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  1. For anyone who might be wondering. I'm about to talk with zynth about Larawire's future and I might start to work on it again. Maybe there are other community members that want to join the party …?
  2. @Wanze Would it be possible to support: $config->pagefileSecure = true; If it is already supported? What am I supposed to do? I'm getting "missing image" icons only: If i disable `$config->pagefileSecure` everything's working fine and I see the images in the PDF. Warning: Don't try to use image resizing and dynamically disable `$config->pagefileSecure` while rendering PDF's. It will create the image variations in an unprotected directory. Quick Workaround: $filePath = $image->size(0, 100)->filename; $fileType = mime_content_type($filePath); $fileContents = file_get_contents($filePath); $base64 = base64_encode($fileContents); $out[] = "<img src=\"data:image/{$fileType};base64,{$base64}\">";
  3. That's really weird. Please make sure to keep us updated if you or your hosting company finds a solution so others can find help here.
  4. Can you reproduce this behavior using a clean install of ProcessWire? I've had no issues running PW3 on PHP 7 so far. It's running like a champ and much faster on 7 thought
  5. Well the pricing depends on the setup (cloud / self-hosted) and the number of users. It could be the case that the feature is already included in the current plan. (cloud) If not we're looking at a one time payment of 100$ + 70$ / year. (Self hosted) Maybe it's not worth it right now but I'm pretty sure it would be in the future, when more premium modules arrive. (The fact that there aren't too many available right now is another sign that we need a strong, open and official marketplace thought) And who knows: Maybe Ryan even has a special sponsorship deal or something like that with them and it would be for free ...
  6. Of course you are right @szabesz. I can understand why we don't have it yet. I just wanted Ryan to really consider it and to know that there are people that would be happy to support him with a referral fee or something. That's the point I'm not quite sure about. Have a look at https://invisioncommunity.com/features/commerce#elCommerce_marketplaceContainer (This is a feature of the forum software processwire.com/talk/ is using) The board works great so I guess the feature might do what it's supposed to do out of the box quite well?
  7. Yes it is indeed an option and nice to have but i would vote for opening the official store for 3rd party module developers. Please consider this @ryan It would motivate more professionals to develop amazing modules for ProcessWire. For newcomers it would be easier to actually find the plugins they need. I usually prefer paid modules because I feel more safe when it comes to support / updates. (But currently I'm forced to use some weird unofficial selfmade stores which is not supporting the feeling of safety and trust that I'm looking for as a customer) Support requests for these modules could go into their dedicated VIP Support Forums just like with Ryan's Pro Modules. (The whole community could benefit from already answered questions easily ...) I could keep going on but I'm sure it is not even necessary. Everyone can make up their own mind on this topic for sure. Just one more thing I want to add: I much prefer to support Ryan with a referral fee for each sold item instead of anyone else.
  8. I'm using something like this: <div edit='1.title' onclick='this.dispatchEvent((new MouseEvent("dblclick", { view: window, bubbles: true, cancelable: true })));'> <i class="fa fa-cog fa-fw" aria-hidden="true"></i> </div> Working pretty fine for me.
  9. Just wanted to note that there seems to be a typo. $(document).on('pw-reloaded', '.pw-edit-modal', function() { console.log("reloaded"); }); This will work just fine and is probably the better approach than going with "pw-modal-closed"
  10. I just wanted to say THANK YOU @adrian Great work!
  11. Thank you Michael, that's exactly what I was looking for. My module is already creating it's fields / templates etc. itself during install using the existing ProcessWire API which works amazingly. I should be up and running pretty quickly ?
  12. Thank you @LostKobrakai for sure I'll have a look at these! Do you consider your Migrations module somewhat stable yet? (Even thought there's still the beta flag) I've already had a look at it the day you published it but didn't consider it for actual real world projects yet because it was brand new
  13. I'm using GitLab CI for continuous integration right now. Other people might use something like Travis CI. For the frontend part things are pretty easy: image: node:6.10.3 cache: paths: - node_modules/ build: script: - npm install - node_modules/.bin/gulp build Now I could extend my setup to run tests or whatever I want. It just works. In this post I'm not interested into finding out how I could go about testing and stuff. I just want to know how I could accomplish the equivalent to the above setup task for ProcessWire. It doesn't seem to be too easy to me since the installation process is running in the browser asking you a lot of stuff. How could I go about it using the CLI? That's what I currently have: git clone git@github.com:processwire/processwire.git cd processwire mv site-blank site rm .gitignore git submodule add -b develop git@gitlab.local:path/to/MyModule.git site/modules/MyModule From here on I'm stuck. The only possible solution I see is maintaining a super repository including a database dump that has it's module dependencies defined in a .gitmodules file. This could then be installed using: git clone --recursive git@... Once that's completed all that needs to be done would be to create the database using the dump. Probably that's a pretty solid solution but it adds the overhead of having to maintain an additional repository + database dump. I'm trying to find an alternative that's using the original processwire repository. That way I could just rerun my build once a new version get's merged into master and see if everything would be still working as well. I'm looking forward to your replies. Thanks!
  14. Thank you guys for the additional information. What I ended up is posting data like this: private drop(event: DragEvent): void { let payload = JSON.parse(event.dataTransfer.getData("application/json")); let widget = this.$root as any; let data = new URLSearchParams(); // ProcessWire CSRF protection does not recognize JSON data per default data.append(widget.tokenName, widget.tokenValue); data.append('foo', payload.foo); fetch("/admin/page/foo/bar/", { headers: { "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8", "X-Requested-With": "XMLHttpRequest" // Required for ProcessWire to identify as ajax request }, method: "post", credentials: "same-origin", body: data }) .then(response => response.text()) .then(text => console.log(text)) .catch(error => console.error(error)); } This request is perfectly recognized by ProcessWire the way you would expect and CSRF protection is working. It shouldn't be tedious to make use of security critical features like CSRF protection. I love ProcessWire because it saves me huge amounts of time. If I have to mess around with something to make it work that costs me time. It doesn't matter if you consider it to be an easy task or if it's the developer's responsibility. It takes time and there's room for improvements. I'm just giving feedback. Take it or leave it.
  15. Is there really no solution to this issue? It's a huge drawback thought :-/
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