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  1. All this modules does almost what you wrote: - Central Image Management - Using a Template for Images (So a Image is a single "Page") If you need other things you could describe more in detail what you need. Since ProcessWire is hookable i don't thing editing Corefiles is a good idea. As a example you could take a look at this little snippet that use images in a folder structure (But i don't use it anymore...) regards mr-fan
  2. If you go the "a image is a page" route you could take a look at this older basic image manager that works with template image and possible custom fields for them. There is a professional Media Manager for central orgranised media, too: And at least a modul called MediaLibrary the also works with a template for images and files so this could used and expanded, too: So as always many options to choose from
  3. You could maybe use image tags and set a specific tag...
  4. Ok, the simplest thing is the worst thing somethimes... uninstalled the SessionHandlerDB Module and all worked like a PW showed how secure it is - even a complete systemchange under the radar is detected and you are locked out Best regards mr-fan
  5. I'm using the Sessions via this could be the bottleneck after the complete systemchange. How can i uninstall this module via API without harming the system? regards mr-fan
  6. The PHP User and FTP User are the same and in the same group permissions 777 are tested - i can't login so i can't install anything so far...but thanks for helping.
  7. If i try to force login via API i get only: Unable to complete this request due to an error. if($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]==''){ echo "TEST"; $config->debug = true; $config->protectCSRF = false; $config->sessionChallenge = false; $config->sessionFingerprint = false; $session->login('xxx', 'xxxx') //$user = $users('xxx'); //$session->forceLogin($user); //run only my ip }
  8. Now i have new news from my hoster that i have to clear here.... PHP is running on this server with the modern version of Fast CGI FPM Are there any problems or special settings that i have to look for??? Webserver is running not as the same user as www/PHP User only PHP and FTP User is the same, could this be the problem??? My local copy all worked great...i was very satisfied with the hosting until now. So i really don't wanna move the whole thing....and i don't wanna grab in the core files, but as a short solution it would be great if i could shut down this forge testing complete? regards mr-fan
  9. No problem - i'm poking in the dark the whole every new hint is helpful - mostly i overlook something
  10. There is nothing special on this i wrote it was a complete system move to new servers. So i had to change the entries: $config->dbHost = ''; //stays the same $config->dbName = 'xxxxx'; //new db name $config->dbUser = 'xxxxx'; //new db user $config->dbPass = 'xxxxx'; //new pw The old db and the old filesystem stays and is accessable via old logins. So i have only new logins to the "live" DB and the "live" filesystem that are pointed to the Domain in a new vHost environment...
  11. Bumb....while it is kind a strange...could this "forge" testing shut down complete...? It seems that the permission are all there, every other setting in $config don't change something... I'm a little bit helpless - will try to build a local copy of the installation at next...
  12. So the nice message showed up on one of my sites, too... - did all config stuff to false ->same result if CSRF is false no message just reloading the login screen, fingerprint and SessionChallenge no chance) - did all files to 777 for testing (i mean all files...) PW Version is 2.7.2 PHP Version 5.6.24 Every Domain runs in a vHost with own php.ini on this shared host - www and FTP user and group are the same.... Checked some PHP vars like max_input_vars and so on...but Frontend is running only login is failing. phpinfo() check only strange thing that i found is: _SERVER["HTTP_COOKIE"] wire_challenge=lko0BUK8O8Vy.WWIfl6cVJxxxxxxxxx; wire=92fc8adbfe8486f7dee4aabdf1477a7dxxxxxxxxe Tested from different browsers, inconito mode, different computers... The Big Change was a infrastructure change of my hoster to a complete new system. So i had have to adapt/change DB access in config.php und use a new ftp access to change PHP files but it should all switched properly - like i wrote the frontend is running well. Only main problem after the systemchange was a PHP warning on frontend if i put display errors on about set_time_limit This function was disabled in the new environment, but i think that this has no impact so far. Best regards and no glue where to search...;) mr-fan
  13. On some NGO sites, i've the same problem that there is no place for the big commercial ad solutions and they have all regional partners for ads and there members. I setup a simple pagetable template with needed fields for real image banner ads, to administrate these kind of things. I count views and clicks with plain simple PHP and the output is randomized....just some fields(date from until, internal description and so on), templates and some lines of code. Editors can easy change ads. If you are interested write me a PM. regards mr-fan
  14. I would have googled it...;) regards mr-fan
  15. ...for such things there is no need for a whole fieldtype since you can make it in plain PHP. Usecase that i have was to depublish entries after a fix timeperiod that a user could set to his entry (1 week, 3 weeks and so on) Just as an very simple example from a .php file for a cronjob: //get all items to check foreach ($items as $e) { /// FIRST STEP - send mail 1 week before the entry is being unpublished! //set the calculate_type to the e_delay option value from the entry option field... $calculate_type = $e->e_delay; //calculate the to add time to the timestamp switch ($calculate_type) { case '1': $time_add = ' +3 week'; break; case "2": $time_add = ' +7 week'; break; case '3': $time_add = ' +11 week'; break; default: $time_add = '1'; } //timestamp to check is the modified date + $time_add $check_time = strtotime($time_add, $e->modified); //check if the current timestamp is greater than the $check_time == 1 week before e_delay is reached! if ($check_time >= $curtime) { //do something } else { //do something else } } the time peroids that you need could be a simple option field or a pagefield or even an integer field. Best regards mr-fan