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    Great tool - when will you build it as a PW module....just kidding..;)
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    I don't wanna waste to much words on this but i have to write you my feelings a) i love the concept and design from ryan! b) and i love how constructive and good are all the input on this topic is! (no bashing or i would do it in red...or somehting like that) I know that such a open disscussion could take many wrong turns on other places, but not here! Great people here - wish all a great 2019
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    Alternative to PS and much more interesting illustrator...for those who hate montly rates...;) real 30% off - for beginners the workbooks are great!
  4. regards mr-fan
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    I'am actual setup a usecase - where a customer have to create directly from his smartphone new pages with some kind of marketplace content (second hand agriculture machines) so the easy way to go is telling him - take a picuture go to the share button write a title and a description...tidy up later if you want back in the office... Using it private for same procedure i like it very much and out of the box thinking is may default way to think since i'm not so experienced in programming i've to use the tools that i could handle best regards mr-fan
  7. code:
  8. What i wanna achive is a simple counter like that count up on visit (this is no problem) AND save the specific date (year/month/day) of the count... in the end i will be able to get visits per day/per month/per year in a nice and dirty graph. Just to have a way better simple counter system. Should i only go with a complex setup of pages like this: --stats (home template for pageviews) ----2018 (year) ------08 (month) ---------29 ->page_views (integers on every day template) ---------30 ->page_views Or just simple use: --stats (home template for pageviews) ---->count (template) that holds simple field page_views and a date field or could a fieldtype like tables (one table field for every month/year or so) be also a solution? Or a own SQL table special for this and use it in a module? I don't have any experience on this topic... What i have in mind of performance sideeffects on such a thing? Or is there a solution that works with PW? I wanna go the hard way and implement something like this: only directly within PW and use the API to get the data...maybe create a simple module from it later i don't know if i could set it up right from the start this is the reason for my questions on more experienced devs Kind regards mr-fan
  9. That is the Point IP saving IP adresses is very bad....since may in europe....very bad...bad bad even a whois question is no more the rise of simple php hit counters (that was a great thing 10 years past) is on the way... A other more complex workaround could be to setup a crownjob to read the apache logs and get needed data from there?
  10. maybe this fieldtype helps? regards mr-fan
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    #metoo @schwarzdesign really straight and nice website!
  12. Here is way to get most viewed posts today: for a pagelist you have to asign a page field to a user and you save added pages via click like you described. This module could also be interesting: regards mr-fan
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    One Thing is missing . This Fieldtype is not working with RepeaterMatrix. Could anybody jump in and could point me what i've to change that RepeaterMatrix could show the inputfield right...or is this something related to RepeaterMatrix itself? Issue is that while adding a new item the scripts are not loaded...if i save all works again...
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    All things sorted... everything is working fine! Got this working with icomoon iconset - Thank you for your work on this!
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    Hi ukyo, thank you very much for this one - works like a charm! I've set an additional library direct in the module, and all settings loaded right. Is it possible to use a relative own CSS path...i've a icomoon set of licensed IconMind i have to host them selve... Kind Regards mr-fan
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    Hi, as i'm in south germany...i could provide some kind of experience change and fast entry in all terms and things that are PW specific as kind of briefing or consulting. Also i could provide demoaccess to client pages from me, or examples that show you some kind of Page Builder Systems, since i've build some. On topics like forum integration and other tasks i've to admit that there were much more experienced people around...;) PM me if you are interestet in a call. Best Regards Martin
  17. I don't know if you know it but - this is the most awesome guide to check your backendstructure in processwire: For this one URL segments are to way to you don't depend your frontend URL's on the pagetree...i use this often in "flat" pagetrees... for example a small blog - all articles under one parent - but a archive like navigation is needed or a nav with i can provide them with some URL segments on the overview-page example: best regards mr-fan
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    best regards mr-fan
  19. I had this on an full site is running...but there is no more place for the session on the webserver so i get the same message. After stopping an uncontrolled backupscript and delete a lot of waste all works again...
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    Have to make a little bit advertising a hero pw member that every iteration of his portfolio is a kind of inspiration for me personal: credits goes to
  21. mr-fan

    crosslinking the solution that worked on my problem:
  22. Thanks this saved my day....cleared caches table, cache files, checked all settings, everything twice.....but overwrite /wire/ folder did the trick..!!
  23. mr-fan

    frontend is working but not js in backend seems to work...?
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    It seems that some js is missing...don't know where to go....please help have i set a token or salt new....??
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    I've the same problem on a customer installation - but delete caches table didn't help... -> get the same message and a strange admin backend ->can login as superadmin ->don't see pages and don't see any modules there - but database is connected and modules are in db and files are there, too.... where can i reload modules? i've deleted /assets/cache/... too so no filecompiler error PW 3.0.98 - copied files and db after webspace switch - regards mr-fan