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  1. I have issues with the mobile version of the blog portfolio. I changed the logo for an image and put a video on the homepage. When i enter on a phone or tablet it doesnt render as it is supposed. What can i do to resolve this? the site is: www.ktspr.com
  2. Thanks for the instructions! They are very complete! I hope you get to fit the HTML Kickstarter theme on PW, it would be nice! i got to play around with the code you gave me and it was great, eventhough i could not achieve what i wanted. Doesnt matter, im a newbe here though and im experimenting with the possibilities here in PW. i got to create this blog:http://ktspr.com/blog/ , its basically the default blog profile. But i love the feeling it has, i dont know if it makes sense. Here is where i wanted to add a featured articles tab or slideshow in the homepage... could not achieve this for now... :/ The other project i have is a small food delivery service which im working on the dummy. Here i would like to have orders taken from the website so that they can be delivered, here is the demo: http://ktspr.com/elsistemad/ here i will be asking for some tips on how to best organize and make possible a checkout and things like that... thanks for the tips!!!!
  3. Hi, im trying to embed a youtube video on a body of a home.php. I supposedly have the Video Embed module, but i insert the link and doesnt gets converted to video. The i try to insert the Iframe embed but it gets erased as soon as i save it. It is very useful and simple to embed stuff in a body text area... why is it not supported in PW?
  4. wow! great answer... im right now on my cellphone, but as soon as i get home ill give it a try and let you know. thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot! Im new here and eventhough i have a simple knowledge of html and php i still need to figure out how it is implemented in PW. I hope i dont annoy people in the forum, but im sure other people that come to PW will have similar doubts
  6. Hi, First of all, is there a way to enhance the html experience in the body of the pages? It seems that it doesnt render html code as it is supposed. Second, HTML Kickstarter is a nice way to get html snippets, but i dont know how to implement it in PW. If anyone knows let me know
  7. Hi again. This is my first project on processwire, by now i think its a whole lot more professional than wordpress (the cms i used before). I want to make a magazine style blog, with featured articles, a slideshow or a featured article's tab in the homepage. Im looking around and dont seem to find a module that makes this possible. If anyone knows a "simple" way to do this, ill be more than glad to read
  8. Ok, so i got the header with a logo image Tried to work around imitating other processwire installation i have with a common site and ended up with this at the main.inc file around line 60: <div id="masthead" class="sixteen columns"> <div id="site-headline" class="twelve columns alpha"> <a href='<?php echo $config->urls->root; ?>'><p id='logo'>ProcessWire</p></a> </div> Then added a logo tag to the CSS in the main css like this in the masterhead section: #logo { position: relative; left: 0; padding-bottom: 0; padding-top: 0; margin: 0; background: url(images/logo.png); width: 392px; height: 100px; text-indent: -9999px; } I dont know if i did it right, but it worked out for me
  9. I really dont know code... what would the final code be? I found that line 60 in main.inc but i dont know what to change on it.
  10. Hi, I just installed blog profile's processwire and want to change the title for an image logo. Im a newbe on processwire and on coding so sorry for my question.
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