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Found 3 results

  1. S. Siedle & Söhne Telefon- und Telegrafenwerke OHG is one of the leading manufacturers of building communications technology in Germany and Europe. For a company of this size it is important to have a solid brand communication. For this reason our agency designconcepts developed a portal where the employees of the company as well as others who work with or have interest in their brand can find everything that is important for the brand Siedle. The website introduces the brand, provides informations for different topics (for example logos, typography, colors etc.) and has a large Media-Center with images, videos and documents. The website was build with the framework UIkit. brand.siedle.com Features: Repeater Matrix Protected Content Media-Center Cart Auotcomplete Search Repeater Matrix The information pages are build with a Repeater Matrix field and have a two columns layout. To be even more flexible, a section is a content element containing two Repeater Matrix fields for each column. This maybe sound crazy at first but was no problem and made complex layouts possible. ? Protected Content Not all of the informations are meant for guests, so we made it possible to protect each page, section and content element with a checkbox. If this checkbox is checked, the content will only be visible for logged-in users. Media-Center The core of the brand portal is the Media-Center. The Media-Center is actually a mirror of a separate digital assets management database where the client can manage images, videos and documents with a nice interface in a protected environment. All new assets will be synced via a shell script containing PHP and curl commands calling the API of the database. This script will be executed every 15 minutes via cron job. This way all of the assets are saved as pages in ProcessWire and we can expand them with our own logic and fields. Also for the unlikely case that the database is not available, the Media-Center would still work. Cart Inside the Media-Center you can add assets to your cart. This cart is for downloading selected assets or sharing them with others. A cart will be accessible for 30 days. Modules used: Admin Custom Files Continents and Countries Email Obfuscation (EMO) Front-End Page Editor Functional Fields Markup Sitemap XML ProCache Repeater Matrix Tracy Debugger Upgrades Regards, Andreas
  2. AndZyk


    Our agency website is not exactly new, because we relaunched it late 2014. At this time we have build it with the CMS Contao and Bootstrap as framework. Although I always liked our website, I was never quiet happy with it. Contao is a great CMS, but knowing ProcessWire it felt tedious managing content. Also it limited me as a developer. So the past months I have rebuild our website with ProcessWire and switched the framework to UIkit, because it made a good first impression on me and I wanted to learn it. Now I am happy with our website, because it is cleaner, faster, easier to manage and more optimized for search engines. www.designconcepts.de Modules used: ProFields ProCache Map Marker Pages2JSON Markup Sitemap XML Tracy Debugger Email Obfuscation Regards, Andreas
  3. Hey all, just wanted to share with you the new Milktop website http://www.milktop.co.uk/ (powered by PW of course). This comes to life as the result of merging Milktop with ED DESIGN ( the design company of Diogo, who you all know and love and his partner Erika, a fantastic graphic designer). It's been great to work with this new team, and we hope that you guys will like the website as much as we have enjoyed creating it A few notes on how we accomplished some things: For the grid we used Bourbon Neat. We wanted to try out this framework since it doesn't make impact at all on the markup. We're pretty happy with the result, but in the end we feel like we didn't save that much time by using it than if we would have used simple SASS variables or created our own mixins. For the icons we used Fontello. This is great because it allows you to create a new font with your own set of icons from several sources, and even add some custom built icons by importing a SVG drawing. One advantage is that the final font only has the icons that you put there, which makes it a very small download. We decided to use large images to display our work in the best way possible, but we're serving smaller images for smaller screens. We do this by serving the smaller size by default and swapping the image for a larger version by measuring the container element : <img data-large="<?php echo $img->url; ?>" src="<?php echo $img->width(400)->url; ?>"> For speed we are using the excellent ProCache module by Ryan For publishing automatically to Twitter and Facebook we plan to (not done yet) publish a RSS feed with Ryan's RSS module and use IFFFT to pull it into both social networks. If you don't know IFFFT, you should definitely check it out. A final detail, our logo is designed in HTML and CSS Hope you guys like it and thanks again to the great ProcessWire community without whom this collaboration would never have happened. Have a great evening.
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