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  1. Thanks SiNNuT, It looks like it is possible, so that is definitely great! Would anybody be able to do this and turn it into a module? In the posts mentioned above I read some hesitation to use the pagination within articles/pages, but I would like to plead strongly in favor. Visitor engagement is growing more and more important to get high search engine rankings and that is why I want it. Better visitor engagement leads to higher rankings (more is needed, but it definitely helps, ask anyone who was hit by the famous panda and recovered) and higher rankings leads to more visitors.And that is why I have sites: to get visitors to take action on. So thanks for the help and I would love to hear there is a module doing this in PW!
  2. Anybody know how to paginate one article and create a TOC to be shown on all subpages? Reason I want this is to increase user engagement on site and reduce bounce rate. Rather than have one long article, I want to split the singel page into more pages and have an automatic table of contents appear within each page of the article. I am aware that I could just split the article manually and have a custom template for pages built like that, but am asking here to see how you guys tackle this. I think the following could be done but then I would have to create all individual pages, I rather just write the one long page and then go in and add the split page commands and have PW do the rest automatically. So after the split it would show the following probably: First the old situation - page with one long article - url-to-long-page Now the situation I would like: - url-to-long-page (but I added the split commands and then pw just adds a TOC and the following) - url-to-long-page/2 - url-to-long-page/3 Hope this makes sense, if you want to see an example: http://clickbump.com/clickbump-menus/ And here it is explained: http://clickbump.com/toc/ Thnks all for a brilliant CMF!
  3. Really like the sound of this as well. I would love to see amazon s3 incorporated. I do have a wordpress script handy that does all this, would not know how to port this, but you are welcome to take a look at the source.
  4. Thanks for all who answered or PM-ed. Job is now taken, site will soon be up and driven by processwire!
  5. Any news on this front? very much interested in testing it.
  6. OK, thanks Ryan, I was led to believe that getting the core out of the root would improve security, but I can see that the htaccess does deal with that. Thanks for a great product, just started yesterday and so far really REALLY like what I see.
  7. Hi Pete, Thanks for a great module. I have installed the blog profile (thanks ryan) on a testsite and am playing around. The blog profile uses skeleton css and js and the whole skeleton directory is one up from styles and scripts Any idea how to get those in? thanks Olllie
  8. Diogo, thanks for thinking along, no luck either $wireDir = '../wire'; did not work - gave me this message: Unable to complete this request due to an error. tnx
  9. Diogo, tried that but no luck: I uploaded wire to /home/xxxx/domains/domain.com/wire and changed $wireDir = 'wire'; to $wireDir = '/home/xxxx/domains/domain.com/wire'; and nothing worked any more. Maybe it needs another setting? thanks
  10. Bought it as well and tested the speed of the delivery of pages through sitebeam.net and all pages now under 0.1 s which is a 10 in their book, so kudos to ryan! Here's a quote from sitebeam.net about what they mean with response time: ====================quote==================================== The response time is usually a measure of the application powering the website (e.g. a Content Management System or webserver) and the power of any servers running that application. Good application performance means webpages feel responsive to users, and the server is more likely to handle higher volumes of traffic. Poor performance will dissuade users and search engines from the site. ==========================end of quote sitebeam================= And the highest score possible is 0.1 sec and that is what all my pages were doing.
  11. How can I install pw with the wire core files one directory up from the public_html? I tried but could not get it to work. I had to keep the wire dir in the root. thanks Ollie
  12. Hello Pete and JeffS, Sent both of you a pm with details of 2 sites I would like to have ported to pw. thanks Ollie
  13. I am totally new to processwire, but really like the filosophy of it. I am looking for someone to port some site designs to processwire. I have a number of sites on modx evolution, but now am interested in getting started on pw. Anybody interested in porting the design and functionality of one or more sites to pw? thnks Ollie
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