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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, there, ProcessWire community. I'm seriously considering ProcessWire to make a Magazine-like site. But first, allow me to indulge in some history. Two years ago I was searching for a CMS to make a site for a magazine. I remember Processwire seemed very attractive but in the end I chose Wordpress. Boy did I ended up regretting that decision! Not that the site doesn't work, it works just fine, it just that maintaining it has been such a pain in the ass (and ended up stealing editing time, as I was also the editor). This year, as I transition to a new position, we hired a developer to simplify the admin burden that's currently placed on the very small staff of the magazine. With more than 2,500 posts, all of whom depended on custom plug-ins, we decided that moving out of Wordpress was out of the questions, even if it took so much time, we were to invested in it. In conclusion, I don't wan't to fall into the same mistakes and now I'm thinking about building a new site for a new in ProcessWire. It seems like it can already do a lot of the things my previous site did without the need of plugins: tags, categories, multiple authors, multiple post formats. But some plugins I think I will need, such as the one for adding fields to images (for properly crediting the images). I would also love a Markdown editor, which it seems currently doesn't exist. So I have a few question for you: * How stable are plug ins? Am I going to run into the same problem as Wordpress, when plugins stop working from one update to the next? * How easy is ProcessWire to update? I'm chosing it in part for the roadmap, and I want to take advantage of new functionality when it approaches? * Will 2k visitors, 6K pages daily be any problem with ProcessWire? * Can I have a template for a single page? * How come there's no markdown editor? I am mainly an editor with some self taught front-end skills. All the php I know is from this last two years battling against Wordpress. I already feel I'm a little over my head but I hope I'm making the right choice
  2. hi everyone, i will appreciate some help of you. if you had to build a news portal with multiple categories and tons of articles, How would you build it? solution 1 home page category 1 item item category 2 item item solution 2 Home Page news category1| template 1 article | template 1,2 article | template 1,2 category2 | template 2 article | template 2,2 article | template 2,2 solution 3 Home Page news | template 1 article -> page field selected category | template 2 article -> page field selected category | template 2 article -> page field selected category | template 2 category page field category 1 category 2 category 3 of course i have study Ryans blog module and i know he use the third solution but i am afraid if this style gone be hard after some thousands of articles to be filtered, searched. thanks
  3. Hi again. This is my first project on processwire, by now i think its a whole lot more professional than wordpress (the cms i used before). I want to make a magazine style blog, with featured articles, a slideshow or a featured article's tab in the homepage. Im looking around and dont seem to find a module that makes this possible. If anyone knows a "simple" way to do this, ill be more than glad to read
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