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  1. Yeeeeeeeees , problem solved , that was it. thank you
  2. sigh , thanks Kongondo , i will search for it
  3. Right , sorry if did not explain correctly my problem
  4. no $p->render() just dummy html from processwire view thats right you save your content and its been update but im making html changes or writing some simple php code like <?php echo time(); ?> foreach loops e.c and it doesnt show my modified code unless save the current page or manually clear the cache.
  5. i have test two templates and its the same, if change some field and press the save button cache is cleared and return the new value.
  6. its not only styles, is also simple html code or just dummy text (screenshot) looks like it auto clear cache every 3-5 minutes
  7. Hi kongondo, im working local (MAMP), i have try with chrome and safari, also i access the page through local network from another pc and the first time load is getting the right data and after that return from cache, cant be sure about browser cache i will test it more. though every time i clear the cache pages from assets/cache processwire recreate them, don' t know if that matters. thanks for your response
  8. hi I have observed that processwire always cache my page even if i have disable cache from template, my problem is that trying to style the page and to be able to see my changes i have to clear the cache either by save the page again or delete the assets/cache/* or inside module page render . i have try processwire v 3.0.39, 3.042, 3.051 thanks
  9. hello adrian thank you for your response but it doesnt work ..... let me explain, in frondend i can set and save the field, I have a module that runs in backend and it neads to save that field from a form. i have try everything i found in the forum but nothing worked. thank you .....
  10. Hello, how can i set autocomplete field value from api. i have try with $page = wire('pages')->get(1); $page->of(false); $page->autocompleteField = 7111; $page->save(); $page->of(true); but doesn't work. thank you.
  11. hello adrian i was looking for this, but i couldn't find it. Thank you
  12. Hello Jonathan is it possible search text inside attachments thank you
  13. ok adrian Thank you, this is what i was looking for.
  14. hello, is it somehow possible to have a page field that contains as list all the fields thank you
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