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  1. I think this was a bug. It affected ordinary repeaters too. It seems to have been fixed in 3.0.180
  2. Nice photos. Do you have any issues with image theft posting relatively hi-res images without watermarks? I have quite a lot of photos on one of my personal websites, but they are scaled down and watermarked, and even then, I've found some of them pop up on other people's websites without anyone asking permission. I inherited a camera club website made with Concrete, and the performance was terrible, and the editing process was horribly easy to mess up even if you mostly knew what you were doing. ProcessWire has nice image handling capabilities.
  3. Oops! Second site was on older version of Tracy. Upgrading to latest got pagination working with Lister Pro with Tracy Logs enabled. Whatever has changed with that panel between versions might give a clue as to why the other two are causing issues.
  4. I think I've located the culprits. Debug mode and Request info panels both seem to trigger the behaviour. I disabled all panels, and then started enabling them one at a time. With either of these panels enabled I get the behaviour, but otherwise things work as expected. Just testing on the other site. Results seem a bit different, in this case Tracy Logs also triggered the behaviour.
  5. Just checked. Yes it's still there, but pagination works in Lister Pro. I've just tested on another site, and there are no console errors, but pagination doesn't work in Lister Pro with Tracy enabled, but does with it disabled.
  6. Thanks @Robin S In the JS browser console, I get an error relating to a service worker I have registered for the site, so that might have something to do with it. Strangely, both modules were working just now, but I logged out and back in and they both stopped working again. The upgrades module never gets past the continue button to load the latest versions of modules, and Lister Pro does nothing when clicking on pages. Disabling Tracy from the Tracy bar at the bottom of the screen without logging out, they both work as expected again. I don't actually want or need the service worker running when on the site admin, so I'll see if I can change its scope so it's only associated with the public part of the site and see if that makes any different.
  7. When Tracy is enabled, the latest Upgrades module doesn't display the list of modules installed/available for upgrade, and with Lister Pro, pagination doesn't work. Disabling Tracy results in these modules working fine.
  8. I'm not sure about using pagination in other situations, but with Lister Pro, it breaks when Tracy Debugger is enabled. Disabling Tracy Debugger causes pagination to work again with Lister Pro. I haven't tested with other scenarios, but if you have Tracy Debugger installed and enabled, and everything else with your pagination seems to be set up correctly, it might be worth disabling Tracy to see if that makes a difference.
  9. There seems to be a new bug in that image fields from a template for image captions and descriptions etc for an image that is used in a repeater aren't getting saved.
  10. @matjazp Is it safe to just overwrite the old unmaintained module with your one? I have a site that has it installed, and it seems to be working, but it is generating a large number of log entries with warnings in Tracy Debugger.
  11. This module works well, but with Lister Pro and inline editing within the Lister Pro table, even with the check box to update on save for this module, file names aren't renamed, although opening via a full edit and saving does work. I suspect the issue might be the way Lister Pro works, but if it's possible to get this module to work with inline editing mode in Lister Pro it would be handy.
  12. This sounds like an SNI problem, although Windows 7 should support SNI. https://www.kinamo.be/en/support/faq/which-browsers-support-server-name-indication-sni The other possibility could be root certificates that aren't recognised by Windows 7, or TLS/SSL versions supported by the server. A lot of servers have retired older versions of TLS because they're insecure, and by default Windows 7 doesn't support newer versions. https://www.zdnet.com/article/nsa-urges-system-administrators-to-replace-obsolete-tls-protocols/ If this is the case, changing the CMS won't resolve the problem, as the problem is an issue between the server and Windows 7 not the CMS. This might help you: https://help.runbox.com/enabling-tls-1-2-on-windows-7/ If enabling TLS 1.2 on Windows 7 makes the website work with Windows 7, then you have the answer to what is causing the problem. Unfortunately you can't be sure that anyone running Windows 7 has enabled TLS 1.2, and if the server has disabled older versions for security, it's unlikely to be able to get insecure versions of TLS enabled again, as it puts the server at risk. It's over a year now since Windows 7 reached end of life, so anyone still using it on the internet is taking big risks with their security.
  13. I wanted to do something a little different but the code for this module helped me figure out how to achieve it. I had an existing page with a page reference field with a value that I wanted as the default value for the same page reference field when used on another template, ie I wanted to be able to allow admin but non-super users set a default themselves on a site settings page that they could change periodically. I ended up doing it as a hook in ready.php, but I guess with some more work it could be made into a module. It would need to allow selection of both source template and field, and templates the default should apply to (to avoid circular references of the field to itself). /** * Check for default value and populate when appropriate */ $wire->addHookBefore('InputfieldPage::render', function(HookEvent $event) { /** @var InputfieldPage $if */ $if = $event->object; $inputfield = $if->getInputfield(); //$default_value = $this->getDefaultValue($inputfield); if (!($if->hasPage->template == 'ProductionRole' && $if->hasField->name == 'pageShow')) return; $default_value = $event->pages->get('name=settings')->pageShow; if (!$if->required || !$default_value || !$if->isEmpty()) return; $inputfield->value = $default_value; });
  14. As everyone working in IT should know, it's important to use effective antivirus systems. 🙂
  15. As a matter of curiosity, any specific type of club? I've built or am in the process of building two, for quite different types of clubs with different requirements. One I'm getting paid for, the other more complex one I'm not, as one of the joys of serving on the club committee, and being the only member of the club with the capability to maintain and develop the club website. I suspect there are some base requirements for any kind of club, eg, track members, manage subs, handle newsletters, and maybe have a club website and blog but then beyond that there may be unique features depending on what the club does.
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