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  1. Hey guys, I have a bunch of PDF files. Page 1 - Link to a.pdf - Link to b.pdf Page 2 - Link to a.pdf - Link to c.pdf Is there a simple way, that I don´t have to upload a.pdf multiple times? My favorized way would be to upload all the files at one destination and select them from a list when I want to use them on my pages. Also it would be great if I could replace a.pdf to a-new.pdf Do you know a Module or a nice workaround? Thanks in advance bubu
  2. Hey guys, thank you all for your quick response. It seems like the Plesk preview URL is the problem. After I created a DNS-record from one of my domains and used it instead of the weird Pleask-preview-url it works! I hope I can help somebody with this knowledge 🙂 Thank you and see you soon. Mats
  3. Guys, I need your help. New installed PW on 1&1/Ionos. All requirement are given. When I go to the backend and try to login I only get the following error. Tried to solve the issue with similar google results but it doesn´t work. URL: Admin: Thank you in advance!!! Mats
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