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  2. Just working on some smaller projects and take the step into the actual master/dev version and all the new methods and api chunks that are coming with the 3.x series... since i'm not always build websites i'm not always go with the brand new things and put them in my workflow....there is a 24 per day timelimit i think...;) BUT actual i dive deep in markup regions....and holy shit this feature ROCKS! It should put in place better than in some blogposts: or can some admins make a headline in the official docs and link to the blogentries?? This feature is to important to get missed for beginners and other users of PW! I'm just kick my whole workflow and change it for the markup regions....i'm feeling like xmas in summer Thank you @ryan Best regards and happy "new" year....
  3. just cross link and there are some answers, too
  4. I think you mix up things and usecases. You wanna have a overview page like in your link - and you wanna details pages for every entry? So you even don't need a PTE setup here. just use a pagetree for this elements and set the templates for /storitve/ and /storitve/detail_what_ever/ and you are ready. Editor only have to add pages under this tree - the short teaser is generated automagically no need for PTE here....this time. regards mr-fan if you wanna stick to your way you could check if you are on the overviewpage or on the PTE element page itself (check for $page->parent or page->id)...
  5. next idea....i've run into the forged message while on this webspace i've had no more space with an automatic backup script that use all i get a lot of errors...and could only login if i delete the cache....under assets. Stupid and easy solution was to clean the webspace...just i case. regards mr-fan
  6. Maybe this is versatile for your needs... Best regards mr-fan
  7. Processwire checks like @horst wrote even things that in server environments are not set or are "not good practise" - i always a system that is thinking for me and show me important things, instead of stupid systems that are run automatical but give a f**** about where they run. Like @zoeck wrote PW is definitive not a click and run system, but there are so many other things that making it awesome, even this simple environment check for example is what i want more than a ready to use system that is not helping me or thinking for me to prevent future problems... [german]Mir ist ein System mit einer sinnvollen Warnung lieber, als eines dem die Umgebung egal ist. Für die fehlende Servereinstellung kann PW nichts. Eine fehlende Warnung in einem CMS will ich als User aber nicht haben... somit ist mir aus Benutzersicht die Warnung lieber [/german] In this forum almost every user takes mostly everthing polite....;) (If some things are hard to understand, you can wrote me a PM in german, too - so language is no problem.) My way would be start from simple to complex. Becaus with Processwire you have found a system that could serve a simple website with minimal setting and a complex ecosystem that runs big data or the force is up to every single user how to use this tool. So study the existing docs in englisch especially the and try the simple PHP snippets like some for each loops th get content, get your head in the simplest template engine HTML + PHP Snippets....later you could dive in things like (markup regions)...
  8. fact i put the star on many modules...but not on the main repo...
  9. ...couldn't resist to fork it and clean the code of this framework a little bit if i get the time...
  10. at this time the repeatermatrix wasn't there and i've time to go as far as i could take it for the UI. And yes edit is within modal mode. It works even on an actual 3.x installation so far. To go to the point where bard is better i would go a different route today and take a deeper look into frontend editing of this all the heavy lifting like preview and how the repeater looks a all obsolet. Since i edit the content how every visitor get it. Just some frontend links to add the predefined blocks of a repeater field and we would be much more flexible on that topic like bard is now...;)
  11. i build a full block using prerendering system for some the ui could be managed to work closely like the example above. It is much work and not so trivial, but at the end it is a great interface...(i build this this is running on some 2.7er installations)
  12. nothing fancy i just drop the extrem use of shadows and converted it fits a little bit normal in the PW: calendar.css custom_1.css but notice it is just a proof of concept - not browsertested - just some fast playing. Best regard mr-fan
  13. Thank you Robin - will try asap! [ot]At the moment i'm a little but lethal snuffy...and could not think clearly (i think it is deadly man-flu). So don't think i'm to lazy to search a solution...i'm not...i've read your code and it was clear for me that my question was silly...i'm just standing a little beside me but i think that the peak of my desease is done. [/ot] Best regards mr-fan
  14. Has anyone a script to get all specific pages that uses a special hanna code... give me me all pages with [[my-hanna-code]] in use? regards mr-fan
  15. Bernhard i wrote it and i repeat it you are really my hero - the admin/backend was always a ? to me since i was flashed about all the options on the frontendside with the API, creating some little modules or changing some or using small hooks to get some results are the level i was before i read your tutorials and examples...:) Wanna share a really cool example im playing with this responsive calendar plugin: in an easy process module i get some results like this (with some CSS tweaks): This is with the example data from but it works like a charm and is seemless responsive within the PW admin. Code i used on the PW side is really easy: now i'm getting hands dirty on trigger some booking data and some actionbuttons... Thank you for sharing your knowlegde! I wish you a healthy and successfull year - best regards mr-fan
  16. triggered Wish all a good time the next two weeks!
  17. First could build a tree branch like: -questions_options --yes --no --don't care --could be changed...later and use a reapeaterfield for your you can "use" this kind of quiz on every page/template you need it... in the repeaterfield you setup your questions in the simplest mode with a textfield and a pagefield (using the question_options childpages...) to set the right answer - rendering on frontend is obvious with a simple foreach i think. tricky would be to save the entries from users....this would be more complex...;)
  18. Hi, yes you can work with simple repeaters for all questions of a form. For yes/no answers you can use a pagefield or fieldtypeoptions (pagefield would be more flexible if you need more features)... So you could render the form inputfields from the repeater field on frontend. You are on the right track. Best regards mr-fan
  19. the only userfriendly take that i know is going with the repeater matrix or pagetable route, in one project i drilled it with PageTableExtended with rendered Output on Admin Side and different "blocks" of content that a editor could add such as galleries, maps, text with image right or left....and full control over markup on frontend. WYSIWYG with full power is always a mess...on every system. If i've time to play i would try out a combination of repeater matrix for the storage in admin and some kind of "add block" layer on frontend with frontend edit for the single user works complete in frontend....this would be one step more userfriendly since everyone see instant like it is rendered in frontend...but that is just in my mind for now
  20. PW does alter/check every URL that is requested, you need to map it with url segment/url vars and make check if the urls that the script need are blocked. For using external scripts right you have to bootstrap processwire in your script so you can save and find the data via the API. For me i would go and setup the fields and templates in processwire and just simple use the calendar generation and you could use the HTML, JS and CSS and replace the PHP magic with PW API magic....this yould be much more flexible on the long run. regards mr-fan
  21. Just to clarify... a) you wanna integrate this tool into processwire? or b) you wanna use this script beside a processwire website?
  22. Thank you very much...very easy entry on this topic....the last years i used AdminCustomPages but this is a little bit outdated since 3.x so this will be the only way to go. Best regards from the neighborhood
  23. you can simple use things like $posts = $pages->find("template=blog-entry, categorySelect=$category, limit=10"); or your example with count() to be more efficient on big datasets...
  24. Like title says i've some domains with umlauts öäüß and i'd like to redirect them to the non umlaut version example: http://my-domä to i've somethings like this in my htacess: ##redirect umlautdomain (not my domain) RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^xn--mhldorf-nsb.d$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L] in my config.php i only have in my hosts list... is there something that i've misunderstood? so far it doesn't work....but may the htaccess rules take some time to exicute...i tried since about an hour some different rules. regards mr-fan
  25. Thank you for this great module and for fixing so fast...often when it come to the javascript debuging i'm a little lost...;) best regards mr-fan