5> </a> </div> </article> "; } $items .= "</div>"; if (!$related) $items .= "</div>"; return $items; } Any ideas how to do this simpler and smarter? Thanks!
  24. Hi Macrura, thanks for your thoughts. Yes I did put the redirect after the <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> and tested at all different locations in the htaccess file FYI, it does redirect but adds something to the url and throws an error old.html redirects to the new url but with something added to the url, like this: /new-location/?it=old.html The errors have to do with procache This is the full error: Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for /home/xxxxxxxx/domains/xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/public_html/site/templates/styles/main.css in /home/bpgdby/domains/backpaingoodbye.com/public_html/site/modules/ProCache/ProCacheFileMerger.php on line 161 Warning: filesize(): stat failed for /home/xxxxxxxx/domains/xxxxxxxxxxx.com/public_html/site/templates/styles/main.css in /home/bpgdby/domains/backpaingoodbye.com/public_html/site/modules/ProCache/ProCacheFileMerger.php on line 161 404 Not Found tnx!
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