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  1. Well it is more a example of finding the right model to store things....if you would have 30 departments you would possible choose methode 2 or 3 for storing this kind of things...but the first model describes the most simpel way to store 1:1 connections - one member : one department.... Another thing that is here important this models are all show the usage of the pagetree in ProcessWire so a editor with a "small" company with "normal" amounth of departments could easy and fast manage his content....and we could fast get the data on frontend. On the Template side of life there you could read again on this from kongondo: These are just the basic examples for beginners - if you manage complex data and complex editing you could or better will use of ListerPro or even a own admin dashboard, hinding content from the pagetree that confuse the editors and make other strange but always possible things for managing complex content and at the same time give your users a good ui for editing this content. regards mr-fan
  2. Many new things are hidden in $urls for example is not in the API Reference....or just i did not find it. no problem for me since i like finding treasures and loot on the way - but just wanna mention it. Is there a chance to get involved or people could help extracting important bits from blogposts to the docs?
  3. I forgot this one...
  4. Just working on some smaller projects and take the step into the actual master/dev version and all the new methods and api chunks that are coming with the 3.x series... since i'm not always build websites i'm not always go with the brand new things and put them in my workflow....there is a 24 per day timelimit i think...;) BUT actual i dive deep in markup regions....and holy shit this feature ROCKS! It should put in place better than in some blogposts: or can some admins make a headline in the official docs and link to the blogentries?? This feature is to important to get missed for beginners and other users of PW! I'm just kick my whole workflow and change it for the markup regions....i'm feeling like xmas in summer Thank you @ryan Best regards and happy "new" year....
  5. you could use a template without a file...just as kind of datacontainer....and collect/view/edit this data in a other template/file like /doodle1/ shows all data from its childpages/entries... templates without files are not visible in the frontend, but you could use the API to get them where you wanna show them...;)
  6. like @LostKobrakai wrote are url segments for the whole store your weapon of choice... if you could live with and then /username/chart/....and so on you could all serve it from the /store/ template as routing to the needed data and users...
  7. Url can stay clean... ---doodles -----doodle1 (visible template that collects the entries for the doodle/poll ->url) --------entry1 (hidden page or no template - just a datacontainer with all fields you need) --------entry2 .... no changes everyone can reach a doddle via one link where you can show the existing entries and put a form for new ones... regards mr-fan
  8. ...a "members" module is a bunch of possible features that someone could imagine or thinking that this features are part of such a typ of module... so costs are really wide rage for the punchline "members module"... Pay a module is everytime needed when someone really could save time of development. I think if you've a basic feature list - there would be a price that someone is willing to pay and save time! I would for shure - for now using frontenduser module and some own scripts but i would prefer shared and supported module to own construstions on securtiy parts of a project... Edit: (or you talking only about the message system...? Such a system is only a own dashboard page with some scripting and two templates for the data under a hidden admin page...for this special case i think the more experienced devs are building their own system very fast) regards mr-fan
  9. Hmm i forgot a alpha module from @bernhard that works with more complex data in backend and frontend...
  10. Just named the matrix field because for put data from local to web this feature is a great one on this fieldtype: Yes you should create some PHP that renders the needed data for the javascript, or provide the data as JSON...many options again. regards mr-fan
  11. For the data of a chart you could use repeaters....or pages (repeaters use pages in the background) - this could be interesting since there are modules for pages to import csv to pages and some tool that are provided via the module BatchChildEditor. But there are two options for table data available, too. and for sure the pro module table: On the frontend you have the free choice on what you whant - for example you could use regards mr-fan
  12. Would be a task for You can save the data in that field and create one page per doodle/poll so you have a clean pagetree. ---doodles -----doodle1 (Matrix field with users and 3 columns for your entries, maybe some additional fields for title, descriptions and everything else) -----doodle2 ... regards mr-fan
  13. the first hit is this thread....with thoughts, examples and solutions....;) Regards mr-fan
  14. Please have a good read on this topic, too.... seems matching your needs a little bit, too. regards mr-fan
  15. client side image resizing is definitly a common need - if you work with non proffesional endusers that wanna trow images from their digcams online...;)