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  1. ok I will check it and if i need further assistance here will do a post Thanks for you time
  2. Hello all, I would like to start up a project from scratch. The project is not pretty complicated since only contains images and texts as base It is about 7-8 pages different content I would like in my first project with PW your help on how to start and what to i do... What proper structure to follow My knowledge is of a good level as html & css & php I try as best as possible Thanks in advance
  3. Hello Ivan & Teppo, thank you very much for your time, I appreciate and understand your response but also your advice. About PHP Framework simply probably somewhere I would have read the internet, but I do not remember from where. No matter though, I think covered from your answer I will try to create something through the ProcessWIre, I just wanted to have a first glance. Also I've downloaded and run the CMS and see that it is a Powerfull & Customize whenever this helps quite Also 2 other things 1. With a maximum number of 10, to what extent you could define safety of cms stability and functionality 2. The project that we will be a daily news site, so there will be quite a large data in site & database, it could affect the cms and functionality Thanks again for your time and sorry if my english is not very good
  4. Hello all, I'm new here in your community and working in my free time with Web desing & Development. I'm not many years in the web but I try for the best possible. Also I have not worked with ProcessWire CMS. However I have read enough good things about this the CMS I have a question but do not know if I'm in the right section here in forum, if not I apologize from administrators... I have a project and am intermediate in a Custom CMS from scratch and in a CMS eg the ProcessWire. I know the difficulties or the differences from a Custom cms from scratch, but would like to know if a CMS like processwire, I could create an corresponding Project similar with a custom cms... considered the ProcessWire a Powerful cms correctly Also a clarification on ProcessWire, the cms have based php Framework codeigniter or i do wrong; Thanks in advance
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