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  1. default theme was ok...but uikit should have be changed to the default, but i think there were reasons to separate this things... I don't know if i get the time the next two weeks - for every one who wanna try here is my messy start on get the right uikit markup. It builds a responsive grid with standard ui cards with header,body and footer. The view and edit buttons are on the footer - hover on cards with selection not implemented - like i wrote just playing a little bit and have fun.
  2. So just had time to play with the HTML/CSS output...it would much more easies if we could use uikit markup. Just make some dirty changes in renderNotes() and get a fine working responsive grid with uikit cards...if i fin the time i could send you a PR with a own view for uikit theme users...(color and some special CSS classes are missing)... A Fonticon chooser for the single notes would be a other option to differ the single notes, than fiddling around with colors...? Best regards mr-fan
  3. No i think these are very good examples of kind of application that you are looking for and Bernhard let us take a closer look into his building process and decissions...so many things to learn Welcome to Processwire! @jmartsch just like you - this forum its kind a like a save harbour for straightforward and friendly people getting their things done and help each other...
  4. Great tool - when will you build it as a PW module....just kidding..;)
  5. I don't wanna waste to much words on this but i have to write you my feelings a) i love the concept and design from ryan! b) and i love how constructive and good are all the input on this topic is! (no bashing or i would do it in red...or somehting like that) I know that such a open disscussion could take many wrong turns on other places, but not here! Great people here - wish all a great 2019
  6. Alternative to PS and much more interesting illustrator...for those who hate montly rates...;) https://affinity.serif.com real 30% off - for beginners the workbooks are great!
  7. http://tonsky.me/blog/disenchantment/ regards mr-fan
  8. I'am actual setup a usecase - where a customer have to create directly from his smartphone new pages with some kind of marketplace content (second hand agriculture machines) so the easy way to go is telling him - take a picuture go to the share button write a title and a description...tidy up later if you want back in the office... Using it private for recipies....cooking same procedure i like it very much and out of the box thinking is may default way to think since i'm not so experienced in programming i've to use the tools that i could handle best regards mr-fan
  9. code: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12081-ad-banner-module-with-click-through-rates/
  10. That is the Point IP saving IP adresses is very bad....since may in europe....very bad...bad bad even a whois question is no more possible...so the rise of simple php hit counters (that was a great thing 10 years past) is on the way... A other more complex workaround could be to setup a crownjob to read the apache logs and get needed data from there?
  11. What i wanna achive is a simple counter like that count up on visit (this is no problem) AND save the specific date (year/month/day) of the count... in the end i will be able to get visits per day/per month/per year in a nice and dirty graph. Just to have a way better simple counter system. Should i only go with a complex setup of pages like this: --stats (home template for pageviews) ----2018 (year) ------08 (month) ---------29 ->page_views (integers on every day template) ---------30 ->page_views Or just simple use: --stats (home template for pageviews) ---->count (template) that holds simple field page_views and a date field or could a fieldtype like tables (one table field for every month/year or so) be also a solution? Or a own SQL table special for this and use it in a module? I don't have any experience on this topic... What i have in mind of performance sideeffects on such a thing? Or is there a solution that works with PW? I wanna go the hard way and implement something like this: http://stats.simplepublisher.com/ only directly within PW and use the API to get the data...maybe create a simple module from it later i don't know if i could set it up right from the start this is the reason for my questions on more experienced devs Kind regards mr-fan
  12. maybe this fieldtype helps? https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10671-fieldtypesecurefile/ regards mr-fan
  13. #metoo @schwarzdesign really straight and nice website!
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